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Last night late, Pips drove us out to Grandma's.

We'd been supposed to fly out at 8-ish Thursday night. Unfortunately, the hop to Portland got cancelled. The airline shuffled us over to another airline with a direct connection to Detroit, and we arrived only about a half-hour after we were scheduled.

We didn't sleep much, and we lost three hours. So the morning was sleep. At least for me. Belovedest took the opportunity to catch up with their brother before curling up on the air mattress next to me.

There was gaming in the afternoon. I met Pips' wife. Then we made sure our bags were packed for the trip to see my partner's grandmother and ... the rest of the clan.

We got in late. The only one still up was us. So we got packed off to bed.

The bed seems to be a full size mattress. Belovedest is long. I am wide. This was not super super restful, especially with fewer pillows than we wanted. (Next time, there should perhaps be a second checked suitcase for someone, with bedding.)

I was invited to come along with the Sibling Errands, at which point I met Bop (additional sibling). Eldest was off doing a fun 5k. We made a grocery run for Toaster Aunt, then came back to Grandma's.

We returned to the house, and had a late breakfast with the aunt and eldest cousin associated with the house.

Belovedest and I were about to jump in the shower when their mom walked in the room with all the couches where we were planning on Rock Band later. There was much catching up.

After the shower, I braved the main room, and got introduced to a dizzying array of family, including Pops. Apparently Grandma and Grandpa had five kids, and Moms was one of them? And the next generation also had a whole bunch of kids. I met Eldest, and Bop's partner.

I was advised by several relatives to take good care of Belovedest, and that Belovedest was looking the best and happiest they had in years. (I did tell Moms that my intentions towards her long dragon were honorable.)

There was a "Great Scotch Exchange", which differs in this family from the classic White Elephant in that gifts don't fully lock, but they can't be re-stolen in any given round. The unexpected star was a blender. I wound up with an iThing charger. Belovedest got a shirt for their favored hockey team.

The main feast was pizza and salad. The secondary feast, after about 2/3 of the croud had gone, was Chinese takeout.

We added our laundry to the queue. Our room had in the meantime been occupied by a medium-large dog, who chose to greet me with a warning rumble. I averted my eyes and held my hand down politely so I could be sniffed. I didn't have time to be intimidated. I grabbed the laundry without further canine meddling.

After everything was cleaned up, the "kid" generation repaired to the rec room for Rock Band and drinks. (I believe that Pips is the youngest of us, and he got married in 2015.)

And here we are. Belovedest is tearing up the drum set. Mums may be asleep. Pops had been reading in the corner, but sang a few, along with Mums. One of the assorted cousins came to poke at the barn water softener. I'm working on a hard hard lemonade. I expect we'll be up for a while.

Tomorrow, we meet up with Toaster Aunt before Midnight Mass, which is Priest Uncle's farewell service before he retires, apparently.

Pips asked me a very important question: having been through a family Christmas feast, would I be willing to do it again?

Yes. Yes. As long as they'll have me.
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Once I move at the beginning of June, there will be a new local set of people.

Me: y'all know me. Lunatic, infovore. Gender: no thank you. Pronoun set: plural-they.

Partner: a witty, kind geekfolk, fascinated by books and shows and links and sports and hardware and eking every last ounce of usefulness out of old gear. I have known them for about 10 years at this point. Infovore. Gender: has a lot of oppressive constructs which should be BURNED THE FUCK DOWN while not endangering the vulnerable folks who depend on some of its supportive ones. Pronoun set: anonymous-they.

Metamour: has been seeing my partner since February-ish. Met them over a game of CAH; knew they had to be friends when they had pretty much the same answer. Witty, beautiful. Likes baking. Gender: woman. Pronoun set: she/her.

Tay-Tay: my younger (biological) sister, and soon to be my roommate. I say she is my "baby" sister but she's actually a year older than my partner. Violinist and general ball of energy. Short and tiny; I can kind of lift her in one arm so she can be on eye level with my partner. Gender: probably woman-ish and she likes kicking over gender norms and dancing on top. Pronoun set: she/her.

The Kitten: a small, loud, grey indoor lap cat who loves my partner and will punch people who try to pet her without her permission. Previous owners declawed her. She is food-insecure, and cannot be left to free-feed. She's antisocial to other cats. She does not like Master Jerkface very much at all. She is most often found perched on the back of my partner's desk chair and getting hair on their jacket, on my partner's lap with her tail in their face demanding to be petted, or on top of them when they're asleep.

Master Jerkface (and other equally unflattering nicknames): the abusive ex of my beloved partner. I hope to not meet them. Gender: they have one. Pronoun set: as used here, anonymous-they.

The Man-Child: Tay's boyfriend, who I didn't hear about in the context of a Relationship until September 2016, literally as I was coming back from the Oakland radiation oncology department. Musician, outdoorsy hiker type. A few decades too old for man-childishness to be excused. Gender: man, probably. Pronoun set: he/him.

Team Partner: a bunch of people who came together to help my partner in their hour of need. They include:

an old internet friend of mine who reads the Vorkosigan books
their wife
a friend of theirs

The first hosts: one of my partner's former co-workers who went into tech and her husband

The second hosts: another co-worker-ish person and her husband

Assorted now-local friends of mine include:

Mr. Zune: a former co-worker from Virtual Hammer who is now at the SEA-TAC outpost as his career was portable
Mr. Zune's Girlfriend: got a dream job in the Seattle area

[livejournal.com profile] tygerr: an old friend and Listee
[livejournal.com profile] tygerr's wife: an excellent and fun geek lady

Carnelian: a friend of mine from the late 90s; we had various different paths in life but now we're talking again and comparing notes.
Terezi: Carnelian's daughter, who infamously needed two stacked baby gates to keep her contained as a toddler. Now a proud teenage tumblr bb. (I haven't seen her in Many Years, but I'm likely to run into her more often now.)

Various #dw, #dw_kvetch, and #lj_s folk!!!
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An org chart note: "dotted line" is the term I'd use to describe my relationship to my Overlady, as we're sibling minions to the same manager. I am dotted line to the whole department, and my manager is General Alys to my army of researchers, and I am Ivan.

The Stage Manager: This is one of my uncle-managers, the one with the ponytail who wears all black all the time, more than I do. He's the one whose meeting had the screwed-up repeat (thank you, Email System From Hell) to whom I gave the M&Ms of Apology.

The A-Team: I was only belatedly introduced to my fellow administrative assistants at work, being pulled in as I was sort of sideways and as a contractor. I was wandering around not!Facebook and realized that I did in fact have a department.

not!Facebook: Facebook being a wildly inappropriate venue for a lot of workplace conversations, there is an internal deployment of a Facebook-like social tool. It's got a lot of lolno.

Catering: As with basically every workplace that serves food in the history of ever, people will complain about the food. I deal with random catering orders as part of my administrative duties. Unfortunately, this means that if/when there is something that goes wrong, I'm probably the one it'll happen to.

That Damn Email Program: The workplace would like to migrate everyone off of Exchange Server with Outlook to something different. The folks who are using Thunderbird and the like are often just fine, as they point the client to the new server. The folks who were using Outlook, have moved to proprietary webmail, and have expected things to Just Work, are very frustrated with the version that's running. The upgrade to the Next Full Version is expected Any Month Now. (The next full version has a lot of the issues that plague me in this version actually fixed, or planned to be fixed in an intermediate version. Thankfully.) Meanwhile, we swear frequently, and type our prayers into Bugzilla.

Researcher Cersei Lannister: Those amongst my readership and friends who are familiar with Game of Thrones will probably have the right idea about Researcher Lannister from her name: she is blonde with the occasional imperialistic and not particularly socially acceptable ambition. Now that we are growing more accustomed to interacting, things are slightly more harmonious than sometimes they were previously.

#cupcake: Work has a private IRC server. As often happens, odd little side channels form. Every now and again some of the guys get together to play cards.

Mr. Zune: One of the guys. He's the one who has friends who are girls who don't dress like engineers in skirts. (I dress like an engineer in a skirt, as I explained to [personal profile] vlion.)

The Intern: My team's interns have left. This intern is the fresh-faced kid with the khakis and ponytail and that weird login problem. One of the guys.

My Counterpart: We are particularly confusing to dyslexic IRC-goers, as we both go by our full set of initials in IRC, and the one letter of difference is also awfully similar at a quick glance. One of the guys.

My Old Gaming Buddy: Turns out someone I used to game with works around these parts. This is pleasant.
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So I work in an office. There are people there. It sometimes helps to know who they are.

I am an administrative assistant to a smallish department in a tech company. My role is to handle whatever random tasks they throw at me.

Runs a lot of projects. Not shy about getting help, which means I am often answering to her. Not used to the idea of having a minion who will make her whims happen yet. Knows Outlook like the back of her hand. Backhands misbehaving email programs. Voted probably most likely to read this. :-P

My actual manager, who I mostly see in passing due to either her immensely busy schedule or the new email server having eaten her life again.

The new email server:
For reasons of professionalism I am not going to name the product, but a bad migration ate the lives of many of the team, they want us to try the desktop client, and I know where those bastards keep their bugzilla.

Junior Researcher:
My Overlady has a neophyte. He likes fast computers, fast cars ("Don't worry, I have a radar gun." "I think I'll take one for the team and take the bus.") and San Francisco nightlife.

Grandmanager Miles:
My grandmanager is a short hyper dude who likes to brainstorm wild ideas. I am under strict orders to sensibility-check anything too weird that emanates from him before carrying it out. This was literally my first order from my manager.

It is once again intern season. So far we just have the one, but there are more due any day.
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A note on formatting: the pipe, '|', is used to denote multiple instances of the same person. The slash, '/', is used to denote pairings.


Immediate: I have mother/father, and sister. Mama and Dad live in Alaska (where I grew up); Tay-Tay has moved to Seattle, where she lives with her consort. She is younger. She plays violin in several bands. (She plays other instruments too.)

Guide Dog Aunt is local to me, a few minutes away by car, and is my aunt by way of being the youngest sister of Dad. She is a bit of a mother hen, tiny, hilarious, loves (and trains) dogs (her current dogs are the four-year-old "blue" (smoke-grey) Standard Poodle, Dazzle ("the poodle", or "Poodle! stop humping!"), and the 11-going-on-12-year-old Black (turning white around the edges) Lab, Deacon, who is not allowed to hump/be humped anymore because his joints are starting to go), tangoes, gardens, and is generally excellent. She is married with two boys, both now with their bachelor's degrees. The older one (and the 5th-youngest of all my cousins, also the family member closest to me in age aside from my sister) is my Infamous Cousin [livejournal.com profile] raranax, who is best known for The Chocolate Penis Saga, but also makes a habit of supplying me with every hilarious and needs-titanium-eyespork thing he can find on the internet.

This is going to get long. )
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People you're likely to see me mention in these LJ entries! Whee! I give everyone a nickname, because I don't want to call them by their actual names, both in case they're not comfortable with that, and for plausible deniability and so my co-workers won't find themselves on Google if they're looking. If they don't have LJs, or if I wouldn't think that they'd need to find themselves here, I make up a name for them.

Really Close People:

Darkside: My best friend in the entire universe. We met in 2000 in college and have been close ever since. I have been madly in love with him since his idiot classmate triggered off an ill-advised love spell in my direction. After I recovered from that, I realized that I did have a genuine attraction for him, and he gained my trust. I've started courting him with all the enthusiasm and intensity of Miles Vorkosigan in pursuit of Ekaterin Vorvayne Vorsoisson.

The Redhead, aka [livejournal.com profile] hcolleen: My most excellent roommate! She is one of my writer-ladies, and when she needed to move, I had living room space.


Snarky Lady: One of my fellow supervisors at work, the head of the training department. She was a monitor when I came in, and has been progressing upward since. She is Geekier than I, and we're working together on the database project at the moment. Despite how we may sound to an outsider passing the room to hear us yelling at each other, we get along famously, it's just that we're a little overexcited.

Management: She doesn't quite run the building, but she does run Field and a whole lot of things behind the scenes. I'm reporting directly to her for the duration of the database. Before that, the duration of the disk entry project. She loves my sense of humor, and doesn't like incompetence. She has Dilbert, Animaniacs, random silliness all over her office.

My Team:

Grandma Cinderella: The manager of my team. She's my direct supervisor. She has children and grandchildren, single and preferring it that way. She's tired and cranky and smokes like a chimney and we love her.

Ponytail Dave: The next-seniormost phone-goon-pulled-to-supervise on my team, the senior supervisor in my absence from the team. He is utterly hot, has thick black hair usually pulled back in a ponytail, and has random family business over the border that calls him away every now and then.

Sweetheart Supervisor: Actually, she's a bit brusque around the edges. She shares her candy with people.

Homie G Jr.: I swear, he could be Homie G a few years younger. Except he's got a kid on the way.


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