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A quieter day, with some shopping and whatnot.

I need to spend a few more hours grinding out some pixel candy to buy a pixel ghost cat for my kid. -_-

(Spouse keeps griping that I'm not advertising stuff enough -- especially that Crucible is out. 'Cept I dunno where I'd ask to see if they'd care to review it, y'know? O:p )

Havva Quote
All I know is money means coffee. And sweets.

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Adopt one today!
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We are planning a memorial gathering for Velma on Saturday, November 8, at 1:30 p.m., at Washington Hall in Seattle. Everyone is welcome.

There’s no formal officiant. Instead, this is an opportunity for her family and friends to get up and share our memories of Velma. We’re still working on the details of the planning. If you know you’ll want to get up and speak, please tell Vicki, by email at vr@panix.com. Or if you just want to be with people, please let Vicki know you’re likely to attend so we can get a head-count for food and drink.

Washington Hall is in the Central District, at 153 14th Ave Seattle, WA 98122. We will be in the Lodge Room. The space is wheelchair-accessible and easily accessible by mass transit; there is also a parking lot. We have the room from 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m., including set-up and clean-up time; if you want to come early and help with set-up, please let Vicki know.

RSVPs to Vicki at vr@panix.com please; I’m trying to reduce the burden on Scraps.

Please pass the word to people who you think should know about this.

There will also be a memorial in New York City, on November 18. Here's information about that: http://elisem.livejournal.com/1896533.html
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It's funny that, given the ostensible webbiness of the attendees of TPAC, that the W3C 20th Anniversary / WWW 25th Anniversary celebration was so much very much not touched by 21st-century remix culture. Personally, I would even have passed up the obvious opportunity for vidding Sir Tim as Sergeant Pepper teaching the band to play and gone instead for the relationship between all of us as Golde and the Web as Tevye in "Do You Love Me?"

Do I love the Web?
For twenty-five years I've lived with it
Fought with it, yelled at it
Twenty-five years I'm in this biz
If that's not love, what is?

This terrible video remix idea brought to you from the realization that every time someone asks me what my languages are and I respond "Perl and Python" I get earwormed by Nicki Minaj:

Perl and Python
We're overdosing
I'm angry but I still love you
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The Serpent of Venice by Christopher Moore

The Serpent of Venice plucks the heartbroken Fool from his previous Shakespearean existence and tosses him into another one, with a dash of Poe and a whole lot of Christopher Moore.  The Fool is upset and foolhardy, which sets the scene for murder, mayhem, and many many puns.
The plot is a convoluted mash-up of Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice" and "Othello", with some of Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado".  Since it's the Fool, there's also some "King Lear" in the mix.  And since it's Christopher Moore, the serpent in the title is important.  The plot is convoluted but not hard to follow, even if you haven't read your Shakespeare in some time (or even at all, I think).  It even wraps up with a nicely happy ending.
If you haven't read any of Christopher Moore's work, you could probably get away with starting with this one.  While it does follow Fool, it can stand on its own.  I still think that Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal is my favorite, these two Fool books are quite well-done too. 
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GRT dropped the whole "Don't you dare use this transfer to make your life more convenient, you darn public transit users, you!" years ago.

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31/10/14 18:33
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I grew up in a place that had very few Hispanic people but a really strong French Catholic population, so the first time a Hispanic friend ranted about white people celebrating Dia de los Muertos I was really confused until I realized that in the wider world of white people it is not actually common to be the kind of person who skips Mass on Christmas and Easter but goes to church two or three days in a row for Allsaints' and Allsouls'.

What can I say?  It happened in my home parish.  And tonight I'm pulling my candles out.


31/10/14 19:47
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The good: my doctor has a working theory as to what the hell is wrong with
my hands and back! It also tidily explains why my SI joint constantly
dislocates, and some of the funky skin issues I have.
The bad: the working theory is psoriatic arthritis.
The odd: I exhibit almost all of the symptoms... But my blood tests don't
support it.
The hopeful: I have an appointment with a rheumatologist scheduled.
The freaking awesome: my rheumatologist's surname is Erskine. I look
forward to getting the super serum, and to my new Dorito-shaped torso.


The Goblins Invade!

31/10/14 19:10
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3:49pm: 10 minutes to the start of Official Trick Or Treat Time. Ice Pellets are falling from the sky, and the wind is whipping small twigs from the trees. I predict I'm going to have a lot of left over candy.

4:40pm: Buzz Lightyear, A Jedi?, and Katniss Everdeen. I'm a soft touch, Katniss wanted the variety of candy I hadn't opened yet...bottom line: I will not be returning anything.

4:52pm: Jason Voorhees, and two others too bundled up to discern.

4:58pm: A princess and a monster.

5:14pm: A monster, a princess, and three parkas.

Ice pellets are coming down again.

5:26pm: A panda with an 8-bit sword, a pirate girl, Superman, a princess in a parka, and a couple more "in a parka" costumes I couldn't identify. Maybe 6-7 total.

5:37pm Two Green Army men, a scarecrow, The Punisher, and several others. They seem to be coming in packs, huddled together for warmth. "Kingsize! WOW! Thanks!"

5:41pm: Jack Skellington, A Ninja Turtle, A little girl in medical garb that I am choosing to label a doctor, and a few more in parkas too thick to see their costumes. Mom was very strict that they all observe the forms: no candy before they said "Trick Or Treat!" and you better say thank you.

The light is gloaming now.

5:45pm: A Ninja Turtle. He was too short to reach the bell and I almost didn't hear his tiny bemittened knock...

5:48pm: SO Many! Two groups following each other. Two Power Rangers, gory makeup, a princess, a little girl in a skirt with a hoop so it stood out.

5:52pm: Mad Hatter, Violet Beauregarde! (inflated blue suit! Blue facepaint! She really was almost spherical; her friend was carrying her bag), Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skull, and one more I didn't catch.

5:54pm: Princess Tiana.

6:05pm: A Christmas Present, a cat mask, two more. And they instantly noticed that the candy is full size, with many amazed thank yous.

6:09pm: A Man In Black and some sort of agent with mirrored sunglasses and a cardkey badge with some sort of government insignia, on a lanyard.

6:20pm: Some sort of tiny superhero in a giant thick parka.

6:42pm: A Ninja.

7:12pm: A green witch. She was clearly having a bad night, with tears in her eyes. She got two bars.

And that's time. Two boxes of 36 bars, 16 left. 55 kids.
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I am finally getting over my pneumonia, and I am now ready to award the $25 Amazon gift card to the winner of my “name that genre” contest.

Lynne W., could you please contact me so that I can award your prize to you?

Mirrored from Repeating History.

obsolete offences

31/10/14 22:10
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"Section 13 [of the Criminal Law Act 1967] abolished the common law offences of champerty and barratry, challenging to fight, eavesdropping or being "a common scold or a common night walker." It also repealed the offence of praemunire, which had survived on the statute books since 1392. It preserved the common law offence of embracery (which was later abolished by the Bribery Act 2010)." --

If you're interested, I think these are:
champerty = paying costs of a civil action you have nothing to do with as an investment in order to get some of the money if you win
barratry = stirring up quarrels in court
common scold = disturber of the peace (apparently only for women)
praemunire = sending tax money to the Pope, or submitting to his jurisdiction in civil matters (yes, this was made illegal in 1392)
embracery = bribing jurors.
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Virgin Galactic's suborbital space plane SpaceShipTwo suffered a serious malfunction during a rocket-powered test flight over Mojave, California, today (Oct. 31) resulting in the loss of the spacecraft. The fate of the vehicle's pilot crew is unknown.


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