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Am heading down to Seattle this weekend for Outdoor Trek - we're going to the Saturday one - and catching up with my brother, who happens to be in town. No plans for Saturday during the daytime yet (suggestions/offers welcome - we've done most of the tourist things).

This also means I won't be online a lot all weekend, for those of you who may wonder.

We also have very tentative plans to head down to Portland on the weekend of August 23. It's been a couple of years and I am determined to make it down again this year.
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With which he can summon Ibid from anywhere in the house. From many activities, too: Ibid scampered off from a tummy petting when he was called.

Toothy fun times

31/7/14 21:42
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So there's this wacky spot in my teeth where I have what is basically an extra tooth growing; it's an offshoot of one of my premolars, connected to it below the gumline. This extra tooth forms a triangle with its parent premolar and with the tooth next to it, and that area is next to impossible to get clean.

Unsurprisingly, this area developed a cavity.

It's my first cavity ever -- combination of really good teeth luck and being diligent about dentist visits etc. But given the tooth situation it was sort of inevitable.

tooth procedures )
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These books were like a rollercoaster. I started yelling near the end ("WHAT!! WHAT!!") I also read them one after another so I'm not going to even try to do a book-by-book review, just a giant one for all three books. And the review kind of exploded on me. It's really long.

SO! These books!

They're all 500-700 pages by my e-reader and oh my god, I haven't had this level of can't-put-it-down for such a long time. They were magnetic.

cover of The Final Empire, with a young woman dressed in a mistcloak looking downThe first book follows Vin, a young skaa thief who is attached to a crew scaming noblemen and obligators. In Luthadel, the capital, the skaa live and work in terrible conditions, subjugated by the nobility and the Lord Ruler. Vin has survived thus far because she makes herself small and unnoticed, but also because the crew leaders have--consciously or unconsciously--picked up on her ability to make scams go better when she's around.

When she meets Kelsier, a man bent on creating a skaa rebellion, she finds out what that ability is Allomancy. She's a Mistborn, someone who can ingest different types of metal and then burn them to increase herstrength, see better, affect others' emotions, telekinetically pull and push metal, etc. Mistings--who can burn one type of metal--are fairly rare, and Mistborn, who can burn all ten, even rarer. Kelsier introduces her to his crew and starts training her both in Allomancy and to infiltrate the nobility.

Their rebellion is operated directly under the noses of the Lord Ruler, and there is the ever-present danger of his Inquisitors and the Steel Ministry. Supernaturally powerful and fast, they are the priests of the Lord Ruler and seek out and kill half-skaa Allomancers. There are the obligators, who witness every transaction of the nobility and are the bureaucracy of the Lord Ruler. And there is the power of the nobility, who "rent" the skaa for plantation work but essentially act as the owners of skaa.

The Final Empire )

The Well of Ascension )

The Hero of Ages )

The books as a whole--general impressions, thematically interesting points, etc - warning though, these books have significant twists that are discussed under the cut )

They were really good books. But I'm going to go read a nice, relaxing, fluffy novel next.

goals, 7/31-8/6

31/7/14 21:38
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Next week is already overbooked, and it's only going to get worse.  Sigh.

Health goals:
  1. 5 servings of fruit/veg on 4 days (Thursday)
  2. Evening walks on at least 3 days 
  3. 7500 steps on at least 4 days (Thursday)
Personal goals:
  1. Nezhat
  2. Shan
  3. Sukhdeo
Stretch goals:
  1. Neme to vet
  2. Apple Store
  3. closet
Last weekpretty good, for such a busy week )
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I used to have two rules: always read books by people named Sean and always try books by Australians US publishers went to the trouble of acquiring the rights. Like a lot of arbitrary filters, those worked until they failed catastrophically [1] but I was well pleased with discovering Australian author Sean McMullen.

Lights up on a world much like Earth but with crucial differences and the siege of the city of Larmentel by the glorious imperial might of the armies of Emperor Warsovran. Unfortunately for Warsovran's soldiers, their grand skills at siege-craft were learned from the scholars of Larmentel and the scholars kept their best tricks for themselves. Things are not going well but they are about to become much worse.

Read more... )
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I'm all packed to go! And despite the alarming quantity of clothing I'm taking (I can do laundry at Ginny's, but still, it's a two-and-a-half week trip. Also, I'm told Toronto's on the cool side for August lately, but who knows how it'll be in a couple of weeks?), my main suitcase weighs under 40 lbs, which is good, since that's the maximum weight for it on the train unless I want to pay extra fees. (Why the train's baggage weight allowance is lower than the plane's, I do not know. >.>)

I'm not planning on buying much while away, so hopefully I can keep from adding too much weight to my luggage other than the pair of shoes waiting for me at a Toronto Fluevog store. (I had my eye on these for months and months, and then they went on sale so conveniently close to my trip, so I didn't have to pay for shipping! Also, I tried them on in May, so I'm as sure of my size as one can be without wearing shoes for an extended period. Here's hoping, since sale items aren't returnable if they're not shipped out.)

My to-do list still has plenty on it, but all of the vital pre-trip things are done, other than the rewrite that I have to turn in on Monday. (Eep.) My bags are packed, my clothes are laid out for tomorrow, my hair is freshly dyed, the final Feed discussion post is up (as of only about half an hour ago), the rewrite due tomorrow is finished although not turned in...

One very annoying thing: I took my Swiss Army knife off my keychain to put it in my to-be-checked suitcase, and...it's gone. Poof. [personal profile] scruloose figures it has to have wound up in said suitcase, somewhere, because I can't find it anywhere at all (and hadn't packed my carry-on bag yet, which I now have, mostly). ;_; I know it's in the house somewhere, since I haven't left the house, but I'm irrationally worried that it won't turn up. :/

It was a gift from K (the friend I'm staying with in Ottawa) before we even met each other, so I've probably had it for fifteen years or so. :/ She got it for me in Switzerland while visiting there--and had to argue with the person engraving it over the spelling of my name, which was funny because at that point we only knew each other at all in a text medium--and it's exactly my favorite shade of purple, and I will be very sad indeed if it's inexplicably gone forever.

And now I should really get to bed, since I want to get some work done before I head to the airport, but both kittens are here in the office with me. Jinksy is sprawled on the floor by my desk asking for belly rubs. I'm going to miss them horribly. (I'll miss [personal profile] scruloose more, but I can at least talk to him every day. Hail the cell plan!)

So here, have just a few more links that have accrued since I posted earlier:

A cut scene from the season 1 finale episode of Penny Dreadful.

Over at [community profile] ladybusiness, [personal profile] renay posted "'Who Speaks Chinese, Anyway?' and Other Mortifications from Luc Besson's Lucy". The second half of the very last line sums up why I went to see the movie (although before going I hadn't realized how dire it is on many fronts): "The moral of this story: [...] probably wait for VOD/DVD unless you want to make a political statement about women action leads being able to put bodies in theater seats."

(More specifically, I went in the name of "LOOK! I WILL PAY YOU TO SHOW ME SCARLETT JOHANSSON HEADLINING AN SF/ACTIONY MOVIE! LET ME DO IT AGAIN!", AKA my contribution to the "Where the hell is my Black Widow movie?!" fund.)

[personal profile] kaberett posted "A quick nerdy note on wardrobe decisions in Elementary", with spoilers for episode 2x01.

[personal profile] skygiants posted about Operation Mincemeat: "The amazing true story of one REALLY DETAILED hoax perpetrated by the British upon the Germans. The initial idea seems to have gone basically like this:

Step 1: Obtain corpse
Step 2: Cover corpse with fake British war plans for the Germans to find and be confused by

Then more and more in-between steps began to proliferate[...]"
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My garden documentation this year has been fairly haphazard, not least because I got such a late start on my planting; I didn't want to photograph it, I wanted to be out creating it! But [personal profile] grammarwoman asked for photos, and it turned out I did have a few already, which I supplemented with a few additional photos earlier this week. (Click the photos to see slightly larger versions.)

the garden month by month )

a short digression on animals in the garden )

harvests )

vegetables in situ )

And that is the news from the garden so far.

Fragile Kid

31/7/14 21:18
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No pottery, no gaming club. Ah, well. (She says, as she goes to bed, she thinks she will be able to do Pottery thing in the morning. Hope so!)

Ivan continues to come in at odd moments and demand food. Like right now? Yeah, right now. *goes to feed him* *returns some 10 minutes later*

*returns more like an hour later*

Now he's on my lap. This is very inconvenient.

Cross fingers on the GURPS thing I sent off. (Which is, I should note, an Unsolicited proposal, for a thing totally not on the Wish List, which will be Work-For-Hire if accepted, and be paid only in royalties. With a hellacious formatting requirement. That said, if it is accepted, I think the royalties on it might have a goodly long tail, at worst.)

Havva Quote
Kid: Why are you sad it's not a TPK?
Her dad: I'm not sad. I'm disappointed. The GM must be a wuss.
--conversation just now

INwatch+Bookwatch )
Adopt one today!
Dragons under fold )
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Delivered 5 gallons of chili in my baby-cooking pot and 25 lbs of potatoes in a turkey roaster, to the con with minimal trauma.

Ok, some trauma. I could NOT find the hypothetical "loading dock". But I did get a really good parking spot. Though I paid $5 for it, and was only in it for an hour (it's good til 3am though)

Tonight need to bake breakfasty foods, and take them over in the morning, I suppose. Then need to make about 140 grilled cheese sammiches (estimated). Those will go over in the other turkey roaster around lunch. Any remaining chilli will be poured into the turkey roaster that is currently holding potatoes, to warm. (I think. Unless there is little enough to fit in my crockpot, so I can take the turkey roaster home?) Any remaining potatoes will come home to go in curry.

Should tomorrow's dinner be curry or gumbo? I am leaning toward gumbo - curry takes a long time, and I am less experienced at it, and tomorrow morning's going to be pretty much consumed by sandwiches. But gumbo means two tomato-based dishes in a row. Oh well, I guess they will live.
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... on checking the work calendar to determine whether you can manage an overnight run on a Friday, you establish that in fact you can because nobody has the machine booked on the Saturday or Sunday and consequently you start seriously considering blowing off (1) a friend's housewarming and (2) your mum's birthday, because data.

(Relatedly: dear Wednesday!Alex, thank you heaps for making an enormous vat of leek-and-potato soup to be eaten straight from the fridge. Love, today!Alex, who has eaten about three portions of the stuff.)
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Title: What Enjolras Beheld From The Summit Of A Barricade. (On Archive Of Our Own)
Author: [personal profile] lannamichaels
Fandom: Les Miserables
Rating: G
A/N: For [personal profile] melannen from her tumblr post.

Summary: We do not fight simply for the great human republic or the great vampire republic, but for the immense republic of all people.

Vampire Enjolras! )

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I am doing research on the cultural history of fencing, and some of the best pages for info are in German -- but untranslated. My German is ancient and fragmentary. Can anyone suggest a page/link/etc. that will translate an entire webpage as it is, in situ, so that the captions are translated by the photos, etc.?


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