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Watching ROTS in the theater: This is going to go exactly as badly as we all knew it would. 

Watching ROTS after watching Clone Wars: CODY, I can’t watch, you were so honourable and brave and good and you deserve so much better, you all did, oh my god I can’t even really process how much you’re all being violated right now. 

Reasons why The Clone Wars is an excellent series that makes the entire saga 1000x better.

Sometimes I think about how Cody was not only the first clone Palpatine contacted, but also the only clone addressed by name, and then it just gets even more horrifying.

#Star wars#Palpatine WANTED Obi-Wan dead first#that’s why he knows who Cody is#needs the commander of Obi-Wan after all to shot him down - @swpromptsandasks

Oh, please stop pointing out what we all know deep down and keep repressed. 

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a majestic hybrid between a cat and peacock and I scroll down just to see “peacat”

i will fight you

I want one!!!!!!

imagine it though

I’m reblogging this again to say this thing would be the dumbest asshole animal ever

exactly, that’s why it’s so great

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……ummmm so,, trump literally has his own propaganda TV network that praises the president and his so called “accomplishments” without providing any credible sources or proof…. keep in mind this is what they do in North Korea and in any other authoritarian state., idk about ya’ll but this scares the shit out me and this isn’t a normal thing any presidential administration should allow  

oh and not to mention trump’s FCC allowing a highly conservative news broadcasting company “Sinclair” to take over 72% of american households.  this would mean that whenever most of us watch local news, random ass conservative-based segments would pop up. such as praising trump, blatand Islamophobia, and calling us “libtards” and “snowflakes” for simply wanting equal rights for the marginalized. pay very close attention to this bc the trump administration is literally trying to take over the media and if obama or any other president tried to pull this shit off they would be impeached immediately. 

A snopes article that confirms and explains a lot more about the Sinclair situation



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“Hope” is the thing with feathers -
That perches in the soul -
And sings the tune without the words -
And never stops - at all -

And sweetest - in the Gale - is heard -
And sore must be the storm -
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm -

I’ve heard it in the chillest land -
And on the strangest Sea -
Yet - never - in Extremity,
It asked a crumb - of me.

Emily Dickinson (x)

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“Welcome,” she said. “Welcome, and thank you for agreeing to be a volunteer with Multnomah County Libraries. We are so grateful for you and your commitment to our community. For the next hour, we’re going to go over some important information that you need to know as a volunteer, no matter what role you play.”

I expected that we were going to learn about things like policies for canceling our shifts, or maybe where to find first aid kits. We probably did talk about those things. But the part that I remember most vividly is the first thing she talked about.

“We’re going to start with the Library Bill of Rights from the American Library Association,” she said, and she projected the text of the document onto the screen. “Everyone who works for libraries, including volunteers, helps to support and uphold the Library Bill of Rights.”

This was new to me. I’d been a regular patron at my local public library for years, graduating from Dr. Seuss to The Babysitters Club series to, most recently, my fixation on books about neo-paganism and queer sex. No one had mentioned this whole Bill of Rights thing. It was a short document with just a few bullet points.

“Libraries support free access to information,” Bess explained. “One of our core values is intellectual freedom. This impacts all of you because when you’re volunteering for the library, we expect you to support the rights of library users to find and read whatever they want, even if you don’t agree with what they’re looking for.”

She continued, “For example, let’s say that a small child came up to you and asked where to find the Stephen King books. You might think those books are too scary for someone that age, or that he shouldn’t be reading that kind of stuff. But that doesn’t matter. No matter what, we help people find the information they want, and we don’t censor their interests. Does that make sense?”

Heads around the room nodded, and I leaned back into the wall, letting her words sink in. It was absolutely, positively the most radical, punk rock thing I had ever heard in my life.

I can read whatever I want. No one can stop me.

I can help other people read what they want. And no one can stop them.

“This is core,” Bess added, “to a functioning democracy. We believe that fighting censorship and providing free, unrestricted access is key to helping citizens participate in the world. And, most importantly, we keep everyone’s information strictly confidential. So, even if you know what books your neighbor is checking out or what they’re looking at on the computer, you don’t share that with anyone.”

As someone who kept carefully guarded notebooks full of very personal thoughts, I was especially excited by the library’s emphasis on privacy. All of this sounded great. I wanted more. I wanted in. I wanted to be a crazy, wild, counterculture librarian-witch who would help anyone read anything from The Anarchist’s Cookbook to Mein Kampf. I would be a bold freedom fighter in the face of censorship. I would defend unfiltered Internet access and anatomically correct picture books. Maybe I was only in the eighth grade, but I was ready to stand up to anyone who tried to threaten the ideal of intellectual freedom. Fuck blink-182. Libraries were the real punk rock.






Wedding Wrecks

16/8/17 13:00
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Posted by Jen

Pay very close attention to these cake pairs, now; I wouldn't want you to get the Wreck mixed up with the Inspiration Cake. [eye roll]

First up:


Elodie M. asked her baker to do this, only with far fewer rose petals. The baker obliged by providing this:

Ah, nothing symbolizes the beginning of a new life with the one you love quite like shriveled old rose petals. On the plus side, at least they distract the eye away from the poor cake construction. The weird grass sprigs sprouting haphazardly from the side and top help in that arena, too.


Next, Claire G. discovered the hard way how important "pipemanship" (as opposed to penmanship) is.

What she wanted:

(I believe this is from Martha Stewart.)


What she got:

Such delicacy, such grace...

By the by, I don't monogram much, but I think the middle initial is supposed to be larger than the other two. I also think that if "msk" were a word, it would accurately describe the leveling job done on the leaning wonder here.


And lastly, Hannah W. asked for this, only with square tiers instead of round:


She even brought in the brown ribbon and fresh blue hydrangeas for the bakery to use. Pretty simple, right? Just make some white square tiers. But you know how some bakeries are, always complicating things...

Let's see. Misshapen layers, lumpy icing, no ribbon, electric teal icing "flowers"... What seems to be the problem, Hannah?


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