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Mar. 30th, 2019

azurelunatic: The Space Needle by night. Slightly dubious photography. (Default)
I did sleep for a significant amount of time.

I'm discovering things around the house that need doing (like unearthing my desk) and working on them. Yesterday I sorted a shoebox of my papers: scan, then sort. Shred, cut up for note paper, keep.

The Lorge Black Chair arrived early on a few weeks back. I helped get it inside.

Belovedest and I picked out a sectional. It's brown velvet. I don't object to the color in the context of the living room, and the price was good.

There was some heated discussion about living room layouts.

The blue recliner was thanked and dismissed before the sectional arrived.

Actually getting the thing in the house was an Adventure. Belovedest and I moved things around on the night before (see: heated discussion). Then Alex and I moved more things the morning of, particularly after the delivery guys found that the intended route in wouldn't work. In the end, they hauled the long section in the front door, down the hall, through the kitchen, through the narrow pocket door into the dining room, and from there finally to the living room. The wide section got hung up in the narrow pocket door. After much debate and sweat, they reversed course, popped out the screen of a dining room window, and brought it in that way. I had to demolish some shrubbery, but it was worth the effort.

This past week has mostly been health work. Part 1 of a dental coronation was Tuesday. I have been taking ibuprofen since then. I was warned that the pain might linger, and given criteria for when to consider it a problem rather than the healing process. Wednesday was my doctor in Auburn, which was a bit of a challenge to get to without a car. I figured out a reasonable thing with the train.

I am not prepared to discuss the car situation.

Belovedest hung some of the lights today, and they're pretty.

"The ladies" (Yellcat and Murderface Thea) remain in an armed hot war that erupts whenever they're not being monitored by peacekeepers. Most recently I was the one who didn't keep Yellface contained, and there was galloping (cats), squalling and swearing (cats), and running and yelling (humans and at least five fire lizards in a trench coat).

Thursday was the day of all the phone calls: the physical therapist, the more local physical therapist, the research scheduler, the spammer, the vet, and the vet again.

Consequently food was Difficult because out of brains plus face hurt. Unfortunately the place I picked for dinner did not announce the cilantro garnish, which made my pho Not Food. We got an uncontaminated version to go.

There's a hilarious sequel to the flooding in the basement. Now the lawn is flooding. Friday was the three vendors about that. The fourth is Monday. (1 warranty visit, 3 price consultations.) Yay.


azurelunatic: The Space Needle by night. Slightly dubious photography. (Default)
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