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Today is a bad executive function day, case: brainweasels. Got up to head to Columbus for class, got distracted by fanfiction, forgot to open the blinds, as a result ended up with extra no-light brainweasels + inability to decide whether or not to drive to class (we were supposed to get freezing rain). Eventually decided to go out in the freezing rain (which was mostly rain), and go to class. I honestly don't know whether I made the right decision: if I get stuck in Columbus tonight (more freezing rain + snow), I think it may be worse, because sleeping next to T. is really beneficial for my mental health. Spent most of the drive over on the phone--I know it's dangerous, but I really needed an Air Traffic Controller for my brain, or at least a distraction, because otherwise I was pretty sure I was gonna just stop. Or turn around. Because the black hole of my house was sucking me in, and I needed the Air Traffic Controller to decide whether that was self-preservation or brainweasels.

Anyway, I'm here for my second class, and I'm convincing myself to sit through it by thinking of it as "sock knitting time + a few notes" rather than "lecture + discussion." Fortunately, I like the professor and he likes me (he wrote me a recommendation letter for the program), so it will be less disrespectful than it sounds. (Especially considering last week was "This third of the classroom are clearly all depressive, because we all have Extra Special Intense Depressive midterm + weather symptoms." I PTSD-ed out of class for a bit, and one of my friends went home halfway through. (Have I told y'all this already?)

So yes, today is as bad as it sounds, but mostly I've been having decent days--couldn't think of much to update the psychiatrist on yesterday other than I'm busy and happy with working at my local yarn store and taking classes and volunteering.

In other news, now that I am slowly making my way through A Game of Thrones (the book, obvs), I really want this shirt:

But there are other things I need more (not that I can think of any of them right now, thanks, lack of piloting in my brain), so it may have to wait.

Right now, hand-knitted socks, The Flash, and T. are my happy things.

A psoas stretch

3/3/15 10:10
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[personal profile] replyhazy asked me about this stretch, and I'm putting it here in case anyone else wants it, and for to help me remember to do it. This is a stretch, not strength training or a cardio exercise, but it feels more like work than most of the stretches I've done.

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1) How well did it work for not being Tired For No Reason?

2) If you've also tried Adrafinil, how about that?

(Psychiatrist was talking about putting me on Modafinil, but insurance probably won't cover it.)

(no subject)

3/3/15 12:14
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I am preparing a packing list for war, because I'm going to need a little extra space for my heraldry stuff. Not a lot, no more than a good foot, but that's still a foot of space I need to find in my car. Eep.

Here's my list: list o' packing )

Anything else, I've got to try and figure out myself. This is what I've come up with for a few minutes of thinking, but I know I'm forgetting something. (I just added toiletries and towels to the list. I knew something was wrong. But what else?)

One of my knitting projects is definitely going to Gulf Wars with me. I may take pictures of Royals holding my knitting if I spot HRM Danielle. She'd get a kick out of if, if she's got the time. She is also a knitter. She made a fantastic hat for HRM Caillen with RAM HORNS knitted in. I may have to look for that on Ravelry.

I have a list of who needs what forms for Herald's Point! Meridies just needs 1 color, 1 black and white and 1 name - same with Trimaris. Ansteorra needs 2 color, 1 black and white and 2 names. Gleann Abhann needs 2 color, 1 black and white and 1 name. I'm going to make a couple of sheets with that information and laminate them for war. I think it will be useful.

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"And that's how we get Typhoid in Aberdeen"
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which also somehow involved me coming up with a gemsona for a Steven Universe RP?

I looked it up to see what might qualify as a gemstone that was commonly found in limestone caves, because Kentucky. There was a list on Wikipedia in which the third and fourth entries were stones called "Stunko" and "Junko."

me: But which to choose...?

I went with Stunko because I didn't want anyone thinking I was RPing as Mizuno Junko or Enoshima Junko. Could be confusing.

daily gratitudes

3/3/15 10:14
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  1. my fairly-foolproof meditation for getting to sleep
  2. mint tea
  3. I have promised myself noodle soup for lunch
  4. therapy this afternoon
  5. ibuprofen in my desk drawer
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This is my British passport.

I'm afraid my first contact with it rather lacked the reverence it deserved. I stepped on the envelope with a muddy welly boot as I walked in the door.

It's been 18 months since I became a British citizen & over a decade since I moved to the UK. I have handed over a lot of money to the Border Agency and jumped through innumerable bureaucratic hoops to achieve this. It means a lot to me. It's the last bit of documentation cementing my life here, with my large partner, chosen children & beautiful mortgage. I may have mixed up my adjectives there. Forgive me. I'm emotional & might need to have a bit of sugar in my cuppa to calm me down.

Yes, my British friends, you're stuck with me now. And I'm also now indistinguishable from you (so long as I don't open my mouth, which is unlikely).

Finally, apropos of nothing, cat and boy.
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Every Frame a Painting is a series of short vids on how movies are made -- on how to frame an scene, how to do movement, what kind of tracking shots do what, how to be funny, how to use what an actor does. It's brilliant. I have been watching this slowly, and then rewatching movies I have seen before -- and it makes a huge difference in what I am *seeing* on the screen now. Absolutely recommended.

BTW, the Paul Newman icon is from Nobody's Fool, a movie about a guy who has built a small-town life in a community where he's not a Success -- but instead is irreplaceable. The actors around him include Jessica Tandy (his landlady, who was also his fourth-grade teacher), Bruce Willis (his boss, a jerk who pays him off the books to keep it cheap) and Melanie Griffith (the boss's wife, who is angry at being cheated on and who lets Bruce know unforgettably -- let's say it happens with his pants down, in public). And the brainy Philip Seymour Hoffman, as possibly the stupidest small-town cop who ever existed. The dialogue is perfect, and it was filmed on location in the Mohawk Valley, NY, in the winter; you can just about feel the cold coming off the screen. It is not big and splashy. It is the size of life, with memories, and good luck, and people taking care of each other (or not). And it may be my very favorite older-Paul-Newman movie, even surpassing The Verdict. Buy a lottery ticket on this movie and give it a chance. You might be surprised.
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Is it really olive oil? Good question. What difference does it make? Well, for one thing, some people are sensitive to the things that are put into the fakes. For another, if it's been messed with, the smell test for rancidity may no longer work -- and rancid oils can make you *very* ill. Trust me on this.
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After many long months of waiting, my Breaking-Bad-by-way-of-Scott-Pilgrim novel Flex is available for purchase at just about any bookstore you can name!  Which means that for the first time you, dear reader, can actually read it.   Thanks to the easy availability of Kindle books and poor impulse control, some of you may well have finished my dang book by the time I post this.

So what now?

Well, if you liked Flex and would like to help it along in its book journey, there’s a couple of things you can do:

Write A Review.
‘The two standard places that reviews help authors are the book social network GoodReads and Amazon – not that Amazon is superior to any other bookstore, but I’m told they are more likely to show a customer a book in search results if it gets over a “critical mass” of reviews.  (No, I don’t know what that number is.  And neither does any other author.)

But writing a review on your blog is also good!  Even just a Tweet or Facebook status that says, “I liked Ferrett Steinmetz’s book Flex” helps get the word out – and believe you me, “Word of mouth” is the most important part of selling any book.

Yet please don’t hype up the book. I don’t want fake reviews with engineered enthusiasm. Be honest.

Come To My Book Tour.
I’m showing up all over the East and West Coast over the next month, and I’ll be mighty lonely at some of those stores unless you show up to keep me company.  I will be thrilled to see you, I’ll hug you if you like, and afterwards I’ll be all too ready to head out for drinks.  So if you’re nearby, drop by!

Tell A Friend. 
I’m getting lots of extraordinarily kind reviews for Flex.  Yet all of those blog-posts won’t sell nearly as many copies as repeated versions of this conversation:

“Hey, have you read Ferrett’s book?”


“How was it?”

“Pretty damned good.”

Feel free to lend Flex out, if you liked it.  Give it to someone you think would dig its vibe.  If my words spoke to you, then speak to others when the topic of good books come up.  Because really, if you’re not talking to your friends about the books you liked – not just mine, but in general – then what the heck are you doing with your life?

(Also, he says, sharing this post wouldn’t hurt.)

Buy The Sequel.
The sequel The Flux, which beta readers have largely agreed is way better and more intense than Flex, is coming out in early October.  The ending of Flex has a bit of a game-changer, and The Flux rides that to new levels.  So if you liked Flex, I’m about 90% sure you’re gonna enjoy the continuing saga of Paul Tsabo.

And if you like the idea of Flex, but for some reason have yet to purchase the sucker, may I suggest now is a good time?  I’ve written about why buying as close to the release date as possible benefits the author – and since the release date is today, that’s as close as it gets.

So What Do I Do If I Didn’t Like Flex? 
Here’s the trick:

Do the exact same thing.

I want honest opinions on my book, so if you didn’t like it, write a review, tell a friend why you didn’t care for it, and if you still like me but not the book I’ll totes hug you at my book tour regardless.

(Maybe don’t buy the sequel.)

The value of most reviews is that they tell people whether they’re likely to enjoy a book or not.  Elucidating your reasons why Flex didn’t float your boat is every bit as valid as squeeing over why it hit you deep.  And if you’d like to help Flex find its natural audience, indicating that this audience is not you may alert other like-minded people that this isn’t their bag.  And that’s fine!  There’s plenty of beloved books that I didn’t like, there’s plenty of classic movies that I didn’t care for, and even Shakespeare is loathed in some circles.  The idea that everyone will love me and despair is the author’s egotistical quicksand.

So: I hereby free you from any obligations to like this book.


I will say that Flex is the most purely me thing I’ve ever written.  All the other novels I wrote – you know, the endless list of ones that never sold - had these Big Commercial Elements where I thought people would like it.  Flex was written to please an audience of one – namely, the guy writing this here blog here. It’s about kinky, chubby, confident women. And parental love. And turning obsession into beauty. And the struggle to be seen as more than your handicap.

And donuts. God, so many donuts.

As such, I feel comfortable saying that if you like the sentiments and style presented in this blog, there’s a damned good chance you’re gonna like my novel.

And I hope you do.  I hope you love it enough to press it into your friends’ hands and go, “Man, I loved this, and you will, too.”

Now.  Let’s see whether that actually works.

Cross-posted from Ferrett's Real Blog.

Letter Meme!

3/3/15 08:20
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It only took me an entire month to finish this, but here's the letter meme results from when [personal profile] randomling gave me r!

Something I hate: Risk - The board game, that is. I love board games in general, but a lot of the old Parker Brothers style games are simplistic, and this one is especially jarring to me with how poorly designed and balanced it is between players, especially when compared to more recent games that are being made.

Something I love: Rockets - Aside from being fascinating to study how they work, in terms of physics, and being the field that I want to work in eventually, there's a sort of mystique associated with rockets. They symbolize scientific progress and science fiction; heck, the Hugo award is shaped like a rocket.

Somewhere I've been: Round Valley Reservoir - Pretty much everything in Central New Jersey is named Raritan, so there were any number of options available to me. I wanted to go with someplace a bit less generic though, and Round Valley is one of my favorite parks to visit; I usually manage to get out there at least a couple of times every year.

Somewhere I'd like to go: Rapa Nui - Or, as most people call it, Easter Island. This place has amazing history, with the fact that it's inhabited despite being so remote. On top of that, the weather sounds amazing; I love hot weather, and not only is it a tropical location but also out of the path of all hurricanes and other major storms. And the moai are one of the most distinctive pieces of sculpture and something I really want to see.

Someone I know: Ronnie - One of my friends and roommates from college, and the only person who's wedding I've been in (so far).

A film I like: Real Genius - I love science fiction and fantasy in general, and I love 80's films. And aside from being a great science fiction film that is basically the platonic ideal of the 80's film, I love the fact that this movie is all about engineers stopping the military industrial complex, rather than soldiers fighting unspeakable horrors. How it's about construction and building new things, rather than death and destruction. How it's a coming of age, and about making your own choices.

In passing--

3/3/15 13:40
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It is a delight to me that I had a conversation on Sunday night in which I pointed out to facesfriend that I do not, in point of fact, know them very well -- I started paying any consistent attention to their existence about 6 months ago and we started dating about 4 months ago (which is weird for me; I am really not used to getting to know people by dating them); he looked gently baffled and said he thought that, in fact, I knew him pretty well. I paused. "Okay," I said, "my predictive model for your behaviour is based on a relatively small sample size, and what data I do have isn't necessarily representative." "Right," he said, "that makes sense." Hurrah for human interactions wherein I get to express myself like that and it's just okay; this is, of course, some of why Hel bemoans that there's no way they can ever write dialogue that is an accurate representation of conversations they have with friends, because nobody would believe people talk that way in real life.

(Tangentially relatedly, but only sort of sideways rather than directly: I am having a pretty bad case of the I-am-not-allowed-to-want-things/I-am-not-allowed-to-be-wanteds this week. Not entirely sure why, but it's a thing; sorry if I go a bit spiky and weird on you.)
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I notice, the more tired or stressed I am, the more things seem like hurdles. I spoke to scottish power on the phone, and sorted out the immediate problems, and he said "do you want to read out your bank account details over a noisy connection in a windy busy underground parking lot with people listening in" and I said "can I do that on the website later" and he said "oh, I don't know about that, we normally do it over the phone."

So I said I would call later when the immediate problem was resolved.

And intellectually, it was obvious to me he knew nothing at all about the website, outweighing my experience of the big "set up direct debit" button, he only knew that getting people to do it now was his job if he could. But it hung over me, should I believe him? Was it rude not to believe him? Even if I didn't believe, him, did I need to mentally justify it?

But as soon as I'm NOT tired I'm stressed, I'm like, "I can't do anything about that, obviously I should just set it up online if that's easy, and phone them if it isn't."


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