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  • 05:02 Macaronin: pasta that knows no master. #
  • 09:12 Car warranty junk call, showing 50622195663. Groused to donotcall.gov after asking to stop; they hung up on me. Spammershooting != murder? #
  • 09:14 Kindergarten: asked "What do I need to do to get you to stop calling me?!" Did not say please; did not curse either. Counts as win, yes? #
  • 10:49 Really, Russian novels are So Depressing. (BTW, Night Watch / Day Watch / Twilight Watch? Strongly recommended. With tissues.) #
  • 11:18 @gameboyguy13 *wince* *hug* *cake* *hairdye* *rainbows* *kittens* *hardware upgrades* *coke* *air conditioning* *IRC silliness* #
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Oh! Life-stuff update! Since [livejournal.com profile] hcolleen has noticed symptoms that she notes are typical of an unhandled food allergy, she has stopped eating wheat since ... I think last Monday. Therefore, there are fewer wheat-based items, and many more no-wheat or gluten-free items about. (She listed off some symptoms but really that's not the sort of thing I track, so if you really want to know, ask her, not me. I'm looking at you, Guide Dog Aunt.)

Hidden Wall Safe -- yeah, hidden from everyone plus breakin artists, until your buddy tries to plug their laptop in and doesn't get power and maybe even doesn't get it in all the way.

Anyone feel like translating the concept "dream bandwidth" into Russian? :-P

I need to remember to bring more chocolate covered espresso beans to work, as they are Much Appreciated by co-workers (and me).

[livejournal.com profile] hcolleen has a new job, yay! This will make everyone happy.

Speaking of making people happy... HP Wankfest over on IJ.

The Associated Press: worse than merely foolish -- Speaking of NOT making people happy, AP (yes, that's right, the Associated Press) thinks that the internet should be paying them money for quoting as few as five words from their content, and people quoting them with permission must agree to not criticize them. That's not on. http://unassociatedpress.net/ seems to have spontaneously generated itself; good on them. Can a blog boycott have an effect?

The thing about Telephone is, it's a single chain of communications. Internet Telephone is a web, and while rumors travel fast and get distorted, there are also bunches of people who have a chance at seeking out first-person or second-person reports and presenting them and distilling them and getting the word out to a wide sphere of people. Not as vast as radio and televised news, because there are so many different channels, but we have our own priorities and we pass stuff along according to them.

My, what a big kleitoris you have! -- Which explains the "ouch" phenomenon I noticed in 1995.

Straight male brains look like lesbian brains; ditto gay male/straight female. -- What about us bisexuals? Younger sons more likely to be gay. Wonder what that'll do to uterine replicators?

So productivity is up in the US, but wages are dropping.

Via [livejournal.com profile] luminairex, dickipedia.org -- "It is important to note that Obama is not so much a dick by virtue of who he is, but rather by what he has chosen to involve himself in (e.g. presidential politics) and the resulting crowd it forces him to deal with."
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  • 04:47 A tiara makes me feel prettier. I have silver pipecleaners. It really doesn't go with the ash-grey LJ shirt, though. #
  • 06:47 A tiara makes hColleen prettier. The shape is a little unorthodox, I admit. She says she won't wear it in public. :( #
  • 11:15 Oaths that get my roommates to look at me strangely: "Fuck me with an eyespork!" (re: 113F planned temperatures for today, yowza) #
  • 11:16 @coffeechica Need a bodyguard? #
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