So Much Spam

Thursday, April 24th, 2014 07:46
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In the last few days, I have had four spam comments from anonymous journals hit my most recent Livejournal posts. Annoying, but they are being cleaned up within a couple hours of them being posted. Thankfully, I always have it screened for comments if it's someone that hasn't friended me or if it's an anonymous post. It seems to be simply random gibberish.

Mets Defense, Part 2

Thursday, April 24th, 2014 08:12
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As I noted a few days ago, the Mets are going to disappoint me a lot this season, because although great starting pitching and defenses are requirements for a winning team, they're not enough, and a lack of a bullpen will do them in.

But in the meantime, here's three great plays in one, as Kurt Nieuwenhuis throws to Rubén Tejada to Travis d'Arnaud (who makes a perfect tag) to nail the tying run at the plate in the bottom of the ninth. That's what baseball's about.
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defira85: leeshajoy: mschaos: joebagofdoughnuts: Magnetic...




Magnetic Cushions Let You Easily Build a Structurally Sound Pillow Fort

The Future is Now!

I think many people I know need to own these

I need to invent a time machine and send this back to my seven-year-old self.


The government still thinks I'm not disabled

Thursday, April 24th, 2014 12:29
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I just got my application for DLA rejected. Again.

This fucking week.

Interesting Links for 24-04-2014

Thursday, April 24th, 2014 12:00
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App to help with color-blindness

Thursday, April 24th, 2014 06:14
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You can get a translation by clicking the CC at the lower right.

Kazunori Asada created Chromatic Glass, an app which makes colors that some people have trouble seeing show up better.

Asada's Brighter and Bigger app, which uses a smart phone for magnification, doesn't seem to be well known in English, but it's available in English. A fast check turned up other magnifying apps, and I don't know whether his is better. This review doesn't mention any apps which have magnification for distant objects, which is something Asada's app does. Asada's app also has optimization for different vision diseases.

A while ago, I noticed that Japanese color printing was unusually good, and wondered whether color blindness was less common there. It turns out that it is, but the difference is 1 in 20 Japanese men have color-blindness vs. 1 in 12 Americans men, which doesn't seem like enough to affect a culture.

The video has a world-wide map of color-blindness prevalence (doesn't specify type) at 2:52. It's color-coded.

Asada wrote the piece about van Gogh possibly being color blind.

(no subject)

Thursday, April 24th, 2014 05:39
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Happy Birthday [ profile] daedala & [ profile] desert_vixen

The Blood is The Life 24-04-2014

Thursday, April 24th, 2014 10:00
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Despite how bad it actually is, the cherry-lime syrup was gone in the morning. I arrived well-armed with a set of gummy candies for the "hummingbird feeder".

It's possible that the departmental move may be delayed. I say this on account of my manager saying that we should have been notified by today at the outside if we're going this Friday. There are no emails, no letters, no white flag above my door numbered pieces of paper stuck to cubes or offices. Purple, who was also going to have been in this batch, is similarly without notification. He told a harrowing tale of a move where they told them on Monday, got other pending moves done, and then went "Hey, so can we move you folks like RIGHT NOW?" Except there were still some people with machines up running things that shouldn't be interrupted...

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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 23:51
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But I thought this would be Long Drive Day, but it wasn't, that'll be tomorrow, and just... argh.

I apparently need to clear my Amazon cache or something? Stupid weird reversion thing...
*clears Amazon cache*
*sees revised thingie again*
Well, that fixes that. (Kind of a pity that I needed to do that to get the .au sales figures (I sometimes get a sale!) -- I find the newest version pretty ugly.)

Havva Quote
Helix, why is it every time you think, it's my head that hurts?

INwatch+Bookwatch )
Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Lyrics to Michael Franks' "When Blackbirds Fly"

Thursday, April 24th, 2014 15:03
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Because they do not seem to exist online and they are handy if I am to request them for Jukebox. (Not yet decided.)

When Blackbirds Fly - Michael Franks (Song)

When blackbirds fly, they leave their lovers behind them... )

It's a weird little song, with its implied infidelity & focus on babymaking, neither of which usually appeal to me much, and its fantasy world that is somehow both domestic and Martian. I like its bittersweetness. It's also catchy.
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I had the most unbelievably groggy day, and it's almost entirely due to a kitten, not my work schedule. A CERTAIN KITTEN (not definitively identified, since it was nighttime, my glasses were off, and the kitten in question stayed near my feet...but I'm thinking it was usually or always Jinksy) decided to spend what felt like the entire night hopping up onto my legs with a crinklepuff toy ever hour or so and playing with it for maybe five minutes before wandering off again. It's hard to sleep through ten pounds of kitten frolicking on one's calves.

It kept waking me up just enough to groggily think about shutting the bedroom door, and then he'd be gone again. So I slept badly enough to be actively nodding off at my desk repeatedly all day at the office. At least it wasn't a rough day, and I'm pretty sure I was doing the thing where I was mostly-asleep for only seconds at a time, rather than losing any significant amount of working time. But it kinda sucked. :/

I'm still getting a lot of enjoyment out of seeing so many people's perfume reviews, esp. since the bulk of it is BPAL, and it makes me want to try some of the same scents to compare...but of course, the bulk of my collection is limited edition stuff from over the last few several years, and even my general catalogue stuff is all/mostly on the aged side, so it probably wouldn't smell exactly the same as Lab-fresh imps that some of you are ordering. And unless I actually start wearing what I have, I really need to not start acquiring more. O_O Self, you have something like two hundred scents. That is LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS.

I think it's time to try changing up how I pick what to read, given that for ages now my method has largely been a combination of "buy books and put them on the shelf and don't read them because they don't have to get back to the library, with a few Read Right Now exceptions" and "see what books the library randomly sends me from my hold list because they've been on the list for two years, and then read that if time permits".

New plan: some combination of "go through my holds list and actually prioritize the books that friends have loved dearly (as opposed to enjoyed well enough to rec)" and "read the books I buy". So far, I'm implementing this as follows: cutting the not-terribly-concrete plan, which largely boils down to a few lists of titles and some notes, for anyone who's curious (and for my own reference) )

Magneto was right

Thursday, April 24th, 2014 11:55
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"Neither respond particularly well to medication, but therapy with an emphasis on interpersonal relationships can hold the key. Particularly work focussed on metallization, which encourages a greater awareness of the intentions of oneself and those around them."
- from a blog post about commonalities between borderline personality disorder and Asperger syndrome

Enter Mutants and masterminds 3rd Edition

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 21:38
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Setting: Steel City, a city much like Detroit on one of the Great Lakes, in the Concord setting (an old homegrown campaign from the 1980s). The city hasn't had a sanctioned team of supers in a generation but happily a mass Origin is going to give the city a chance to address that lack.

Rather unfortunately from the point of view of the government, the Origin happened at an Occupy Steel City rally, so the mix of characters is going to be broader than the government might prefer.

Exit 13th Age

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 21:36
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Schedule conflicts mean yet more long gaps between sessions so our 13th Age campaign is shutting down.


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