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3/8/15 11:21
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For the past two months @cynthia1960 has been trying to update the name on my AAA membership card.

She would call member services, inform them of my name change, and a week later the new card would arrive in the mail with my old name on it. This happened twice.

This morning Cynthia and I went to the AAA office to escalate.

The clerk looked up Cynthia's account and was able to confirm that had my correct name. However, the display name field in which you set what name you want to have printed on your membership card still had my old name.

When Cynthia added me to the account what I imagine happened is that the status entry screen took my name has it was at the time filled that into the first and last name fields and then copy the values into the displaying field however when Cynthia called member services and asked it to be asked or need to be updated, they did not update the display name field.

This is probably a bug in the system and it suggests a test to verify correct behavior. When ever you update the first and your last name feels that the user should be prompted to verify the contents of the display name field.

Please note I am dictating this post in the field and will be back to edit it.
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Mondays, every week, let's celebrate ourselves, to start the week right. Tell me what you're proud of. Tell me what you accomplished last week, something -- at least one thing -- that you can turn around and point at and say: I did this. Me. It was tough, but I did it, and I did it well, and I am proud of it, and it makes me feel good to see what I accomplished. Could be anything -- something you made, something you did, something you got through. Just take a minute and celebrate yourself. Either here, or in your journal, but somewhere.

(And if you feel uncomfortable doing this in public, I've set this entry to screen any anonymous comments, so if you want privacy, comment anonymously and I won't unscreen it. Also: yes, by all means, cheer each other on when you see something you want to give props to!)
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“You’re not on a statin right now?” my cardiologist said, distressed.  “Oh no. Oh no no no. You’re a heart patient, you have to be on a statin.”

“I thought I was on a statin: Bystolic.”

“No, that’s a beta blocker. It’s intended to prevent heart attacks. The statin lowers your cholesterol.”

“Isn’t that what Welchol does?”

“It does, a little, but that’s mostly to prevent you slipping into pre-diabetic numbers.  Here, I’ll show you how bad you are: we’re going to run some blood tests to show you what your cholesterol is now, and in four months we’ll show you how much you need the statins.”

Why couldn’t we have had that before?

It would have been a lot easier for me if the doctor had sat down with me and said, “You need to be on four medications: a statin to lower your cholesterol, a beta blocker to prevent your heart from seizing up, a medication to keep you from tipping into diabetes, and Vitamin D to keep the healthy oils in your blood.  If you’re not on one of those at any given time, then my treatment isn’t working.”

Instead – like a lot of doctors – he gives me a bunch of confusing names and assumes I’m following, and I thought I was following, but I’m not.  When I went down to three medications, I thought that was a conscious choice on his part, not a clerical error.  And because doctors are often too damned busy to monitor me as closely as they should, I didn’t have the tools to monitor myself.

I now know: I need statins, or things go boom in my chest. (I’ll be fine, but this could have been disastrous long-term.)  And I apparently need beta blockers.  And Welchol for some reason I’m still nebulous on.

But when doctors fail to educate clearly, it’s their patients who suffer. And I’ve tried to educate myself, but the problem is that the doctor – like, again, many doctors – focuses on the individual segments and not the overall plan.  It’s like telling a soldier, “Go attack that guy” – useful in the short term, but if something goes wrong and the soldier doesn’t understand that her ultimate goal is take this hill and keep it, she may charge off after another enemy.

For me, the medications I’m on are a constant shuffling game, as the doctor brings in new medications and the insurance company denies some and others still go into generic form, and it’s hard to keep up.  What would be nice is if I had a chart:

  • Your Beta Blocker: Bystolic.
  • Your Diabetic Prevention Medication: Welchol.
  • Your Good Cholesterol-Retention Medication: Megadoses of Vitamin D.
  • Your Statin: ???

And that way, when things switched up, as they inevitably do, I could know which was which.

And I? Am healthy, and in good mental condition. I can’t imagine how complicated this gets for people who are on don’t-go-crazy medications combined with chronic conditions. It’s a part-time job just keeping my prescriptions constant, and I suspect a lot of people are harmed when doctors think they’re being clear but the patients aren’t understanding as well as they’d thought.

Cross-posted from Ferrett's Real Blog.

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(A stopsign in PEI altered to say Stop Harper)

The writ has dropped, election October 19.

2) Fire out West. Water back East.

You're almost certainly not as concerned as you should be.

(Two maps showing temperature and precipitation changes across Canada, 1950-2010)

3) Stop carding. Stop carding now.

4) I'm still not switching back to Rogers.

Rogers apologizes for showing porn on CHCH: Gaffe marks 2nd time in 3 years pornography was aired instead of news

5) We like Canadian Music..

Vividcon prep!

3/8/15 09:57
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  • Wig, push-up bra (what even are these monstrosities seriously), pink dress acquired

  • Premieres vid uploaded, AO3 draft created

  • Old badge holder dug up

  • Camaro rented (WHAT, I'm embracing my fandom)

I have also gotten ambitious and am going to upload a whole slew of my back catalogue vids to AO3 today, so apologies in advance if you get a bunch of subscription notifications!

New York, New York

3/8/15 14:24
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A couple of months ago, I think, my dad asked me how things were progressing with university and I had to laugh; he then said: "Do you still want to go to New York? I'm paying."

Admittedly, when I'd said I wanted to go to New York, it was because I thought it was one of the jumbo jet routes, and I've always dearly wanted to travel in the "bubble" of a 747 - but I wasn't about to turn down a free holiday.

Anyway; we didn't do much straight away, but after I established that delays at uni had caused me to miss the deadline to apply for student finance, we began to bounce ideas back-and-forth about where we might like to go, and what we might like to do over there - first, I pitched a few days in NYC, followed by Amtrak to Washington DC and a flight home from Dulles. He returned with scrapping DC because "there's nothing to do there except see the White House", and instead suggested flying to Boston, staying a few days there, maybe going to see Harvard U, and then using Amtrak to get to NYC for a few days before flying home from JFK.

I agreed, it seemed like a nice idea... but then had a brainwave. I say brainwave; it was a real "what's the worst that could happen?" attempt that I didn't expect him to go for, mostly because it involves spending an entire day on a train - albeit the most scenic rail route in the US and Canada, but still, 13 hours! - not to mention the fact it costs more than the other suggestions we'd each floated.

But, to my absolute delight, it turned out he harboured a secret desire to go to one of the places I'd thought of, and I was proved wrong.

So, on September 21st, we leave Manchester for London (I'm choosing not to think about the environmental effects of that - train times don't fit nicely with check-in times, and and navigating across London with luggage in the peak of freshers season will be even more hellish than at any other time...), where we connect to a flight to Toronto, arriving mid-afternoon local time.

(I did just get excited a moment ago, Googling for which routes BA does fly with a 747, and found that they do in fact sometimes uses 747s on the London-Toronto route - but our specific flight, and all others the same day, are actually in 777s. I assume they use 747s in the off-season, which we're missing by a few weeks. Oh well!)

The next day is left open, and we'll likely go for a walking tour and hopefully split up in the afternoon to do some exploring on our own, as we've previously found we holiday best that way.

On Wednesday 23rd, we're catching the train to Niagara Falls for a day, taking a boat trip through the Falls themselves, exploring the towns in both countries, and walking over Rainbow Bridge (because how could I not?).

Thursday, we catch the Amtrak Maple Leaf train to NYC, and stay in Manhattan for five days, before flying from JFK back to London on September 29th, and then back to Manchester the morning of the 30th.

I am so ridiculously excited already. The hostels are booked, the flights and train journeys are paid for, travel authorisations and insurance bought. I'm going to try and hold off writing out a wishlist of all the things I simply must do until at least September, but...

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3/8/15 08:06
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Good morning everyone, and welcome to Radio Free Monday!

Ways to Give:

Emkay was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and is struggling with high medical costs; she's accepting donations through paypal at emkay487 at

Anon linked to a fundraiser for Jim and Cait, a young couple with a new baby (and a lot of student loans) who are facing huge medical bills after Jim was diagnosed with (and beat) cancer. You can read more and help them cover their bills at their YouCaring site here.

[personal profile] staranise is a disabled and unemployed graduate student; her unemployment benefits have ended and she's raising money to help cover living expenses while she looks for work. She's also looking for social services and data entry job leads in Edmonton, Alberta. You can read more, find her donate link, and get in touch here.

Anon linked to a fundraiser for the parents of Valerie, a young woman who recently died from breast cancer. She left behind a large student loan debt which her family is liable for but can't afford. They're raising $102K to pay off the loan; you can read more about Valerie's life and help them out here.

[ profile] eimearkuopio's friend Kia died suddenly and unexpectedly recently, and her wife is now trying to raise two children alone, with no life insurance to help with funeral expenses. You can read more and help out here and also read Eimear's post about Kia and Sabrina here.

[personal profile] maschalismos was recently diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia, and is struggling to cover medical bills for her diagnosis and for ongoing attempts at treatment. You can read more and help out with her medical bills here.

[ profile] editrx has been struggling a lot lately, and is now facing huge water bills, plus a lien on her house for a property tax bill that has gone past due. She needs to raise $6K to keep her head above water. You can read more about her situation here and help her keep her home here; she also has jewelry for sale on Etsy and her bookshop, Star Cat Books, sells through abebooks here.

[ profile] taragreen89's sister Uma has been accepted into the Alonzo King LINES Ballet Training program in San Francisco, but because it's not considered a "college" there's no federal financial aid available. She's raising money for tuition and also for housing in the Bay Area. You can read more and help out here and check out updates here.

Kate is raising money to help fund GEMS Camp, an all-girls STEM camp aimed at improving the confidence and education of disadvantaged teen girls in Dallas. They're offering lip balms in return for donations, and are working on raising $3K for the camp. You can read more and support the camp at their indiegogo.

[ profile] dreamwaffles's housemate, [ profile] dandelion-pie, is part of an anthology of feminist bicycle zombie science fiction (I KNOW RIGHT). In order to print the anthology, however, they've got to raise $6K on Kickstarter. They're $500 from the goal and the Kickstarter ends late today; you can read more and preorder a copy here.

[ profile] tabaqui linked to a fundraiser for [personal profile] eilonwylovegood, whose aging cat has had to have emergency surgery. You can read more and help with Mew's medical bills here.


[ profile] jublelion linked to a sublet opportunity; three queer/genderqueer/poly people are looking for someone to sublet with them in August. Women or LGBT-identified preferred, $550 for the month; you can read more about the sublet and get in touch here.

[personal profile] fiercynn is moving to NYC for grad school this fall and is looking for housing and fannish roommates in Manhattan. She is a 26yo Indian-American queer cis woman with no pets looking for nonsmoking housing, preferably under $1100/month. You can read more and get in touch here, or contact her at fiercynn at

And this has been Radio Free Monday! Thank you for your time. You can post items for my attention at the Radio Free Monday submissions form or via email at copperbadge at gmail dot com. If you're not sure how to proceed, here is a little more about what I do and how you can help (or ask for help!).

Book Week Events!

3/8/15 07:47
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Fable: Blood of HeroesFable: Blood of Heroes [Amazon | B&N | Indiebound] comes out tomorrow, which means I’ll be spending much of this week doing the new book dance. Here’s where you’ll be able to find me both in the real world and online:

I’ve got two guest blog posts going up at other folks’ sites. I’ll link to those as soon as they go live. I’ll also be sending out a newsletter tomorrow, and one subscriber (drawn at random) will receive a free autographed copy of the book.

Happy Book Week, everybody!

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Dartford crossing

3/8/15 11:18
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Hang on. So on the crossing that was originally supposed to have been toll-free by now, the the Highways Agency removed the toll booths and implemented an online payment system based on number plate recognition (which I nearly forgot to pay today), thus massively reducing their staffing costs.... and at the same time they increased the toll by 25%?

Figures :(
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Have written three major articles this week; the first was a rather satirical piece following an encounter with a religiously-inspired individual who used the old chestnut that marriage equality should be opposed because same-sex unions can't produce children. I consider this to be the The Worst Secular Argument Against Marriage Equality and there was follow-up discussion on talk_politics (a livejournal community which still generates debate!). The next was an essay on the current Libyan civil war which is has generated a bit of discussion on Facebook, and was partially inspired by reading the absolutely appalling evaluations on the situation by the journal Inclusive Democracy; they are certainly deserving of a scathing 'blog piece as well. The third was The Philosophy of Computers and Computation, unsurprisingly presented to The Philosophy Forum.

Played Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition with Liz B., as GM on Sunday; it was a standard sewer-crawl and introduction to the game system; much simplified (and limited) from earlier editions. Thursday night played Paranoia XP with Andrew B., as GM High Programmer; we played it 'straight' which can go pretty damn Orwellian, real fast. Still haven't managed to get the June issue of RPG Review completed yet; which is rather frustrating to say the least. Work progresses, albeit a little slowly on the new edition of Swordbearer, however I still think the planned timeline (release next year) will succeed.

Have completed another gruelling first day of bringing researchers up to speed on Linux and High Performance Computing; it was a good class, mostly from the University of Melbourne and RMIT, with a couple from Victoria University and ARPANSA. It was exhausting primarily because (as mentioned previously) I've been run ragged at work over the past couple of weeks and it's beginning to affect my health. Nevertheless I must have done something right as the post-course feedback was perfect for delivery and content ratings; I usually do quite well, but this is the first time I think I have received a perfect score from everyone who responded. Two more days to go on the current round, then followed up with another meeting about the vocational engineering programme.
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A question occurred to me last night. Perhaps the two best known fictional archaeologists (taking the term somewhat loosely), across fiction in all media, are Indiana Jones and Lara Croft. Both of them have in common that they investigate things about which there were rumours of ancient magical powers, or gods, or other such supernatural and powerful stuff. And they're right – the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, the Dagger of Xian, etc, all really do perform as advertised.

What are the best known examples of fictional archaeologists who do not unearth ancient magical artefacts, and the only thing they ever find out is information about what happened in the past?

For these purposes, I think I'm going to rule that the actual archaeological discoveries have to be part of the plot: having a character who happens to be an archaeologist isn't sufficient, if the story only focuses on some other aspect of their life. (Even if it's a somewhat work-related aspect, such as worries about career progression, or conflicts with co-workers.)

I only managed to come up with one example of this at all, namely Asimov's Nightfall. I'm sure there must be others, though.

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I sit at my correspondence and dispatch letters to Lady W- and Mrs S- but find my pen halt when it comes to replying to Mrs F- and a sudden tendency to tearfullness, which is yet another sign of my condition I daresay. There is my dear friend that I can see longs for another child were it not for the peril that would put her in, and here am I, in a most unwonted state of swithering 'twixt yea or nay.

I even pose to myself, come, Madame C-, suppose one of your friends came to you in a like dilemma, what should you say to them? but still have no answer.

Comes Hector to say that Mr MacD- is at the door, will I see him? Of course, say I, and go ask Seraphine to prepare him some coffee.

Enters Sandy, with yet another bouquet, saying that Mr Q- thinks it entirely prudent a course to look over the Surrey property and ensure that it is in good condition before seeking other tenants. There is a local agent that has the keys &C, and G-, he means, Lord G- R-, has expressed himself very willing to take you to view the place.

That is very kind, say I, and I suppose that, as a woman of property, it is my duty to do so. I am just a little fear'd that I shall find myself made foolishly sad about poor dear old General Y-.

Your sensibility does you credit, but I am sure the General intended your happiness rather than that you should continue to mourn.

Euphemia comes in with the coffee tray. I hand her the flowers and ask her to get them into water, and gesture Mr MacD- to sit down. I find myself much averse to coffee at present, and indeed, as I fill his cup, I find myself overcome with such nausea that I am oblig'd to spring up, go to the window, throw it open and breathe the fresh air, or the air of the street which at least does not smell of coffee.

Madame C-, are you ill? What is the matter? He comes over to me and I burst into tears and cast myself on his bosom sobbing wildly and explaining my situation (sure this must be most embarrassing to him).

He conducts me back to my chair and sees me seated and removes the coffee service to the sideboard on the opposite side of the room. He sits himself down and looks at me cautiously. I can see that he has many questions but hesitates to ask.

Oh, I say, waving my hand, ask away, for maybe some other mind on the subject may assist me in this predicament.

He removes his spectacles, polishes them, and puts them back on. Not looking directly at me, he asks: This may be particularly impertinent to enquire, but do you know who the father might be?

O, say I somewhat bitterly, shall you advise me to go the magistrate and swear a bastard upon him?

My dear Madame C-, from what I know of your patrons you would not need to take any such action for they would naturally do the honourable thing by you and make suitable provision - oh, 'tis not the Duke of M-, is it? For I can see that that might cause you some hesitation in the matter, he being so newly wed.

No, I say, 'tis not His Grace, 'tis Mr F-: and start sobbing again.

But Mr F- is a most excellent and conscientious man that cares for you a good deal, I cannot see why you are in such distress in the matter. While he cannot, of course, make an honest woman of you I am sure that he will do all that is proper.

I continue to weep.

If it is a question of giving a name to the child that concerns you, he says, and his voice suddenly wavers, I know G-, His Lordship, has often said that you are the only woman he could ever consider marrying, because you know the inwardness of the matter.

I blow my nose and wipe my eyes and sit up straighter, gathering my wits about me. That would not in the least answer, I reply, for reasons I have previously given him. If he needs must marry, it should either be some lady of a Sapphick disposition, or one that considers the conjugal rites the occasional toll she must pay for motherhood.

While 'tis entirely selfish of me, I am gratified to hear that response, says Sandy. However, you should inform Mr F- of the situation.

Why, say I, should I lay upon him a care due entirely to my own carelessness? (for I am daunted at trying to explain the inwardness of things between myself and Mr and Mrs F-.)

Mr MacD- looks at me with frustrated bafflement, and indeed, he is probably thinking that an advantage of his own nature is that he is not usually oblig'd to deal with feminine vapourishness and contrariety.

I should not, say I, be burdening you with my womanly troubles, it is only that I have no female confidante at present that I feel that I can trust not to whisper the matter about, that makes me burst forth thus. Were my dear Miss G- not so distant I could have confided in her discretion. Please do not be alarmed about me, I am sure I shall come into a calmer frame of mind and that this upheaval is sure merely due to my condition.

Sandy gives me one of his looks and says he knows not why it should be, but he trusts my being reasonable rather less than my tears, yet he cannot argue over these matters to do with the female constitution.

He then says he must take his leave: o, I say, pray do not worry Lord G- R- with my troubles, but tell him that I shall be most grateful for a drive into Surrey some time.

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via at August 03, 2015 at 03:15AM:
I’ve always felt that as long as you’re getting your work done and up to spec, the time it takes you to do said work doesn’t necessarily have to fill your working hours. I mean, if you’re doing what work you’re assigned and the rest of the time you’re surfing the internet or reading or whatnot, what are you supposed to do? 

If you want to focus more because you fall behind and need to catch up, that’s one thing. I found that for me, setting a timer to make myself work for a set period of time, and increasing that slowly over a period of weeks, helped me to focus more (I also found out that my attention span before I need to shift gears to something new is a hard limit of about twenty minutes unless I get super-involved in something). Also making sure I kept a running list of what I had to do for work kept me on-task if I had a really long list.

But honestly, if you’re keeping up and doing the work well, the time you’re not “working” at work is really on call; you’re waiting for something to do. Enjoy it – no reason to feel guilty if you’ve done the task. Thinking about tasks instead of about time helps me a lot. And taking a break to check tumblr every while helps keep me sane. :D 

Good luck! Slacking at work can be very rewarding as long as you do it right :D
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via at August 03, 2015 at 02:30AM:

a hymn for the millennium
When I asked why you abandoned me
The minute you possibly could
You told me a charming story:
A man saw a butterfly emerging,
And wanted to help it get free.
But in helping he forgot:
Butterflies need to push against their prison
To grow their wings strong in the struggle for freedom
And in helping, he doomed the fragile creature entirely.

You said it with such a self-pleased smile,
Such confidence in your morality tale.

But I am not an insect
And you are not the hand of God.
You weren’t letting the butterfly emerge;
You were starving the worm.
So if you think what came out of the chrysalis was a monster,
And if you’re afraid I’ll devour you in my hunger,
You have only yourself to blame.
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Hey poly parents: my pal T is in a stressful situation and would like some reassurance/info from people who've been there. They're married and newly pregnant (a first, planned pregnancy, which both T and their spouse are very happy about), and worried about how this will affect their relationship with their non-resident boyfriend. The boyfriend was fine with the thought of a hypothetical pregnancy but now is likewise anxious about how an actual baby will change things. T wrote to me, "I think it's tricky for [boyfriend] because he has friends with babies who seem totally swept up in BABY and we don't have models for any poly folk doing this to point to.... I would love to hear about people in a similar situation to mine. I'm sure they must exist more often than not but I don't hear much about them. And so many poly people that I know believe babies ruin relationships/friendships. But I'm sure there must be people with non-parent partners whose relationships stay good throughout."

Any advice or reassurance for these folks?


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