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It will not be one twentieth as awesome as this:

Yes, really. a Tetris movie. Exciting quotes:
“It’s a very big, epic sci-fi movie,” Threshold’s CEO Larry Kasanoff tells Speakeasy exclusively. “This isn’t a movie with a bunch of lines running around the page. We’re not giving feet to the geometric shapes.”

“Brands are the new stars of Hollywood,” he says. “We have a story behind ‘Tetris’ which makes it a much more imaginative thing.”

If the film does well, Kasanoff isn’t looking to limit the “Tetris” world to just a big-screen experience. “We certainly have the canvas for location-based entertainment based on the epicness.”

“What you [will] see in ‘Tetris’ is the teeny tip of an iceberg that has intergalactic significance,” Kasanoff says.

(Cheers to [ profile] tisme for the link with those quotes in. Made my day.)
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Brent has discovered that it's cheaper to scrap or sell Coppurr (his little
Mercury Cougar) than to fix her.

I have to figure out where to get another car payment from. He wants a
bike or a small truck. That's fine.

Where's the money going to come from?

Templle Threat Update

1/10/14 09:24
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For anyone concerned after I mentioned the threat against my synagogue, the FBI figured  out who made  it, and it turns out it wasn't a threat.  The person who made it has a mental illness that features hallucinations, and they had a vision of the temple being attacked, and called to warn us.  Since this person is well meaning, and severely mentally ill, no charges are being filed, and hopefully, the person involved will be able to get the treatment they need.  Anyway, this means I will be going to Erev Yom Kippur services this year, though the full Yom Kippur service is still too much for Mom's health. She's  doing very well, by the way, and recovering from the lung disease with very little scarring, but she still thought it  best we pick the shorter service.
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You can’t write something that people like without writing something that people hate.  For every fan you acquire, you’ll get some idiot going, “God, why does anyone listen to this jerk at all?”

God forbid you write about political or cultural issues.  As Gamergate has shown, writing bad reviews of videogames is a crime that some feel is properly punishable by rape threats and personal, targeted, we-have-your-home-address attacks.

And I have some folks who hate me.  Like, really hate me.  They bitch about me in comments, write osts talking about what a toxic fartbag I am, feel that I am everything that is ruining men/women/culture/ponies, and in general spend some nonzero portion of their week seething that I exist.

These people aren’t my enemies.

They’re not important enough to be my enemies.

And that’s a distinction I draw for my own personal sanity.  The Internet is a nice place, but when you’ve got 400 comments raining down on your head, there’s this tendency to go oh my God, this is so huge, it swells to fill the world like Jörmungandr, the snake that will strangle the world come the end-times.

Then you go get a fro-yo, and not one single person putting sprinkles on their banana yogurt shakes you by the lapels and screams, “Hey, are you the person who wrote that awful post?” and you remember: hey, nobody gives a shit.

Mostly, this is just words on the Internet, and gossip, and people you’ve barely met disliking you.  And I’m not discarding the importance of Internet buddies – I remind you that I met my wife online – but so much of the chaos that gets caused any day is like a Facebook status.  You post it, it gets a zillion comments, and two months later it’s pretty much vanished.

The Internet has the memory of a goldfish.

Now, people: people have the memory of a vindictive elephant with sawn-off tusks and the scent of an old hunter in its nostrils, fetishing the day that elephant will hunt down its own enemy Liam-Neeson style and crash through it’s window and IT’S ELEPHANTING TIME, BABY.  So you have people who’ll never forget.  And they’ll remember all the horrid things you said (whether “what you said” was justified or not), and they’ll bring it up again, and they’ll leave snarky comments everywhere.

Truth is, though, most people read your post, and forget your name immediately thereafter.  There’s a billion squawking heads on the Internet.  You are one of them, and chances are good that the world has forgotten about your awesome (or horrible) post in the same way you don’t remember the name of the person who wrote that article on Buzzfeed.

But me?  I refuse to let some snarky comment from a single elephant-hunter-hunter replace the goodness of, say, an actual hug from my genuine wife.  Or a face-to-face conversation with my daughter about life.

I have made a decision that my Internet life isn’t that important, and while I do actually have people who would prefer I died horrifically in a grease fire, I’m not going to call them “enemies.”

Enemies are people who do more than bitch about me.  My enemies hurt the people I love, undermine my relationships, cause me unwanted physical pain.  To call the author of a nasty blog post my “enemy” is granting them a power over me that, frankly, I don’t feel like giving.

They’re the opposition, of course.  They’re racist, misogynist, backwater scumholes who I will work to my best extent to stop in their goals.  But at the end of the day, I can put that down and snuggle in with my wife to watch another episode of Agents of SHIELD, because in the end, they’re background noise.

That’s how I function.  Because I get exhausted by constant conflict.

But there are those who get energized by battle, and for them, I say, “Go get yourself some damn enemies.”  Because they could be enemies; if they had their way, they’d certainly ensure you were second-class citizens in every way, and if that’s not enough to paint someone with the “enemy” targeting reticule, then I don’t know what is.  (Not to mention that, as the Gamergate has also shown, “being a guy” is like a superpower on the Internet in that if you’re a woman, douchebros will go to great lengths to attempt to dismantle your life in ways that go well beyond insults.  Which would make them my enemies.)

If being filled with seething hatred is what slaps a sword in your hand, then I say drink deep of rage, my friend.

But if – if – you’re like me and find all of this strife to be an effort that you push past in order to try to make change in the world, then you might try stuffing your so-called “enemies” in a box.

Me?  I have the pleasant happiness of knowing that my not-caring drives the opposition mad.  I’m cheerful to them.  I wave hello when I see them trashing me.

And when I finish the day, there I am cuddled up with friends, the haters tucked neatly away, concentrating on what matters to me.  There’s my wife.  And my friends.  And the things I love to do.

Those guys are HTML code somewhere on a server.  They’re not this sweet kiss from my sweetie.

I wouldn’t let ‘em get in the way of that.

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post-tags: instagram, crosspost I know @dunkindonuts had good intentions but this smiley face is kinda creeping me out.

Fan problems

1/10/14 13:10
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I've never really quite had time to get into the Marvel franchise, but I really like a lot of the fandom response I see drifting past me on Tumblr and to some extent my DW network. And I was over at [personal profile] jack's for the weekend and he happened to have Captain America: the Winter Soldier in his rental queue. He reckoned it was probably accessible to someone who hadn't watched the whole rest of the series, so I decided to give it a go.

And we watched about the first hour and a half and then paused the DVD to get up and pee. And at that point I realized that there were any number of things I'd rather be doing than watching the rest of that film, so we gave up and did other things instead. ([personal profile] jack was ok with watching the ending after I'd headed back to Stoke).

Basically, I just couldn't bring myself to care about anything. The characters seemed to have no depth or complexity. I didn't care enough about S.H.I.E.L.D to be invested in the fact that the agency had been infiltrated, and I pretty much guessed the identity of the "mysterious" Winter Soldier even though I have no real background in the mythos. I wasn't moved or shocked by Nick Fury's assassination, I was only mildly disappointed that having that character played by Samuel L Jackson didn't prevent the cliché of the African-American mentor figure getting fridged to give the blond hero some motivation. There were lots of explosions and shoot-outs and the obligatory car chase, but I found them so dull I was mainly noticing flaws in the CGI (the whole thing looks like being inside a fairly generic FPS computer game) rather than getting emotionally involved.

I don't think the problem was unfamiliarity with the franchise. All the characters kept explaining direct to camera what was going on and how they were feeling. If anything the film was almost too accessible; even as someone who isn't in superhero fandom at all, I felt talked down to. I tried to relax and enjoy it as just a big dumb action movie, but I was bored or irritated a lot more than I was excited or moved. So even the combination of sunk cost fallacy and narrative drive which usually means I always read or watch all the way to the end wasn't enough to keep me from wandering off half way through.

Basically, I like the version I'd glimpsed through fandom a lot better. The apparently entirely imaginary film that really explores what it would be like for a superhero veteran from WW2 to suddenly wake up in 2014. And where the Black Widow has a really interesting past as a former Russian spy and is genuinely morally ambivalent, rather than just looking sexy and pouty in very tight clothing. Where the friendship / bromance between Captain America and the extremely cute Anthony Mackie's Falcon takes centre stage rather than Mackie just being a minor comic relief character.

In general, feh.
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via at October 01, 2014 at 03:00AM:


Be the villain you were born to be. Stop waiting for someone to come along and corrupt you. Succumb to the darkness yourself.

This is surprisingly motivating.

(no subject)

1/10/14 00:24
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If anyone was wondering if this year would stop churning out major emotional upsets like Bert dying and Dad going in hospital--NOPE. IT DID NOT. I lack the words right now to actually explain what's going on in my personal life, but I am metaphorically out at sea, clinging to a spar, surrounded by the flaming wreckage of the ship I was on. The cannonballs hit someone else directly, but I'm in the fallout.

I've spent a fair bit of time lately wondering: is life ever going to settle down so I can just do a job I don't hate, and pet my cat, and see my friends, and write? Or should I just accept that it is always going to be a roller coaster, and try to do everything I can right now?

(Of course my approach now is a combination of "both" and "give up and lie on the floor")

I HAVE been a little more proactive about answering emails, though.

Um, what else is my life right now...

Emily has learned to snuggle? It's part of a deliberate behavioural program to make her a happier cat. In the two months I've had her I've worked in a lot of ways to achieve this (furniture, playtime, how I pet her, when I feed her...) and she is different. She greets guests in the middle of the floor instead of hiding under furniture; she doesn't dart out and attack feet anymore; she bites to communicate displeasure a lot less, and uses movement and expression instead; her play aggression is a lot less aggro; and now, she snuggles.

There's still a long way to go--to get her to play independently more, to feel secure enough to stay where she is instead of following her chosen human everywhere, to not need to hypervigiliantly monitor territory--but we get to there by going through here.
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via at October 01, 2014 at 02:00AM:





I’ll use this if I ever try to watch Agents of SHIELD again. 

I really wouldn’t watch Captain America: The First Avenger first. I know 99% of it takes place during WWII but the ending is going to be confusing if you watch it first.

Technically the ending takes place within a busy couple of weeks for Fury. It’s set up in Iron Man 2 that Fury has bigger concerns in Southwest than he does with Stark, then Coulson leaves for New Mexico to set up for Thor. The reason in the comics that Fury isn’t there in New Mexico is because they found something in the Arctic which happens to be Captain America. Then setting up Avengers, it’s not specifically said how long but it’s assumed at least a year since Stark Tower was built and wasn’t mentioned at all during Iron Man 2.

Also when Fury says he’s been asleep for 70 years, that would put it ending in 2011.

I recommend watching everything up to where Steve crashes into the ocean, then skip to IM1, then watch the end of CA:tFA right before the Avengers.
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The SF3 Board extends heartfelt apologies to those who have been harassed at WisCon, to those who feel unsafe at WisCon, to the ConCom, and to our wider community, for letting you down. We regret allowing Rose Lemberg’s report to languish.
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Since the military is not set up to contain Dreadnaughts, the German prisoners are tied up securely and dragged off to Magister Angle's tower where they can rot in his magical prison. Only though a bizarre sequence of events could anything go horribly wrong.

Interesting bit of trivia: the Dreadnaught who got away has luck powers.

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Days put to no good use: 1, 4, 6, 13, 20, 22 and 23. Even granting a day off a week, that's three days wasted. Although actually there was at least one SFBC book in there. And 2 for RT. Let's add those...

               T        F     M     Mu     
JDN      23      11   12
SFBC     1                1
RT          2        2 
Total    26      13    13  

(does a little jig)

(no subject)

1/10/14 00:12
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Ginny watches the rain outside and thinks: glad I suckered them into keeping me
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(no subject)

30/9/14 20:57
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I have passed 400 days in Duolingo. (Which I keep typing wrong. Oops.)
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Great winged fishies, how long has it been since I've posted fic? *boggles* For [community profile] seasonofkink, a bingo fill a whole hour before deadline. It's almost unreasonably early for me. XD

These are all stream of consciousness sensory explorations, hitting most of my favorite pairings. Naturally, Draco/Hermione gets to be in there twice because hey, otp. XD Essentially, I'm flexing my smut muscles a bit. I'm out of practice.

Title: Feel
Fandom/Pairing or Characters: Harry Potter, Draco/Hermione
Author/Artist: Musyc
Rating: NC17
Kink used: Rough Sex
Content/Warning: No community content warnings apply.
Feel )

Title: Taste
Fandom/Pairing or Characters: Harry Potter, Astoria/Draco
Author/Artist: Musyc
Rating: NC17
Kink used: Body modification/scars
Content/Warning: No community content warnings apply.
Taste )

Title: Sight
Fandom/Pairing or Characters: Harry Potter, Blaise/Pansy
Author/Artist: Musyc
Rating: NC17
Kink used: Voyeurism
Content/Warning: No community content warnings apply.
Sight )

Title: Smell
Fandom/Pairing or Characters: Harry Potter, Draco/Pansy
Author/Artist: Musyc
Rating: NC17
Kink used: Smoking/Intoxication/Aphrodisiacs
Content/Warning: No community content warnings apply.
Smell )

Title: Sound
Fandom/Pairing or Characters: Harry Potter, Draco/Hermione
Author/Artist: Musyc
Rating: NC17
Kink used: In public
Content/Warning: No community content warnings apply.
Sound )


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