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Apr. 11th, 2019 04:24 pm
azurelunatic: The Space Needle by night. Slightly dubious photography. (Default)
The lawn:
Belovedest has selected a vendor to address Lake Redacted on the lawn. It's the same vendor that did the basement moat. Today they came out to mark the intended dig line. They'll do the work while belovedest is off at a work thing.

The history as I understand it:
* There was once a line to direct the roof runoff to the street gutter, involving 3" perforated pipe to partly diffuse it into the lawn
* The original sump pump installation was ... flawed
* Belovedest and Evil Ex bought the house
* In getting the sump pump up to code, the work crew hooked it into the roof runoff line
* Evil Ex kicked to the curb
* Moat installed in basement
* More water going through line
* Line clogged
* Water comes out of perforated pipe to form Lake Redacted
* Everyone is peeved

Dentist again today for the crown. Yay. Read more... )

Next visit will be some work on the lower right.

Between the annoyed teeth and the cold or flu that belovedest brought home from work, it's been a miserable week. I picked up a box of instant breakfast powder packets on last week's shopping trip, and they have kept me fed when everything else sounded like it would hurt or be too much for my apathetic and wheezing self.

The cats still hate each other. (This, at least, is expected.)
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I did sleep for a significant amount of time.

I'm discovering things around the house that need doing (like unearthing my desk) and working on them. Yesterday I sorted a shoebox of my papers: scan, then sort. Shred, cut up for note paper, keep.

The Lorge Black Chair arrived early on a few weeks back. I helped get it inside.

Belovedest and I picked out a sectional. It's brown velvet. I don't object to the color in the context of the living room, and the price was good.

There was some heated discussion about living room layouts.

The blue recliner was thanked and dismissed before the sectional arrived.

Actually getting the thing in the house was an Adventure. Belovedest and I moved things around on the night before (see: heated discussion). Then Alex and I moved more things the morning of, particularly after the delivery guys found that the intended route in wouldn't work. In the end, they hauled the long section in the front door, down the hall, through the kitchen, through the narrow pocket door into the dining room, and from there finally to the living room. The wide section got hung up in the narrow pocket door. After much debate and sweat, they reversed course, popped out the screen of a dining room window, and brought it in that way. I had to demolish some shrubbery, but it was worth the effort.

This past week has mostly been health work. Part 1 of a dental coronation was Tuesday. I have been taking ibuprofen since then. I was warned that the pain might linger, and given criteria for when to consider it a problem rather than the healing process. Wednesday was my doctor in Auburn, which was a bit of a challenge to get to without a car. I figured out a reasonable thing with the train.

I am not prepared to discuss the car situation.

Belovedest hung some of the lights today, and they're pretty.

"The ladies" (Yellcat and Murderface Thea) remain in an armed hot war that erupts whenever they're not being monitored by peacekeepers. Most recently I was the one who didn't keep Yellface contained, and there was galloping (cats), squalling and swearing (cats), and running and yelling (humans and at least five fire lizards in a trench coat).

Thursday was the day of all the phone calls: the physical therapist, the more local physical therapist, the research scheduler, the spammer, the vet, and the vet again.

Consequently food was Difficult because out of brains plus face hurt. Unfortunately the place I picked for dinner did not announce the cilantro garnish, which made my pho Not Food. We got an uncontaminated version to go.

There's a hilarious sequel to the flooding in the basement. Now the lawn is flooding. Friday was the three vendors about that. The fourth is Monday. (1 warranty visit, 3 price consultations.) Yay.


Mar. 18th, 2019 05:29 pm
azurelunatic: The Space Needle by night. Slightly dubious photography. (Default)
I have decided that the main agenda for my first week post-job is to sleep, like the moderately disabled person I was pretending not to be.

I made Experimental Brownies from a Box. This didn't go quite as planned because I decided to fuck with the timing due to using a smaller pan.

The ones where I added glacé cherries and pecans came out better.

I have ambitions to take apart a certain piece of equipment, now that a) I know how it goes back together, and b) I am aware of what a mess it is.

Next week is planned to have more productive content.

Move Zig

Mar. 9th, 2019 12:06 am
azurelunatic: The Space Needle by night. Slightly dubious photography. (Default)
We have moved nearly every zig worth zagging.

I work for the Borg. Well, if not the Borg, a Borg. Big tech yadda yadda. They weren't born in Seattle, but based on trends it looks like they're trying to establish a foothold.

Before September there were like 5 locations across a few blocks in Seattle. That got narrowed down to three: same or bigger staff count, more space in fewer buildings. After today, it will be two, same routine.

It's my location closing. I have emotions.

Morning started with a good solid yell about the big screen in the fish bowl room. It was large and on the wall and nobody quite knew what it would take to get it moved. Between me, Bosslady, and the visiting end user support dude Q, we figured some of that out.

Interspersed that was some fucking around with stuff downstairs. One of the local dudes, whose face reminds me a bit of the "Children! Stop eating bees!" doggos, had a smol in tow. She didn't need markers and paper, she had a phone and pink kitty headphones. They got stuff done with a minimum of wrestling with the network.

In the end, it took 5 people to get the 75" display off the wall: 3 to hold it, 1 to unplug stuff, and 1 to find the screwdriver to loosen the outrageously tight monitor cable. (Two engineers, desktop support, and two Facilities. Though usually bystanders sort me into the engineers.)

The 70s exploded in the downstairs. So much funky furniture arrived overnight. It was staged so Mr. Oregon could have his movers stop in one place.

I made a box called Move Day Essentials. Mr. Oregon came up to ask me if I had any Sharpies. I pointed him to the box. Yup.

I packed up my reception desk.

They were still going strong by the time I had to run and catch my train.

Monday will be wild. I'm at the new building for a week.

Word printed out too many labels, but that was okay.
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Next person to uncritically share the "sleeping in is the new smoking" gets punched.
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Belovedest's cat is sometimes a burrower. She will dig her way under or into the coat they've left draped across the couch and look ridiculously cozy.

The living room couch is also a bit of a storage space, containing everything from clothes to mail to a (clean, holding maybe one Euro in coins) Darth Vader mug, to the Christmas tree skirt that figured in last Friday's public transport adventure. (3 broken lifts, an artificial tree, and me.)

The PNW had one hell of a snowstorm (by local standards) a few weeks ago. I ordered a driveway scoop and two car shovels, which of course only arrived after it was safe for the delivery people to venture forth (as is right and proper).

My partner is a Tol. Or, sometimes more frequently, a Lóng. They tend to sprawl lengthwise across the floor with their legs under the couch, face down in something, often Pokémon or the ritual giving of grief to P.E.R.N. This is a particularly pleasant sight.

My partner's backside is particularly fine, admired in at least four states.

So there's the cat, digging under the black wool trenchcoat and under the fluffy lavender MLP blanket, such that her tail is sticking out one end and her head the other.

Both ends disappear under the pile. This is adorable.

A box shifts.

"Oh dear," I say. "She's about to drop a shovel on your ass."

And she looks so innocent and sweet and fluffy.
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[extensive conversation apropos of which]
Me: I am, unfortunately, seeing a ghost cat (actual cat) wearing a Village People leatherman cop hat.
Some Random Housemate (okay there are only two to choose from): But wouldn't it be the sailor, [apropos of previous]?
Housemate 2: They have that song, In The Navy.
Me, singing: In the Navy, you can sail the seven bees, in the Navy...
[personal profile] silveradept, unhooking the headphones from their ears: I'm sorry, what?
Me, with the aggrieved aggression of a challenged shitposter: Well, how many bees do you think there are?!

Snow :/

Feb. 14th, 2019 09:57 am
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Snow is melting!

This morning on my way from the poorly-cleared drop-off point to the bus, I slipped and nearly fell on some wet-looking ice.

The transit system is slowly becoming unfucked. As the streets de-ice, they're repairing the buses that have been damaged by their own tire chains.

As I told Toronto Ponytail this morning downstairs, it's not specifically that the snow was that bad, it's that the snow was that bad for the infrastructure we have. Nobody* has shovels, there aren't enough snowplows, and he agreed that it's actually entirely sensible for people to assume they're not going anywhere for a week and to shop accordingly. Especially when the store's incoming deliveries are going to be disrupted too.

This climate stuff. It just isn't natural.

* People who have lived here through the last big snow probably have shovels, unless their evil ex took them on the way out. Cough, glare, spit.

** Climate change deniers will be vaccinated and fed to starving polar bears.


Feb. 10th, 2019 10:31 pm
azurelunatic: The Space Needle by night. Slightly dubious photography. (Default)
It has been very snowy. It has also been warm. What does that mean? Ice. So much ice. That means: ice chipping. ouch. My right arm. My right arm is not working right for the rest of the evening. I am dictating this via the phone.
There were not any flat shovels left at home Depot. There were, however, other shovels, and rakes, and implements of destruction.
Before the home Depot run, I was using the pizza peel to shovel the sidewalk. I am proud of my ingenuity.
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Once upon a time, I was a wee Smol growing up in the suburbs of Alaska. I had a mother and father and sibling, with some poultry in the yard and a small vegetable garden. (People who claim this constitutes "a farm" are probably unfamiliar with the entire concept.)

Long after I grew up and left home, my father got a diagnosis and treatment for the energetically self-loathing bouts of depression, exacerbated by the 4 hours of daylight in the dead of winter. "Finally!" was the siblings' verdict.

During those years before I was able to to flee the cold dark scary bits for some brighter future, there were two of my dad's hobbies that are suddenly becoming relevant.

I mentioned that it was energetic depression, or something like that. As a fun self-harm tactic that involved the whole family, wow, that became a more graphic description than I had intended. )

Usually he regretted it afterwards, but regret didn't change any of his actions, remove any of the trauma, or restore anything he had destroyed. It was rarely cheap to replace.

When KonMarie first started going around, I was wary. Then one of the "funny" quotes surfaced, that her siblings had been angry with her for throwing away their stuff. That was enough for me.

I'm unlikely to be engaging with KonMarie in a positive light, even though the aspect of facing up to one's possessions and interrogating one's reasons for keeping it and one's unlikely to be realized aspirations is important emotional as well as physical work. The fact of Marie's history of a less-violent version of this aspect of my father's abuse will forever taint her as a person to me.
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I deeply appreciate the way that LJ suggestions as-was, and DW folks, have a visceral awareness of the way the little touches of a site have impacts on the site culture.

I'm not going anywhere in particular with this idea, but I think about it from time to time and it reassures me.
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In this house we use words to communicate about issues that may affect all of us. Like f'in adults.


Me, hollering from the bathroom: "Hey Cornholio, can you put it on the shopping list?"
Partner, who just three weeks ago had been confronted with "TP for my bunghole?" on same shopping list: "Sure."


Like f'in adults.
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Physics and I are on a break until I forgive them for ejecting the egg carton from the refrigerator door.

Whereupon I called for assistance, Alex unloaded the fridge, Silver picked up egg with a series of implements and ointments, and I put away dishes so the sink could become useful and otherwise tried to stay out of the way.

A rec

Jan. 16th, 2019 07:24 am
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[community profile] capslock_dreamwidth, for shitposting in all caps.
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Commute in wasn't a nightmare because I was on the bus.

We'll see what happens this evening.

The "99 viaduct" is closed. There is a 3 week gap while crews connect the new tunnel. Those Who Predict are predicting more traffic mayhem than usual.

My commute is effectively from Tacoma Dome to the Columbia Center. Well, the one building slightly downhill that doesn't have any windows on the south side. So while I don't take a car into the city, my co-workers do. This will be fun.
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Belovedest made tater tots last night, and we all had some (except the cats). They added some of the cooked ground beef and some cheese, and said something about stretching the definition of salad.

This was clearly (to me, anyway) in the same spirit of shitposting about the definition of sandwiches. So I considered my rules. "If it doesn't have anything that looks like it's photosynthesized recently, it's nachos," I declared.

This was accepted. Though I think the thing that makes it a nacho is the melted cheese. (By which definition, a staple of my childhood was rice nachos.)


Dec. 31st, 2018 09:20 pm
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At three hours to midnight, guess who lost their balance trying to string up seasonally discounted fairy lights to illuminate the basement dungeon, stepped square on the disassembled sex swing, and fell head first into the mirror?

At a minimum, my left foot is badly bruised. I am not going to think about the further possibilities until at least tomorrow. I'm in bed with an intermittent ice pack and a mild headache.
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Missed a deadline. I am upset with myself, and my work schedule, and my computer.

After a pleasant morning, belovedest and I tackled my car accessories and the car itself. I have a bunch of things left from my last car. I sorted through them and stuffed them into the car. Then I tried starting it.

My plan had been, see if we can baby the battery through getting the emissions test, so we don't have to reset the computer. The car had other ideas.

So my partner and I get under the hood, swear at the amount of corrosion on the battery, get it unclamped (it eventually needed a hammer to pry up) and out. The tray needed rinsing out from miscellaneous mud. We got the new one in. Then we tried to get it secured down.

I will draw a veil over the subsequent hour. By the end, my gloves were filthy, my knees were about to collapse, and I was on the thin edge of a meltdown.

I managed to declare that I wanted to go forward with the paperwork we do have.

So (a few false moves later) we're at the vehicle license office in my partner's car, where I learn that the chain of ownership is missing a link. This means I am over the 15 day grace period, and get to start accumulating late fees.

The ride home is best not spoken of.

A YouTube exploration later, Belovedest was out swearing at the battery again. I washed my face and got food.

They got it more or less secured. We regrouped.

My morail is coming next week. We therefore have to set up for visitors. That means assembling the bookshelf and deploying the air mattress.

I have a venerable Kallax shelf that came with me from California.

I would have felt more like the bookshelf tested our relationship had we not just been wrestling with the battery, plus the terrifying saga of our courtship. I was the one to break a peg this time.

The less said about the air mattress, the better. Ultimately they wrapped a pair of moldable earplugs around the adapter of the big pump, then knelt there while I operated the pump.

I'm glad to be in bed now.
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Short day, long night. I need a nap.


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