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Would anyone here be able to breed a 3rd gen Rosebud from a White checker??

Thanks so much!

An update

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In which I talk about things I've been doing lately, instead of limiting my DW/LJ time to heavily filtered feels reports.

(I keep adding items to my Culture Consumed text file and then not posting it because I haven't finished a book this week and feel bad about it. Oh self.)

I have roast vegetables and a Sharpie mug in the oven. Putting them in together may not have been the greatest idea, but oh well.

The vegies are potatoes and carrots and broccoli with olive oil and some pepper and salt. Nothing fancy, but it's what I feel like.

The mug is white with the first verse of Blind Melon's 'No Rain' and some music notes and a little bee. I'm thinking of doing some more with different song lyrics.

I finished the non-fiction purge/sort, and will shortly post a list of non-fiction books I'm not keeping and which I'll give to whichever local friends want them, or to non-local friends who are willing to pay postage. All the books I'm keeping are now entered in LibraryThing (and tagged according to whether I'm definitely keeping them or if they're on probation, to be revisited in a year) and back on the shelves.

My SFF books are stacked at the foot of my bed, waiting for their turn at the purge. After them it's mainstream/literary, genre-but-not-SFF, comics and art books, plays/poetry (shelved together), and sheet music, and then I will be done with the book purge/sort.

Figured out the problem with iMessage. Short version: bad Apple users who switch to Android and keep their old iPhone to use as an iTouch without mobile data, are sent to iMessage Purgatory.

To avoid iMessage Purgatory, turn off FaceTime and iMessage BEFORE you port your number over. YES, even if you plan to keep using them. You can turn them back on after your number finishes porting over.

If you didn't turn them off, your iPhone has iMessage still tied to your old number, which can lead to people with iPhones not being able to text you at all in some cases. Yes, this is stupid. Yes, it's a known issue.

Apple's fix: put the sim card back in, turn FaceTime and iMessage off, take the sim card back out and put it in your new phone, then turn FaceTime and iMessage on again.

If you don't have your iPhone any more and still have this problem, or if *cough* you either don't have a suitable implement for opening the iPhone's sim tray, or the hinge is broken (I'm not sure which yet) and/or your new phone has a different sim card form factor (I'm honestly not sure, that's the next step after opening the tray) then you have to open a request with Apple's ever-helpful and convenient support staff.

Or if you're American, you can do that automatically through Apple's website.

I'm going to go check on the vegetables now.
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So for the seventh time, Twitter is trying to push its algorithmically-sorted Tweets into users’ timelines – and for the seventh time, Twitter users are angrily yelling, “Having our Tweets in the order they arrive in is a feature!  Stop fucking trying to change it!  Why do you want to change it?”

The reason they want to change it is a large reason why America doesn’t work well any more.

But first, let’s discuss why Twitter’s feed is a critical issue.

If you’re not familiar with how Facebook posts work – and a lot of you are not – Facebook itself decides what posts you see, based on an internal algorithm that scans each post and determines what’s important.  What’s resting at the top of your feed might have been posted three days ago – but it got a lot of comments, or it has buzzwords like “new baby,” or it’s got advertising dollars behind it.

And those algorithms are:

Frequently wrong.  I stopped adding friends on Facebook after the third – the fucking third! – time there was a death in a friend’s family, and Facebook’s algorithm decided it wasn’t important.  And my friends, who were consumed by the death of their mother and/or husband, naturally assumed that I knew because I was their friend on Facebook.  Which led to multitudes of awkward conversations when I met them in person and I said, brightly, “How ya doing?” and they went, “Well, it’s been hard,” and I asked, “Why? What happened?”

Subtly Biased. Hey.  Are you liberal?  Well, you’re gonna be more liberal on Facebook, because that algorithm is going to pick up on what you like, and it’s going to deposit more liberal news posts in your feed, and you’ll come to believe that the world is way more liberal than it is because Facebook is quietly sanitizing what you want to see.

Smothering Stories of Genuine Interest.  Ferguson became a national news story not because any news outlet wanted to pick up on it – they ignored it.  But people on Twitter kept posting about it, and because Twitter posts show up in chronological order, if you arrived soon after someone posted on Ferguson, you saw every post.  Eventually, enough people chained up interest that CNN and FOX news were forced to cover it.  Whereas on Facebook, which decided for you what you’d like, Ferguson waited for weeks before it started to be marked as “of interest,” and even then it only showed it to you if it decided you wanted to know.

Twitter wanting to move to an algorithmically-decided ranking means that it decides what you need to see.  And stories like Ferguson will be suppressed – not out of any Illuminati-style pressure, but because algorithms are crap at spotting trends with small data, which means if Ferguson started out small in an algorithmically-determined Twitter, it would very likely stay small.  When was the last time you heard of a news story breaking on Facebook that someone didn’t post on Facebook?

And every Twitter user I know wants chronological order.  That’s why we show up.  It’s messy, and it’s chaotic, but we consider “not having an algorithm decide what we see” to be actually one of Twitter’s greatest strengths…

And Twitter keeps ignoring what we want and keeps trotting out feelers to see if they foist this shitty concept on us.  (They’ve backed off this latest time, claiming that ha ha, they never meant to replace chronological order, but that’s what they said before – and yet once again there were reports that they wanted to roll it out.  There’s beta users who are seeing it.  For a company that doesn’t want to use it, they’re sure putting a lot of work into testing algorithms.)

Now, you may be asking, “Why does Twitter want to alienate its core user base?”  And the answer is simple:

They don’t want their user base.

They want Facebook’s.

The problem is that Twitter has a devoted user base, but it’s not growing enough.  There’s a lot of people who try Twitter, decide it’s not for them, and wander away.  There’s also like a billion people on the Internet, and not all of them want to use Twitter – a service which is, essentially, a global IRC chat.

Now, in a sane market, that would be enough.  People would go, “Well, Twitter has millions of deeply engaged users, so how do we optimize this experience for them?”  And they’d figured out ways to make Twitter better for the folks who use it, and determine better ways to make cash off a loyal user base, and make a decent profit.

Wall Street does not want decent profits.

Wall Street needs magnificent profits.

And that is a comparatively recent development.  There was a time not so long ago (well, the 1970s) where a good business could be run with modest growths, and that was considered to be a worthy investment.  There were lots of boring markets that just made constant, steady cash – and more importantly, new businesses could be designed to make boring, steady cash.

The point was not that every business had to engage in a tumorously-rapid expansion to grab all the marketshare – though the ones who could were hot tickets – but that back then, Wall Street understood that some businesses were just not designed for continual, explosive growth.

They don’t now.  Particularly in the tech sector.  If you’re not expanding, you’re dying.

So Twitter has continually spend its capital in attempts to satisfy users it does not have.

Which isn’t entirely bad – little changes like turning the “Favorite” (which used to mean anything from “Save this link to read later” to “Like” to “I acknowledge you made this reply”) into a heart makes Twitter’s complex interface less confusing for newbies.

But it does mean that Twitter is constantly asking itself the question, “How can we beat Facebook?”  And you can’t, with Twitter’s core market.  Twitter is designed as an alternative to Facebook – and Facebook is meant for small groups of friends and family to interact with, whereas Twitter is more global.

If Twitter acquired Facebook’s user base, it would lose Twitter’s.

Yet that’s what Wall Street demands, and that’s why Twitter is flailing both on Wall Street and in the public’s eye – its whole financial success is being judged by the question of “Well, how big is this going to get? Is it going to beat Facebook? Then it sucks.”

Twitter’s user base is angry that Twitter is ignoring them, and Wall Street is mad that Twitter isn’t ignoring its user base enough.

Which is a problem with America.  The new and rapacious Wall Street designed in the “Greed is good” 80s-era punishes markets that might be profitable, but not explosive.  And as such, we’re continually propelled forward in this cancerous cycle of “How do we grow?  How do we grow?” – even with markets that might be more profitable if they stopped focusing on growth and instead focused on satisfying a small but rabid client base.

In a sane economy, Twitter could pause and say, “Okay, we’ve got all these people who love us – so our priorities should be a) to figure out how to make a good profit from these folks, and b) make the people who love us love us more.”  (The two are not inevitably linked – users would love you most if there were no ads involved, but users are often very stupid people who get angry at your attempts to draw a salary.)

But because Wall Street demands SWELL AND EXPAND, what we get from Twitter is this muddled confusion of “Okay, yeah, our users want better anti-abuse tools” (which is critical because, as this Tweet explains, Twitter is the only social network where “being successful” means “you get abused”) and yet they’re pouring resources into “Stuff that people who don’t like Twitter might like.”

Which is something that makes me feel sad for Twitter’s people.  In a better world, they’d be focused on “What do Twitter users enjoy about us?” And they’d understand that question really well, and make a product suited for a comparatively stable user base.

Instead, we get Twitter programmers who are shocked by what happens on Twitter when a Tweet goes viral.

And I think Twitter’s not alone. Lots of America is shaped by this relentless Wall Street command that you must expand and be profitable now.  Your infrastructure? Doesn’t matter.  Your R&D? Fuck that, did you make a profit this quarter?  Your long-term plans for steady growth? Consumed in this blaze of GIMME CASH IMMEDIATELY.  Your boring lumber business? Well, will you sell wood to ten billion people? NOT INTERESTED.

Personally, I think America would be a lot better if Wall Street was less full of greedy cancerous fuckwits willing to destroy companies so long as they get a paycheck today, and more populated with people who understood that businesses have different needs, and some unsexy businesses can make steady profits without funding yachts filled with cocaine-encrusted hookers.

Until then?

We get Twitter.  Spasming in confusion, not doing well, beholden to two masters.

Slowly dying.

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One of the things I love about the internet and social media is finding new things to geek out about. In the cartoon realm, last time it was Avatar: The Last Airbender. This time, in no small part because of Amal El-Mohtar and Sunil Patel, it was Steven Universe. I’m going to try to keep this post relatively spoiler-free, but no promises about the comments.

Steven Universe Characters

How to summarize this show… It’s fantasy that morphs into science fiction. It’s a team of superpowered women (the Crystal Gems) and the titular character Steven, who’s half-Gem, half-human. It’s got action and humor and music and surprisingly complex worldbuilding and relationships and character development. It’s a show that embraces diversity in multiple dimensions. It’s at times over-the-top goofy, and then turns around and delivers stories as emotionally powerful as just about anything else on television.

There’s plenty of action, an evil space empire, monsters of the week, and lots of pulpy SF/F-style goodness, including a full-on dystopic society, clone-type servants, spaceships, robots, swords, teleportation platforms, an altered Earth, etc.

It’s also subversive and refreshing, challenging assumptions about family and romance and friendship and trust and gender and sexuality and beauty and love and so much more.

So after ConFusion, I came home and binge-watched the available episodes, catching up to the mid-point of the second season. Here are some of the things about this show that make me happy…

Body Acceptance/Positivity:

Rose QuartzLet’s start with Rose Quartz, Steven’s mother. Rose was the leader of the Crystal Gems, who eventually fell in love with a human and gave up her physical form so Steven could be born/created. Not only is this woman portrayed as a warrior and the leader of the rebel Gems, she’s consistently treated as beautiful and beloved. Greg (Steven’s father) falls hard for her. The other Crystal Gems love her dearly. She’s beautiful, powerful, strong, and competent, and none of this is ever questions.

Then there are the rest of the Gems. Pearl is very slender. Amethyst is shorter and heavier. Steven himself is unapologetically plump. The whole show gives us a more realistic range of people’s shapes and sizes than anything else out there, and that’s never used as a source of cheap laughs. Every character is treated with respect for who they are, and every character is shown to be both strong and important to the team.

Crystal Gems

Race and Gender:

Sometimes people who argue that they’re “colorblind” about race will say something like, “I don’t care if you’re black, white, or purple.” It’s an obnoxious refrain, but it makes me wonder if the creators of the show deliberately decided to make the three Gems black, white, and purple. Steven and his father are white. Steven’s love interest Connie is Indian. (And also a pretty badass swordfighter and a great character in her own right.) Here are some of the secondary and background characters from the show:

Steven Universe Characters

As for gender, the show deliberately flips the usual script. Instead of a bunch of male Avengers and Black Widow, or a bunch of male Ninja Turtles and April, or a bunch of male Smurfs and Smurfette, we have a team of women and Steven. But the show goes deeper, challenging gender norms and roles on an ongoing basis. Steven is unashamedly emotional, celebrating and crying and running around with his feelings on his sleeve belly button gem. When Steven and Connie fuse (it’s a Gem thing), they form Stevonnie, who goes by gender-neutral they/them pronouns. Stevonnie is accepted for who they are. Garnet at one point describes them as “perfect.”


Garnet: I love youI love that these characters have so much love and respect and affection for one another. They still argue and butt heads and get angry at one another at times, but underneath it all is so much love and caring. Whether it’s everyone’s love and protectiveness for Steven, Steven’s love for…well, pretty much everyone and everything, Steven and Connie’s developing relationship, the wonderful dynamic between Steven and his father, the pain of Pearl’s love and memories about Rose, the perfection that is Ruby and Sapphire… I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but it just makes me happy to watch.

Also, did I mention the canonical same-sex relationship?

Ruby Sapphire

Other Thoughts:

  • Lots of good, fun music. My favorite is Garnet’s song, “Stronger Than You,” from the Season One finale. (Possible spoilers at that link.) But I like that music is just a part of their lives, particularly Steven with his ukulele, and Greg (Steven’s father), the former sort-of-pro musician.
  • The only episode I ended up stopping was the crossover with Uncle Grandpa. Though I loved the “our ship!” joke. Love a show that’s aware of fandom.
  • The writers do a great job thinking about the implications of different kinds of Gem technology and their society. The exploration of fusion for good and evil is particularly wonderful. And powerful. Garnet’s reaction to discovering homeworld had experimented with forcing Gem fragments to fuse without their consent…whoa.
  • Redemption arc! :-)
  • Watching Amethyst’s development and growth through flashbacks, particularly seeing her more feral aspects through Greg’s memories.
  • All of Pearl’s backstory and struggles and stumbles and growth and development. The more you learn about her character’s history and place in Gem society, the more amazing a character she becomes.
  • Plenty of silliness. I approve!

In Conclusion:

It’s an impressive feat of storytelling. Highly recommended.

For those who’ve seen it, what do you think? What do you love (or not love) about the show? What all have I missed here?

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Good morning everyone, and welcome to Radio Free Monday!

I had no new entries for RFM this week, or at least none came up, so I'm reposting the standing entry. If you DID send me a blurb for this week's RFM, please let me know, because either this computer doesn't want me to have them or there's something wrong with the google form.

Ways to Give:

You all know about [ profile] editrx, whose fundraiser I've been promoting for a few months; on top of her struggles to keep her indy bookstore afloat, she's now been the subject of a violent assault by her housemate (who is fortunately in jail). She's had to rekey her locks at home and at the bookstore, and she's dealing with mounting medical bills and trauma from the assault. She doesn't have a new fundraising site yet, but funds from her ongoing YouCaring fundraiser will reach her, as will income from the Starcat Books online etailer. She also has jewelry for sale on Etsy. (Obviously if you're shopping her etail or etsy there may be a delay in delivery.) She could really use the help these next few weeks.

And this has been Radio Free Monday! Thank you for your time. You can post items for my attention at the Radio Free Monday submissions form or via email at copperbadge at gmail dot com. If you're not sure how to proceed, here is a little more about what I do and how you can help (or ask for help!). If you're new to fundraising, you may want to check out my guide to fundraising here.

ten good things

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1. Yesterday got much, much better.

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I got my robot-programming game to run on Android! I knew it shouldn't be *that* difficult, but it's really magical seeing something I wrote running on a platform I never expected to run on.

I haven't done any more to the game since last year, so it's not really *playable*, but it runs and you can interact with it.

I used kivy as the UI framework for a python game, because it advertised being able to compile to android, and I wanted to learn more python more than I wanted to learn java. So I developed the program on the PC, using kivy for graphics and mouse events (which later become touch/drag events on a touchscreen).

And then after several false starts, I downloaded a VM set up to the do the "build to android" step with buildozer, updated buildozer to the latest version, copied my source to the VM, I already had generated a buildozer.spec file, and it all just worked -- I got an apk, I opened it from dropbox on android, and there was my game running.

Gotchas, I don't expect anyone to try this with my instructions, but in case you do, things I didn't find obvious: to share a folder with the VM, you need to add your user account to a "can see shared folders" usergroup; buildozer can fail to work on a shared folder, copy the files to a local directory on the VM; you should be able to install the android dev kit etc with or without buildozer, but I couldn't get it to work.
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Timothy assures me that he gave my message to Mr MacD-, and the reply is that he will be about the matter, but 'tis nigh on noon when Sandy comes the following day, which gives me somewhat to fret.

He throws himself into a chair and says that how would anyone have suppos’d that the empty-head’d wastrel set would rise in chivalrick defence of Lady B-'s honour? And coffee would be most gratefull he adds, just as Euphemia enters.

He consumes several cups before he speaks again.

Sure, he says, I was in some concern that this comedy might create difficulties for Miss R- within the theatre: but having spent some hours there talking to her and to Mr W- and Mr J- and some others of the company, I think there is a predisposition either to understand the matter in its true light – none said so much in so many words, but I was dealing with actors that can convey a deal of matter without speaking, indeed Mr W- can conduct a conversation entirely with his eyebrows - or else, and I confess that I would not have expect’d this, that it is a device to protect Lady B-'s reputation, now that she is such a Society favourite and one that is so concern’d with good works and must therefore conduct any amours with extreme discretion.

O, I cry, 'tis indeed that they suppose it a case of the merchant to secure his treasure! Well, I am glad for that, and that it does not cause resentment towards Miss R-, for indeed I thought Miss A- most dispos’d towards indignation on my behalf, which is very pretty in her but quite entire unnecessary. But, those foolish fellows! Whoever would have thought?

Is’t so very strange? I doubt not they have a great admiration toward you –

- And my pique-nique baskets! I say

- really, dearest C-, I apprehend that you must be quite entire us’d to evoking admiration quite apart from any pique-nique matters. Sure I daresay that they were in some hesitation about making any suit to you even in the days before your elevation, given G-'s most well-known abilities with sword and pistol.

Oh, says I. Sure I had not thought of that. They are forever talking about wagers and horses and matters of style and how very drunk they have been, but not much about women. Tho’ I daresay they would not talk coarseness in front of me, for exactly that reason you mention.

Well, I continue, I hope that my argument that it would be like to redound adverse upon my reputation will be consider’d telling when Danvers D- puts it to his set, but indeed I think it only sense that Miss R- and the rest of the company maintain a prudent vigilance.

Sandy removes his spectacles and polishes them a while. The matter now, he says at length, is how to inform G- about this brangle, for I have not yet had any chance to acquaint him with the matter – came in most exceeding late last night, or rather early morning and by the time he had spent his wont’d hour of exercise with his fencing master, the steward from A- had arriv’d about some pressing business.

I do not like, he continues, to report ill of a set he has frequent’d for so many years, against which he already believes me entirely prejudic’d - which is indeed the case, for they do not appear to me as anything but extravagant fribbles. He will claim – o, entirely in jest, but there is a grain of truth, I confess – that do I chance to encounter any of them there will appear the Calvinistickal glare that wishes them in hell-fire even do I speak them entirely civil.

Why, Sandy, my dear, they are indeed fribbles. I have ever found them good-natur’d, and I think that not entirely due to fear of Milord’s skills on the field of honour, but somewhat tedious fellows. But I think the way around this is the I should write a little note that you may carry to him, mentioning that you have kindly convey’d warning to Miss R-.

That would most certainly answer. You are a true friend to me, C-.

And you to me, Sandy dear.

I go to my desk and write a note upon the business to Milord, fold it, seal it, and hand it to Sandy with a sigh. Mayhap this was not so happy a contrivance as I suppos’d. Indeed I should mind me that I am not writing a novel or a play, where the characters will behave as I desire.

After he departs I still sit at my desk, where I had been about planning a soirée, but that I was too much in the frets to give it my full mind. I had purpos’d to wait until my darlings had come to Town, but now the T-s have arriv’d I think it entirely my duty to hold one as soon as maybe.

I sigh and stand up, for I should really go take a look around my reception chamber, for I have some concern that it may be in need of a little furbishing, or at least some fresh packs of cards and new counters at the gaming table.

I do not see Hector, that I would have lik’d to discuss this matter with, so I climb the stairs with a view to taking a first look myself.

Outside the door I hear voices within, and wonder if Hector or Dorcas has already decid’d to be about the matter.

It sounds, however, as tho’ whoever they are within, an argument is in progress.

Sure I should not eavesdrop, but yet there seems so much discontent in the household of late that I feel almost oblig’d to listen to find out what’s ado.

I do not recognise the voice at first and then it comes to me that I have never heard Dorcas angry: she will be extreme firm with Prue and Celeste about not scamping their work but never cross.

Cousin Hector, I hear her say, you are quite entirely too harsh with the girls. I have notic’d this and pray’d for guidance in the matter and it comes to me that I must speak of it to you. It is making for bad feeling within the household, that they feel that they are not trust’d, and suppos’d light and giddy creatures, the way you will go about chiding them over followers.

Hector responds that someone has to have a mind for the credit of the household.

You go about, says Dorcas, the best way to make them sly and underhand in their dealings: sure I have seen that in the various households I have been in.

All the households that you had to leave because fellows were saucy to you!

Fellows who did not offer to walk out with me in due form but thought they could be coarse with me in cupboards and on the backstairs! 'Tis nothing like the same thing as offering to walk home from chapel.

There can be sneaking hypocrites under the guise of piety.

Do you not think Prue and Euphemia young women of sense that could see that and would conduct themselves quite entirely proper? Have they not had examples of good practices these several years? Look, she says, at Tibby and Titus, that have gone out from this house and done most exceptional well for themselves and behave with exceeding propriety. I confide 'tis entirely due to the good ways they got into here.

Think you so? asks Hector somewhat less ferocious.

Sure I think Docket gave Tibby some fine lessoning in being disdainfull, but she is a good well-conduct’d girl.

Hector sighs. Indeed she and Titus show very well and do the household credit.

Well then!

I step softly back down the stairs a little way, then walk up a little noisy, stepping upon the stair that creaks, humming to myself that pretty tune by Purcell that I shall desire Miss McK- to sing, and open the door. How now, says I, I was thinking that do I purpose to hold a soirée very soon there may be matters of furbishing up this room to put in hand, but I see that you are entirely beforehand of me.

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It was a good day. I took it off in terms of freelance work, and didn't do any reading to speak of (and have yet to see if I'll get any writing done after this), but I felt fairly productive in terms of getting stuff done around the house. That was followed by supper with Ginny and Kas, and then Leverage night at Chez [ profile] wildpear. ^_^

After supper, Kas took some photos of my haircut. (I haven't seen them yet.)

Less good things: we have a blizzard warning for tomorrow night and Tuesday, and tonight my throat started prickling warningly. Maybe tea will magically fend off the possibly-impending cold (which I'd really started thinking I'd managed to avoid, since the others all came down with it about a week ago. ;_; Stupid incubation periods!).

[ profile] scruloose made an excellent point this weekend when I mentioned my ongoing conflicted feelings about what to do next time we're looking for a cat or two. (Not that I expect this to be relevant for years!) Getting Siberians made perfect sense when we did it, but now his allergies are basically nonexistent because the desensitization shots work so well for him, so the thought of getting purebreds again instead of shelter cats makes me feel weird. But Siberians are such amazing cats...! (And I can't deny that it's also occurred to me that [ profile] scruloose's allergies being so under control also technically means that, for the first time, it'd also be possible to get a different type of purebred cat, and part of me has always wanted an Abyssinian.)

What [ profile] scruloose pointed out is that we're very well acquainted with the difficulty of visiting a city where one knows many people and having it be tricky to visit some homes, or to find crash space with friends even when many friends would be very glad to have you stay, when one has severe allergies and so many people have cats. His allergies are under control/gone now, but it's not like we don't have friends who're still plenty allergic--not many who aren't able to visit homes with cats for an evening, but who would be hesitant or unable to stay in one when visiting from out of town. And it's important to us that our home is open to friends and loved ones, which very much includes those who've moved away and only come home for visits...and most, although not all, of our local friends have cats. Would [ profile] bosonator be able to stay with us if we had non-hypoallergenic cats, for example? Maybe not. So that's a serious consideration.

(For the record, people with allergies do tend to react a bit to Claudia and Jinksy, because it's not like anyone tends to be around them long enough for their systems to fully adjust; it took [ profile] scruloose a few weeks, IIRC. But those reactions tend to be much milder than they would be to normal cats.)
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Glen Weldon, The Caped Crusade: Batman and the Rise of Nerd Culture:  bitter fangirl ahead )

And... still sick

7/2/16 20:34
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Hopefully she will be able to go to school tomorrow. This is terrible. -_-

We watched "The Enterprise Incident," which was pretty decent for being a Season 3 Original Star Trek episode.

Spoilers! )
5: It's kind of astounding -- not just in this episode, but others I've seen on the high-resolution flatscreen TV -- how old some of the actresses are! Also frequently zaftig. But there are all kinds of interesting lines on their faces, and I'm constantly double-taking. It's nifty. I don't know if it's that they were literally older, or that the make-up techniques are different in more modern episodes, or post-processing is more of a thing... But it's really kind of cool.
6: ...I want to wave my iPad at the chunky data-pad that appeared at the beginning of that episode. *snicker*
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“I’m not a parrot,” sighed the bird. “Don’t I wish! Parrots are gloriously colored and they live halfway to forever. No, I’m only an enchanted titmouse, I’m afraid.”

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AFKcon returns!

7/2/16 20:29
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February 20-21, 2016

AFKCON is a small convention for friends (over 18) who love games, comics, movies, books, and more. Offering everything from panels to cosplay, we want to bring the experience of sharing what you love to life.

This year we'll be meeting in Guelph at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Conference Centre!

We're pioneering a new convention style called a CrowdCon. If you’d like to run an event, demonstration, game, or panel, just log in and check the Events page to sign up today!

I will be participating!
James Nicoll is a book reviewer, blogger, game editor, cat-rescuer, and prior local hobby store owner.

He returns to AFKCON to have the following discussions:
- Tanith Lee and Why people should read her.
- So You're a Reviewer and You Went a Year WIthout Reviewing Women: How to React?
- Things you should never do at a Con or Party: Event Survival Skills 101


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