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Purple got snagged by lb and Mr. Netflix for lunch today, since lb and Mr. Netflix were the only representatives of the department actually in the department for lunch. Thus it was that I did not see Purple in person until it was time to go home.

I managed to wait until we were outside to apologetically point out that I would be having a worse time than expected for the next couple weeks because I'd trained pretty hard on Bearded Purple, so Beardless Purple was essentially a stranger (with, for bonus points, a smile a hell of a lot like Figment's).

It's going to be a super weird couple weeks. I'm going to be double-taking a lot.

lb had immediately given him shit upon seeing it. Purple did mention his reason for doing it, and it's a reason I fully endorse beyond the "dude, it's ... your beard? and you're the boss of your beard?" position ... but dang, I still have a hard time recognizing him without it. Despite having known him for quite some time without it, I still learned his face with it due to his directory picture.

<lb> I think we should give him some beard products
<lb> beard products are a hint to beard harder
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Stopped by the bakery on my way in to work & picked up some cannoli. Left one on Purple's desk. I spied my manager and flagged her down for one. The third was mine.

Lunch was weird: the French dip sandwich was made with smoked meat & was therefore more of a bbq dip. Purple was dissatisfied with his chicken.

It has been chilly, so as threatened, Purple wore his winter jacket. He is easily spotted, as it is teal with purple trim and red accents. (It is clearly from the late 90s in Ohio. He wears it two weeks a year here. He will never replace it.)

Life goals: if I had wanted to be part of a conversation which clarified "what kind of tapioca pudding?" with a wanking gesture, followed by some ostentatious pianist/typist hand stretches, then that life goal would be complete. Context started at the premise that if the restaurant needs the locale of origin of the food in its name, the food is unlikely to convince you of the origin. It got weirder from there.

Afternoon was a super long meeting. It was an all-hands that my team felt the pressing need to attend in person. The exec went half an hour over his allotted time with finance nerdery that he was clearly super enthusiastic about explaining.

Purple was antisocial and bailed before I was out of the queue for food, but I got to chat with phone's Overlord.

Purple is unaccountably pleased by my purplish hair.

I ended yesterday evening crying in rage over an imaginary entity I call Hypothetical Woman. Hypothetical Woman is the embodiment of your irrational or rational fears of rejection. When she sees your entirely harmless but socially unacceptable (or symbolically socially unacceptable) aspects, she ridicules and shuns you. You give up hobbies to please her. I loathe her and am powerless to banish her from the sphere of attention of my dear friends. How I wish I could.

Today, I have a plan to counteract her damage in some small way.
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Went to bed early; woke up early. Went to work in a timely fashion. Was early enough to get a kiwi (not wiki, fingers!). Purple told me that I would not have wanted his kiwi, as it had been rock hard. My kiwi was similarly hard. We walked abruptly away from this line of conversation, as there was nowhere it could go that wouldn't become worse.

The conversations between my team and the database vendors had me at one point stomping into Haystack's office with a very "CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THIS?!?!" gait. His officemate was somewhat surprised. This was, I believe, when the sales guy suggested that the actual fucking bug that Haystack and I had managed to replicate (on two different installs) was user error.

Fishie and I are working out logistics for her visit.

Got "key member" orientated at my hackerspace this weekend. (I didn't bother at the old location because there would have been no point -- my knees couldn't do that many stairs casually, and the person who needs the elevator could never have been the first one in or last one out.) I have plans that may all turn out to nothing but something may come of them.

Re-did my blue dye this weekend, and just in time, too: Purple declared that he'd have had to start calling me the Bronze Lunatic instead. :-P

I brought a box of buttons cookies to work. ;)

In dim indoor light, you can almost mistake my hair for a natural color. In bright light, it is very very much bright. Right now my hair is a fantastic gradient from purple to teal. I am delight ^_^ One of the people in the cafeteria complimented me on my purple hair, right in front of Purple. He seemed pleased.

Dear gender-norm-enforcing fuckheads of the world: you drain the joy from everything you touch and the rest of us would be justified in leaving you to the hollow shell of a world that you're assiduously trying to create. Also, I am probably larger and scarier than you, and you wouldn't like me when I am specifically angry at you for hurting one of my own.

Dear dudes who like nifty old buttons: this is a hobby I can totally get behind.

I wind up talking through basically everything with Purple these days, and Friday night's assorted woe was no exception. It was kind of a terrible night for everybody, and it did me good to hear his side of things. After examining my reactions for a while, I've determined that my phobia gives me various amounts of space based on how much I am/am called upon to be the grown-ass adult in the situation. A short list. )

I picked up dinner. Before I placed my order, though, I got out of the way so two people going out could pass me, and the younger enthusiastically asked me what hairdye was that because she had been longing for purple hair and my hair was exactly the color. So I wrote it down for her on her phone, and included the bleach too, because her hair is darker than mine.
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azurelunatic: Azz and best friend grabbing each other's noses.  (Default)
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I seem to be sleeping nearly enough again, which is a relief. I am no longer compelled to get out of bed and stay awake if I wake up a little too early, but I'm also not falling asleep randomly during the day either. That said, this morning I realized my timing was pretty close if I was going to get to that meeting on time. I got lunch on my way in, then parked in one of the upper lots that appears a lot further from the building than it actually is. I arrived exactly on time. The host of the meeting was already there, but no one else was. (I could in fact have parked in the usual place and walked, and been more on time than most of the people.)

I am sure that everyone else who was supposed to be at this meeting would have been able to contribute usefully. I hope my one suggestion was useful, but I was there for logistics and nothing they were hammering out was remotely related. Since they were not done, another meeting has been scheduled for next week. I intend to call in.

Read more... )
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13/11/15 11:09
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"Interesting shirt," I said politely* to Purple as he sat down at lunch.

* It was not actually polite. I should, instead, have made no remark.

"Interesting? I thought it was actually pretty bland," he said. 'It' was a heather grey and burgundy sweatshirt with a polo collar, in a pattern that only made sense if you were an athletic supporter and those were your team colors.

"Well... what I meant was, that is not the sort of thing you usually wear and it makes you look like Soccer Coach Dad," I said.

We proceeded to clown around with the character of Donald Trump, Soccer Coach Dad ("Ice cream is for winners!") and Hippie Soccer Coach Dad. Good times were had by all.

Apparently he has a number of cool-weather shirts that he doesn't get the chance to wear very often in Silicon Valley weather. What he misses are sweaters. I narrowly avoided walking into a wall at the thought of Purple in (possibly terrible) sweaters.

This is not a picture of the actual shirt. This is a picture of a similar shirt with the pattern colored in. The back of the shirt, of course, is plain grey, adding to the confusion when you see it from angles other than straight on.

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[Me: remove the password reset from the login screen on this SaaS tool.

Helpdesk: It looks like you got logged in after you sent this, please confirm.

Me: I got logged in before I sent this.]

I will explain why it is terrible user experience to have the password reset UI displayed to the users on the app when the password is set centrally, if necessary. Please let me know if your department needs that explanation.

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  • Wed, 14:53: RT @muinamir: This whole "War on Christmas" thing is such bunk. Christmas won. In fact, it then went on to unlawfully annex Thanksgiving's …
  • Thu, 01:01: My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 11/11/2015: 11,020 steps and 4.8 miles traveled.
  • Thu, 01:51: Discovered a hidden stash of underwear. Don't have to do midweek laundry after all! Score!
  • Thu, 02:07: Brain is trying to recall something cute that only can be remembered while half asleep.
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Tuesday lunch: hmm, it's noon-thirty, and Purple's gone idle. I wonder -- nah, he sends the lunch ping, I bet he got caught up in a meeting. *proceeds with inbox*
"So uh, I forgot to send the lunch ping... we've only been sitting down for 5, 10 minutes..."

Sudden rush of warmth. I ping Mr. Tux and waltz off to join my friends. I am wanted, and ultimately not forgotten.

Purple's been working late hours. I am sympathetic, but can't do much other than share my pomegranate. He's typically not a pomegranate kind of guy, but I've been finding unexpectedly non-bitter ones to share. Today's was bitter-er (I warned him, he tasted and was all "yup", so I didn't offer more).

On my way in to work, the sun hit the nails I'd polished last night. "That's bathing suit color!" I thought, inexplicably.

Hilarious misunderstanding with the Dean over a venue. My group is in fact doing two large-group things in quick succession, so the two tickets were fully legit.

I had a weird succession of dreams last night. The first, and fully printable, one was about a hackerspace situation Read more... )
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Waking up to the sound of an angry UPS, the lack of sound of a bedside fan, the rumble of thunder outside, and then the grim light of a rebooted television. I went back to sleep after a bit, but not quite enough...

My natural sleep schedule is beginning to reassert itself against the meds. We're hoping that it will keep a good balance.

This weekend's hobbies included haulin' stuff around in preparation for rearranging the apartment, in preparation for Fishie's trip back to California over winter break. We expect that she and her BFF will come hide here when her mom gets to be Too Much. I shall lay in a supply of almond butter.

[personal profile] kaberett hosted a wildly productive Dreamwidth Hack Weekend in London, and several of us played along from home. I learned more about the translation system than I really wanted to know, and introduced [ profile] sgsabbage to some of its eldritch horrors as well. All that having wrapped up, I was poking about the spamwhacking stuff this morning and found something unexpected and odd ... which turned out to be a bug. Happily it only affects spamwhackers directly! "Funny AND horrifying!" is about right.

Looked for fuzzy sweatshirt in closet. Did not find fuzzy sweatshirt in closet. Pouted some.
Wore socks to work, because it was cold.
Removed socks while at work, because they were tight.

[personal profile] norabombay's new job means that our schedules are out of sync again during the weekday. I may or may not be running low on podcasts.

Lunch was with Purple & co.; as it was raining, not only were we inside, but everyone was. We collected around a pair of smaller tables. The banana bread/fruitcake had probable walnuts. Purple and I have the same walnut intolerance.

There are Events ensuing, and somehow I'm the one who knows what to do about that. Hooray expertise!

Got a decent chunk of mailing done.

I'm starting to have allergic reactions to my birth name. Granted, some of it may be premenstrual dysphoria and catastrophizing, but Ari reminds us to ride the flux. I am making inquiries at work related to preferred name display. (I must also write up the name-related horror story that someone I know encountered, but that's for another entry.)

When I was ready to leave, my bathroom had the night janitor in there, so I wandered over to Purple's building instead. He was still wrapping up, so I took apart my pomegranate and explained the specific discouraging nitpicky tone that I used to use in LJ [ profile] suggestions and how I recognized it, then the turning point where I started to feel the "yes and" spirit thanks to Dreamwidth and perhaps clicker training chickens, and the subsequent clash of worldviews and eventual brandy-and-knife-in-the-attic moment. (Memory. Chapters 6 and 7. All the content notes. I found it comforting at the time to know that Miles had been there before me.)

I also explained how I took apart pomegranates, and shared some with Purple. It was a good pomegranate, and there were a lot of seeds.

On our way out, we walked through a weird-smelling patch of air, and suddenly we were sniffing up and down the sidewalk and calling security, because there was a small natural gas leak somewhere. (Security came while Purple was checking his tires; I met the night supervisor.) Security smelled it too, but couldn't track it down. A Facilities ticket will ensue.

Tonight's topic of discussion included TVs And Monitors We Have Transported Up And Down Stairs. ViewSonic beats Sony, because Sony doesn't believe in square corners or anything you can grab on to. One helpful use of large tits and/or belly is a shelf upon which to carry a heavy CRT unit.

I finally located the fuzzy sweatshirt I was looking for, and it may make an appearance tomorrow. (Tomorrow, Purple is hightailing it off to his HOA meeting early in the evening.)
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Baby Halloween Costumes That Are So Cute, It’s Scary.

Uh oh. This is making me want babies.

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So partway through the evening, Purple had come back to his computer after a long day of coordinating with the guy who's about to go on a month-long vacation (interrupted by an offsite lunch), and we checked in with each other. I had, I announced cheerfully, just found a bug!

Purple sounded sympathetic.
Sympathy was not what I was going for here. I had found a bug! It was awesome! I didn't have to fix it myself.
Purple told me in no uncertain terms that I was weird, and that he hates bugs, doesn't matter which side he's on, dev or user. (Also, that he'd pulled an adorable little caterpillar out of the mint in his lemonade at lunch. He'd been the only one to keep drinking the lemonade after that, since it was a harmless little caterpillar and he's a country boy...)

I explained: if it was a big bug, I would not be happy. But if it was a little bug, I was happy! I found some images to illustrate:

Warnings apply. )

The problem is that under certain circumstances, I can make the tool fail to save data that I've entered. The question is, what are the circumstances, as while I replicated it three times, I'm not sure what exact combination of things I did. I'm going to have to do it again. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Purple says I'm very, very weird.
I say that these bugs are juicy and delicious. Buk buk buk buk buk buk!
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Wednesday and Thursday were both fuck o'clock meeting mornings. I went. I took notes. Parking at work has been wacky lately due to the neighbors sharing the lot by my building.

Thursday evening was a party at my hackerspace. I went first in search of a fake knife suitable for my costume. The Halloween shop was super super crowded. They had a couple knives but none quite suitable. Then I went in search of toilet paper, as I was nearly out. (Things that make me glad to be an adult: not looked at with suspicion for buying toilet paper the day before Halloween.) I looked for a knife there, but again, no luck.

I showed up at the hackerspace. Parking was not a problem. I ran into a bunch of people I already knew (from online and off) and had several delightful chats. There was someone dressed as Deep Dream, and an awesome Clipper Card.

There was a paper circuits station, and a buttonmaking station. I helped a few people learn the button maker. I then tried my hand at combining the little light and the button, and learned a few practical considerations.

Eventually it was late and the cleanup was nearly over; the key member in the R2D2 dress was a little stressed about getting people to leave. A few people had just gone upstairs to examine the library, so I gave them a few minutes.

Then I clapped my hands very loudly a few times. In my third-best carrying voice, I thanked everyone for coming and declared it a delightful evening. And if they were not actively engaged in cleaning up, I added, they could please feel free to make their way towards the exits.

I figured out the knife problem while I was at the hackerspace. Read more... ) I dressed in full-on pajamas: curlers and a kerchief, a pink nightgown top, fuzzy South Park pants, and bare feet in my sandals. I carried my iPad for illustrative purposes, and kept a helpful big plastic wine glass as well. Losing a knife fight to YouTube: terrible experience, hilarious and alarming costume.

Friday was the work party. I showed off my costume to my team and random other people.

Eventually it was party time. I wandered over to the emergency tent with my emergency kit. I helped keep the fort held down. Eventually Purple came in. Eventually I wandered up to join him, and located him, and shortly located Mr. Zune as well (in town again briefly; he moved up to the Seattle area). Mr. Zune finally met the Chicken Guy. I snagged some of Purple's cotton candy.

There had been a DJ. We decided to go in to the concert area on the big lawn. The security guys were demanding to see badges and wristbands. I made to present mine; the security guy said "I know you!" and waved me through. "Oh no! You have a knife in the arm! Call the emergency response team! Wait, you're the emergency response team! Help yourself!" A real cut-up, this guy. ;)

We found a place at the top of the slope with half a view of the stage. It had a great view of the steepest part of the slope, which was inhabited by a tiny Darth Vader, several stormtroopers, and countless Elsas and Batmen. They started out running around; eventually they would all start tumbling down the hill. It was adorable.

We mostly chatted; the musical act was not terrible but also not super compelling. Mr. Zune promised to let us know if he thinks a ducking is imminent, so we can attend. In the event, he will have to be back in Silly Valley so his team can do the ducking promptly, as otherwise they will try and get it done in some other way.

Purple and I ditched out shortly before the set ended, and did one last sweep of the food stalls to see if there was anything else we wanted. I got some chicken and cornbread and a snowcone. Purple got some questionable cherry popcorn. I claimed one piece. That was quite enough. We watched the crowds stream past and out.

The DJs were still going strong as we walked past, and were throwing Jonas Brother and candy themed pillows to the enthusiastic teenyboppers moshing on the lawn. The song involved going down and doing shots; I felt it was somewhat incongruous with the tiny children bouncing around enthusiastically. Purple and I watched the fun for another few minutes. He didn't register the song as being as incredibly inappropriate as I did. (Google and I eventually tracked it down: it is in fact "Timber", Pitbull feat. Ke$ha. Ahem. Read more... )


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