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In the past 8-ish years, there were a few Dudes Hitting On Me In Ways That I Did Not Appreciate moments.

There was the guy who seemed affable but vaguely sleazy, seemed to think that throwing money at situations was the best way to help what he wanted to happen to happen, and had a very quiet girlfriend whose round stainless steel necklace's clasp took a hex key. "I like your necklace," I said quietly, and she looked surprised and then colored.

He seemed to be flirting with me; I was flattered but sort of ignored it, since I wasn't into him that way, and he already had a partner. He pestered me for my legal name so he could add me on Facebook. I said that I didn't answer to that, really, but he persisted and I gave it to him. "Oh, you're right, you're really not a [birthname]," he said.

Later, he would contact me, calling me by my birthname, telling me that he'd broken up with his sub and he wanted me to come over, dress up in a maid costume, and help him ... move? clean? something.

I was not enthused. I believe that was around when I blocked him. There were just all these little sub-threshold things, adding up to the idea that I didn't want or need to be around him, and I owed him exactly zero.

There was the guy who came into IRC all excited about having Finally Found His Tribe, who hardcore pinged the alarms of one of the guys. Cut for details. )

There was the Creepy Note Leaver at work. Two days in close succession, I got a post-it with the same bad handwriting left on my cube at work. My Overlady was appalled. I was appalled. My manager was appalled. I took down the schedule I was keeping for when I was expected in next, and I found a place to hide a motion-activated webcam in the forestry of office supplies near my monitor.

No third note was left.

There was the Creepy Security Guard at work. He'd drop by and say hello, and I thought he was sweet *but*. There was just this little edge that said he was interested, and it was not something that I really wanted. As long as he wasn't mentioning it, though, I was okay pretending to not notice. Read more... )

What are the odds of him pulling that one? Unknown. But [list of friends] did not beat the odds. What makes me think I am different or safe? What is his capacity for harm, should he decide to execute it? Substantial.

I chose to avoid being alone with him as much as possible.

There was the night janitor at work, who was very sweet and I did not feel threatened but it seemed awkward as hell.

That was shortly before my contract ended. I worked on my timing, in not being excessively available. Then I was gone.


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