A quiet Thanksgiving

28/11/15 11:28
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Because 2 of the 3 of us have colds (mine in the early stages, Twoson in the late-but-still-debilitating stage), we canceled plans to spend Thanksgiving with our friends who also host our Sunday gaming group. We are sad to have missed spending the day with them but it wouldn't have been right to expose them to the germs and anyway we didn't really have the energy to go out.

Luckily we had planned to have our own leftovers: mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, pie, and roasted brussels sprouts. Only missing the turkey! So once we made the decision to stay home (before noon) Sinanju rushed out to find some protein and brought home carved roast turkey breast and some sourdough rolls, and we had a feast. And rested, and coughed, and generally felt as good as you can when you have a cold.

We also mainlined all of Netflix's new Marvel show Jessica Jones, and the consensus at our house is that it was really well done. Yes, trigger warning for lots of genuinely horrifying backstory, some of which is shown onscreen and there is a good, time-stamped list of them at


if that would be useful to you. I watched it without knowing any of the comic book by Bendis, and it was easy to follow the stories (because there's a lot going on, multiple stories that aren't always related). There's some set-up for Captain America: Civil War, which I liked, and a lot of realistic references to past happenings in the Marvel cinematic universe, especially the unintended negative side effects of both those specific happenings and the change in the world of people knowing that superpowers are real and the people who have them might be villains, heroes, or just want to live regular lives.

I liked it much better than Daredevil, and I liked Daredevil a lot. But Jessica Jones is a story about a woman, and I've had enough stories about men to last the rest of my life. And Jessica Jones is not just a story about one woman (and a man, or a bunch of men): there are multiple fully-fleshed-out women with their own stories, their own goals and motivations, and their own lives separate from the main story line.

I'm thankful for my friends, my family (including chosen), and my improving health. What are you thankful for?
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The premise is simple: the King of All Cosmos got drunk and wiped out the stars in the sky, so he tasks his son the Prince with re-creating them. This is done by rolling a Katamari (a giant sticky ball) around, gathering up items until the katamari grows large enough to become a star.

You first start out rolling in one room of the house, picking up thumbtacks and candy wrappers. As the katamari grows, you get to roll in more areas, such as around the town. The growth happens pretty seamlessly: a slight shimmer on the screen as the game adjusts to the new dimensions. The graphics are colorful, the music catchy. It’s a very charming game.

Katamari Damacy was succeeded by the following games: We Love Katamari (PlayStation 2), Me & My Katamari (PlayStation Portable), Beautiful Katamari (Xbox 360), i Love Katamari (iOS, Windows Phone 7, Android), Katamari Forever (PlayStation 3), Katamari Amore (iOS), and Touch My Katamari (PlayStation Vita)

Here is a speed run from the original game: https://youtu.be/TtaCNsK_e4I
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The Miles-loses-the-trial AU is done and off to Beta, and I sat down to finish off a few more Gregor and Aral prompts tonight. Instead I seem to have written 4000 words of Drou-and-Gregor-in-the-Residence fic, and no sign of an ending yet...

The Cetagandan fleet was five light-hours from Komarr, and the Imperial Residence was silent as the grave.

It was the middle of the day, but Drou doubted very much that any work was being done. Much of the Residence had been abandoned when the news of war was received, and those who remained were all indoors, listening to the daily dispatches from the front.

Drou listened to them in Gregor's room as she did every day, one arm around Gregor's shoulders, watching numbly as the growing death toll rolled across the comconsole. One more day. One more day had passed, and the Imperial Fleet was still holding out.
Dear writing brain, one day you will learn to obey orders. Really. I mean it.

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This post is the first in a 3-part series.

When I worked at Mozilla, my co-worker "Bill" (not his real name) emailed me on my personal account to tell me that I would be less angry if I found Jesus like he had. At the same job, when I was on my way out, another co-worker, "Ted" (also not his real name), told me that "people here think you're only interested in politics and not in code."

I thought about Bill and Ted when I saw Eric S. Raymond (ESR)'s latest hot take: "Why Hackers Must Eject the SJWs".

What unites Ted and ESR is the belief that interest in "politics" precludes interest in engineering -- or, perhaps, interest in the wrong kind of politics. What unites Bill and Ted is the assumption that there are some outside interests that are acceptable for engineers to have (like being a Christian, and converting others to one's faith) and others that are not (such as social justice).

As per Joanna Russ's system of categorization for tactics used to silence women's writing, the rhetorical strategy that Ted and ESR shared is that of the pollution-of-agency attack:

Pollution of Agency attacks use a woman's character or traits attributed to her considered to be negative to deny the quality or importance of her work. Sex and sexuality, mental health status, or physical attractiveness are common traits or actions used in a pollution of agency attack.

-- "Russ Categories", Geek Feminism Wiki

While pollution-of-agency attacks are disproportionately used against women, they're also used against anyone else who threatens conservative control over a particular domain of cultural production, whether it's science fiction writing or engineering. The script that both Ted and ESR followed is that having the wrong political views (specifically radical or progressive ones) devalues an engineer's work, regardless of any intrinsic properties of the work (indeed, may justify ignoring that work altogether). ESR's attack was particularly effective because it used the term "SJW" ("social justice warrior"), which has become shorthand for that group of people whose work must be either attacked or ignored because they hold political views that challenge your own stronghold on prestige and power.

What unifies all three stories is the question of what it costs to hold a particular ideology in tech. Being seen as an "SJW" has a cost: the effort it takes to contend with pollution-of-agency attacks. Being seen as a Christian engineer does not have this cost; while people may disagree with your views, they won't question your competence or the legitimacy of your work just because you are a Christian.

Husband, Father, Christian, Fascist

The reason why Bill and Ted could coexist at the same organization -- why my right to be there was questioned because of my interest in "politics" while Bill was welcomed despite his constant efforts to use the workplace as a forum for religious evangelism -- lies, I think, in a certain archetype about what it means to be an engineer. ESR himself described one version of this archetype in "A Portrait of J. Random Hacker", an appendix he added to the Jargon File. Subsequently, using ESR's term, I will refer to this archetypal engineer -- a fictional person who many engineers are anxious about emulating as closely as possible -- as "J. Random Hacker", though my characterization of JRH will depart from his.

J. Random Hacker identifies as an apolitical man who also isn't religious in a way that would set him apart from his underlying culture. He could lack religious views altogether, or he could subscribe to the religion that is dominant in his culture. Although I'm going to be using Christianity as a metaphor for monoculture in this essay, I could just as easily have used atheism. The important thing isn't the specifics of the belief system so much as that J. Random Hacker doesn't rock the boat when it comes to views outside a narrow construction of "technical" discourse. Likewise, JRH certainly isn't apolitical, since he participates in society and therefore takes part in power relations -- but he holds a set of political views (such as the view that it's desirable or even possible for a person to be apolitical) that support existing power structures rather than challenging them.

In other words, J. Random Hacker presents himself as non-ideological. Ideology, he says, would only get in the way of getting work done. But without ideology, we wouldn't know what work is worth doing or what methods are acceptable for getting that work done. J. Random Hacker is just as ideological as any SJW; the difference between them is the broad acceptance, or lack thereof, of their ideologies. J. Random Hacker knows that he is ideological, and lives in terror that his secret will get out. He is uncomfortable around SJWs because he fears that any engagement with other ideologies will highlight that his own beliefs are not necessarily normal, natural, logical, or rational, but rather, continge on the needs and desires of the interest groups to which he belongs.

At Mozilla, I saw the Hacker and SJW archetypes clash during the Planet Mozilla Controversy, and later, from a distance, during the Gamergate coordinated harassment campaign when a member of the Mozilla ops team expressed concern about whether Mozilla would appear to be "supporting misguided Social Justice Warriors".

The first debate was about whether hate speech against people in protected classes is a normal, natural thing for J. Random Hacker to engage in, or whether it needed to be highlighted as harmful to the community. Disagreeing that hate speech harms the community amounts to consensus that the community doesn't need people who don't match the J. Random Hacker pattern.

The second conversation reflected the double standard applied to "Social Justice Warriors" vs. harassers: to appear to support "misguided Social Justice Warriors" would contaminate the purity of Mozilla as an engineering organization, whereas supporting harassers of women would not, because, indeed, women themselves are a threat to the purity of the J. Random Hacker archetype, and thus misogynist harassers do the work needed to protect the in-group from contamination. Gamergate strengthens the archetype by continuing to ensure that it won't be spoiled by what women might have to contribute; "SJWs", on the other hand, would harm it with the introduction of ideology (but really, of foreign ideology).

It is a truth universally accepted among some of us who use Twitter that the substring "husband, father" is a red flag in a bio. Sometimes the substring appears as "husband, father, Christian". You might protest that I shouldn't be assuming things about people just because they're husbands and fathers, but that's precisely my point: I'm not. I'm assuming things about people who feel the need to foreground their identity as husbands, fathers, Christians ahead of descriptors that mean something. There is nothing especially unique about being a husband or father; knowing that someone is a husband and father tells you very little about them (for example, it doesn't tell you whether they're a loving or a controlling husband, or whether they're a nurturing or an abusive father). Someone who needs to tell you that he is a husband and father, who describes his identity in terms of the women and children he feels he controls, is doing something more specific: he's flagging the purity of his identity. Which is to say, at least from his point of view, his lack of identity; his lack of ideology. Don't you just hate "identity politics"? It was easier when politics was only about advancing my identity.

Some people would see me as a Christian because of the religion I belong to, and that's fine, although I don't identify as one. I'm also not especially attached to the label "SJW" other than that it's a fun form of alchemy to reclaim terms used to attack and use them as terms of pride. I'm less interested in accepting or rejecting either label for myself than in asking what "SJW" signifies within the cultural context of Anglophone engineering culture, and likewise for "Christian". I think that it's important to some people to identify as "Christian engineers", and important to them to maintain the conditions under which nobody blinks at that, because to identify yourself as Christian (within the scope of the broader interest groups that the tech industry serves) is to unmark yourself, to assert yourself as in the majority or dominant group. "SJW", on the other hand, is a catchall for whatever the in-group doesn't want polluting their air.

Whether somebody is self-identifying as "husband, father, Christian" or declaring that we must eject the SJWs, their concern is with the maintenance of in-group purity and the consolidation of power. Professing disdain for ideology and a preoccupation with the purity of one's identity -- whether it's husband- and fatherhood or fidelity to the J. Random Hacker archetype -- are aspects of fascist ideologies. To declare oneself as a husband, father and Christian reflects fascist-influenced thinking: it is predicated on a choice to distinguish oneself primarily on the basis of a single identity (that of the technically meritorious engineer), and to organize one's other life choices around minimizing the edit distance between oneself and J. Random Hacker. Of course, these choices aren't exactly choices, since we don't choose our genders, among other things. That's the point of the "husband, father, Christian" avowal: it's an avowal that you are a person who has the privilege of opting out of marginalization.

To be continued!
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The LP just came out!

Bit sad Arlo didn't end the set with This Land but singing the whole thing would probably get him on a no fly list.

Dusting doggerel

28/11/15 10:33
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How can there be so much dust in the world,
Covering all that I see?
How can there be so much dust everywhere
And why does it have to be me
Who sneezes and coughs, wherever it is,
Even when I'm trying to clean?

I could make a canoe from the dust of the world
And paddle away from it all
I could make me a racecar from all the world's dust
Or a plane, anything at all.
But instead I am trying to clean it up
An uphill task, after all.

For there is no end to the dust of the world
And no end to all that I see
Everything helps make the dust of the world
Including you and, yes, me.
So when I sneeze at the dust on the shelf
I am sneezing, in part, at myself.
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There are tons of deals, shockingly enough. I won't try to link everything, for the sake of my fingers.

For the crafters, a Deal of the Day nets you the SINGER 7258 Stylist Award-Winning 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with DVD, 10 Presser Feet, Metal Frame, and More is $124.99 (58% off, a good $80 below normal pricing).

The best Deal of the Day offers the ESPN 30 for 30 Five-Year Anniversary pack for $59.99 (70% off) on Blu-Ray. That's an amazing collection of documentaries.

The Akira: 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray/DVDCombo Pack is $9.99 (71% off).

Divergent on Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital is only $5.99 (80% off). Insurgent is $13.49 for the same combo pack, "only" 63% off.

Step Brothers is $5 on DVD, $7.50 on Blu-Ray (both 50% off).

Furious 7 is $6 (80% off) on DVD, $9.99 (71% off) on Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital combo pack.

Gone Girl is $3.99 (80% off) on DVD.

For fans of obscure art-house shows, Season 1 of The Walking Dead is $4.99 (83% off) on DVD, $9.99 (75% off) on Blu-Ray. Season 1 of Empire is $7.99 (80% off) on DVD, $14.99 (70% off) on Blu-Ray.

And there's a HUGE selection of hundreds of under-$10 Blu-Rays. Highlights include John Wick, Ex-Machina, Fight Club, The Princess Bride (which we just ordered to finally replace the DVD version we've been showing every Thanksgiving), The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and a lot more.

In books, remember that the ridiculous 30% off any book (including sale books, but limited to $10 off) is still active! And the ridiculous Transformers: The Covenant of Primus is already on sale for $59.99 (40% off). The coupon will pull it down another $10.

In board games, the original Munchkin is $7.99 (79% off, and a good 50% below what most stores sell it for).

And finally, in toys, there's a sale on a bunch of K'Nex and Tinkertoys sets, with some of them (like the roller coaster) more than 50% off.
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I am at my desk one forenoon busy about a deal of correspondence when Hector shows in Sandy. I no longer need to state that we should desire good strong coffee as this will come quite without my saying.

He tells me that he has been offer’d very pleasing terms for the publication of The Antiquarian’s Daughter in three pretty volumes, and that there is a deal of interest in the tales I compos’d lately during our travels – he is like to wait to see what is the best offer.

That is indeed most gratifying, say I – and do help yourself to these fine shortbreads that Euphemia has made, that she quite not’d you have a taste for.

In other matters, he has spoke to Alf, that finds the prospect of a trip out of the country most congenial, as there are fellows from the Vice Society going about to make themselves very troublesome at known places of resort of the brotherhood in Town and there have been prosecutions. Also, he adds, I think he finds the prospect of seeing Marcello again most pleasing.

Are we not in a state of great relief, he goes on, to think that does Marcello stab anyone, 'tis no longer our concern?

Indeed, I say, 'tis much more restfull to suppose that he is about wielding his stiletto upon the agents of the tyrannickal Bourbon in his native land. But, my dear Sandy, you look not as entirely happy as might be in the light of all this.

Sandy sighs and says, firstly, G- has many fine plans and in order to commence upon them, desires him to go with him to A- over the Christmas season, so that they can prepare matters in readiness for the New Year.

Well, really, my dear, you have been wont to complain of being solitary in a household full of resentment at R- House while he is away, and now you complain that you go with him.

Sandy glares and says I will recollect his sentiments about staying at A- during this season when there are G-'s family connections staying and the county visiting, and feeling quite entirely a fish out of water.

But, I say, is it not that this time you will have work upon hand?

He concedes that 'tis so, and sighs again. But also G- has got into some kind of worry - dearest C-, I know that you are an entire oyster of discretion, sure he cannot know about that time I was so exceeding foolish in Surrey?

Silence unto death! I declaim.

But he will wonder whether I have ever given the matter of women a fair consideration, and mention, as if in jest, but with an unease behind it, that it is never in doubt among those he knows but that I remain the helpless captive of Lady B-'s charms.

(Indeed I should be inclin’d to laugh at this had it not been for Milord’s strange remark about his own pretty fellow while we talkt in the olive grove.)

Hmm, say I: of course his father was one that would put a boy to bed with women as soon as he came to manhood, so I daresay he confides that he knows something of the matter of women from that.

So he tells it, agrees Sandy. But 'twas entirely not so with me.

While I will concede, say I with what is perhaps an over-fond smile at the thought, that one may be quite surpriz’d at discovering where one’s affections tend, this is not, I think, the usual case.

Indeed, says Sandy, I have always known, as long as I can remember.

I shrug. I know not why he should be in a fret about this; but he does, though somewhat slantwise, open his concerns to you rather than brooding upon them as he was once wont to do. Indeed you should do the like.

Sandy departs and I return to my own business, worrying a little about what is ado with Lord G- R-.

In the afternoon I go to call upon Mrs S-, as I am told that the S-s are at present in Town and I greatly long to see the dear creature.

The door is open’d to me by the maid, for they keep a very modest household, and I ask is Mrs S- at home? Here is my card. She gapes at the card as if she has never seen one but then takes it through to her mistress, who comes running out to greet me with a paintbrush in her hand.

Dear Lady B-! Such a pleasure! – Alice, go fetch us some tea, we will have it in the parlour. You have been away, I hear – Florence, was it?

Naples, I say, I was staying at the late Marquess’s villa tidying up various matters of business he left me.

Mrs S- sighs deeply. Mr S- quite longs to go to that part of the world and see the volcanoes, she says, I am sure that it is not really dangerous to go quite close providing they do not offer to erupt?

Oh, indeed there is little danger, I reply, while we were there Mr MacD- indeed climbed Vesuvius.

She looks at me. Mr MacD- was of your company?

Indeed, I say, Lord G- R- as the executor of my husband’s will and also his very old friend came along. There was a matter of some antiquities at the villa that the Marquess desir’d should go to the British Museum – Mr MacD- was of quite infinite assistance owing to his own classickal learning.

The maid comes in with tea. Mrs S- realises she still has the paintbrush in her hand and puts it down upon the tray. I see very little company here, she says in some explanation, I do not anticipate callers.

Have you heard about the terrible case Lady W- is in? What a dreadfull thing that is, and Sir B- W- in such a state over her, the poor fellow. Have you been to call upon her yet? – I concede that I have – is she not entirely unlike herself, quite a changeling? and I confide that the doctors are entire quacks that have no notion what to do, so they will go about purging and bleeding her to show that they do something, the wretches.

Indeed I had a notion, says I, I know not what you will think of it, but I wonder would Mrs Black, that has seen so many hundreds if not thousands of women as a midwife have experience to bring to the matter.

O, dear Lady B-, sure that it is a most excellent idea! I will write at once to Sir B- W- preferring her to him as most likely to have sound thoughts on Lady W-'s case.

I cannot like, I add, that she is given opium.

Opium! cries Mrs S-, indeed one does not like the sound of that, for I cannot suppose it to be anything but more lowering to her. Sure there are instances when a little laudanum is entirely the thing, but I am not persuad’d that it is the panacea. I think perhaps I should go visit and talk to Sir B- W-. Is not Mrs F- staying there at present? I am sure she will act my confederate in making a plea to consult Mrs Black.

This particular matter dispatcht and I confide in quite excellent hands, I ask how does she and the rest of her family. O, she and Mr S- do most exceeding well, apart from their constant sadness over lack of increase, but she was indeed hearten’d by talking to Mrs Black on the matter. Sebastian is buckling down to the matter of learning the business quite remarkable and is a great comfort to dear Papa; poor stepmama is no better tho’ possibly no worse just at present.

They have received a most charming invitation to join little V and the Duke at Q- for the Christmas season. She feels somewhat qualmish at the prospect, for it will not be like N- but very much a Society affair she does not doubt. However, little V says that Tibby, or as we must now style her in her new station, Phillips, will be entirely glad to be of help in matters of dress &C so that is one worry less.

And how does Her Grace? I enquire.

O, is quite full of the wonders of the Rhine that they saw on their cruise; but somehow I think her a little overwhelm’d by her new rank and its responsibilities: she looks somewhat sober’d by 'em. But His Grace is sure entirely all that is charming and shows great fondness. I have some little concern about Lady J-, who is a most admirable woman but –

Very much one that likes to command?

Mrs S- begins to laugh and then covers her mouth with her hand. Indeed I am sure she ever intends for the best.

But my dear Lady B-, she goes on, do you ever think of remarriage?

I am somewhat taken aback by this question, and say that it is still no great time since my late husband’s death, even if the mourning year is past.

For of course you must be aware that there is one most deserving young man that has long aspir’d to you, and in your new station you could make him most happy and aid his career –

Dear Mrs S-, I say, trying to maintain a straight face, if you mean Mr MacD-, as I confide you do, he once inform’d me that any fellow of any spirit would be entirely reluctant to marry for wealth and advancement –

But if he is anyway in love with you, does that not make a difference? says Mrs S- hopefully.

I am saved from having to devise an answer by the arrival of Sebastian K-, that looks most surpriz’d and delight’d to see me there and makes a very polisht leg.

O, says Mrs S-, I know one should keep calls to a certain length, but when I start talking to you, Lady B-, time runs away.

Dearest Mrs S-, I did not come here for some stiff formal call but to enjoy a good conversation, even, I may confess, a cozy gossip, with you.

She tells Sebastian to go ask for fresh tea, and see if we might have some buttered toast to it.

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That might be nice for a change.

Havva Quote
N_____ says, “I confess that I got stuck on C++ for /years/ because the book I was learning from made a GODDAMN HUGE DEAL out of pointers and I figured there must be something I was missing, because they just seemed /intuitive/ to me. Turned out that no, there's nothing more there, it's just that an awful lot of people have a really hard time with the concept of pointers.”
N_____ says, “Which may be the one time in history when someone bounced off a learning project because she had /too good/ a grasp on it.”
--From the MUSH

INwatch+Bookwatch )

Dragons under fold )

DW Knows All

27/11/15 21:38
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Struck with the sudden desire to watch DS9 (especially since I lost my access to regular episodes around the time the dominion arc started getting good so I've never seen the end)

But it's a case of too many episodes too little time. Anyone able to recommend a good episode watching guide?

I tried googling but there are a lot of lists and I can't tell which are any good! Suspect someone here knows my pain :3


27/11/15 21:12
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just now realized that the three torah portions in a row [last week, this week, next week] are va'yetze (went out), va'yishlach (sent), and va'yeshev (sat down/lived there). you know, because that's usually how things go.

also realized that my hebrew has advanced to the point where i understand >70% of the text without looking at the translation.

...am reading up in preparation for the likely discussion at services tomorrow. because clearly three days in a row of social is a good idea.

i was drafting a post in my head as i fell asleep the other night, and now i can't for the life of me remember what it was about.

there was also a dream about my mother driving my car and getting into an accident. i'm sure there is some deeper meaning in that one.

um...that's all i got.

(no subject)

27/11/15 17:09
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"His books are arranged on idiosyncratic principles, one of which is that titles should not provide an adequate guide of contents. Thus, those who seek the clearest summary of his crucial views on the relationships between land tenure and state formation need to know that it lurks in the introduction to a densely expressed learning of an essay on 'Irish measurements'."

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Dear Gifter,

Hi! Thank you for doing this exchange! I'm pretty easy to please, and the important thing is that you enjoy creating something! I'm happy if you ignore my prompts entirely and just write your own thing with the ships. I don't mind any rating and I don't mind angst, though I do prefer it to come with a happy ending!

I just love T2 so much??? I'd love anything that focused on their bond with each other. Not sure where the boundary is between being friends and dating, or not realising that they've crossed it a long time ago while everyone around them just kind of puzzles at their closeness like "do they even realise or……"

I'm super fond of magic AUs but if that doesn't work for you, feel free to write something else!

I'm not even going to lie, I am super invested in the thought of Imaizumi enjoying being punched in the face. Make his nose bleed, make Naruko kiss him, blood and all. I'm sorry I'm gross.

Obviously, you don't HAVE to do this! Again, you can write anything you would like with these two. I really like their push and pull relationship and I love the thought of Naruko using "hotshot" as an affectionate nickname without even realising.

THE MOST AWKWARD BOYFRIENDS. Please make Fukutomi flail around and generally Do His Best while Kinjou watches on in fond amusement and is maybe a little baffled himself because he thought they were on the same page but they're actually working off two entirely different books. Please let them work it out but puzzle and each other (and themselves) a lot while they get there.

(no subject)

27/11/15 18:19
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The wind stops, the world
breathes audibly in silence.
No leaf stirs. Even squirrels
pause to listen, holding twigs
as nature proves a negative.
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... that was definitely a nonsensical Western about dinosaurs, with a lovingly rendered backdrop of thoroughly referenced completely incorrect geology

I object strenuously to the fact that it made me cry that much in spite of the baffling artistic licence taken with evolution and wish to lodge a complaint

Nipples don't exist! But that's okay because the C4 photosynthetic pathway does, paving the way for remarkably resilient leaf loincloths

This concludes your complementary review of The Good Dinosaur, now showing in cinemas near you!


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