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  • Wed, 18:31: Success! Daylight lamp is configured above my bed. CPAP next to the bed. We'll see if this helps the sleep any.
  • Wed, 21:36: RT @strigiformes: "Computers singing robot songs to each other in order to access the internet" is the most beautiful way someone has ever…
  • Wed, 21:37: RT @sigridellis: Regret, by definition, comes too late Say what you mean. Bear witness. Iterate.
  • Wed, 21:58: Dubious uses of power exchange to fill in for executive function, an ongoing series: 4pm lunch, CPAP humidifier tank filling.
  • Thu, 08:34: RT @Lin_Manuel: A one act FB play from 2011. It's not always great being married to me. https://t.co/x4aSogXBN2
  • Thu, 08:35: RT @kiyala: me, checking out an online oder of a shirt and looking at the gender/size/colour specifications: wait, shit, I'm buying a gende…
  • Thu, 08:37: RT @OkazuYuri: Use the right words. Speak plainly, recognize obfuscation. https://t.co/X8V2d6NgNl
  • Thu, 08:40: RT @foxfeather: In the end, she chose him. She chooses him over and over again. It's not size that counts sometimes, but how you use what y…
  • Thu, 08:48: https://t.co/RUQAPBSAYf My new vocabulary word for the day. (Rurra used to peck Co on the face, ostensibly to remove a crumb. Sisters.)
  • Thu, 08:54: RT @knightswatch_: @kiyala YOU WOULDN'T BUY A GENDER
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http://azurelunatic.tumblr.com/post/155137530202/clue-ambassador-stories-pcos -- with a few extra details edited in.

If you have been diagnosed with PCOS, please follow up about annoying symptoms like extra heavy periods and changes in discharge! Backstory. )

I had vaginal brachytherapy for the radiation follow-up, which was essentially three sessions, each consisting of an hour or so of boring being still, followed by ten minutes of also boring being still with a danger dildo. There were minimal side effects.

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29/12/16 21:09
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Today was a day for trying to come back to normal: for attempting to unearth my desk from its accumulation of items, for putting away the air mattress now that Ev is safely back out of state and won't be suddenly needing my floor again, for looking at the candidate shirts for my tech company quilt.

I spent some time at a particular tech company, one that is t-shirt happy. Now that I'm no longer there, the shirts have very little use, other than to clothe me, and I'm doing fairly well on that on my own. I don't sleep in t-shirts, and while there's always some use for knit fabric scraps, I'm full up on those from all the dead pairs of shorts.

However, I do have a fairly ugly comforter that is nearing the end of its normal life. I also treasure that time in my life, and want a way to bring some of the artefacts of the time forward in a way that's friendly to my eventual plan of moving out of state. And I've got a sewing machine.

I grew up thinking about quilts as something that had to be carefully cut with precision tolerences and heavy equipment, and planned out on paper (later, computer), but the tradition of quilting has always included "woops, this dress is super worn out, but I love the fabric and it reminds me of good times", and "aaaaa I just need to cover this blanket in something".

So perhaps, in the coming weeks, I'll throw together a quilt, to remind me of the good times at Virtual Hammer, and something that can be folded up neatly in a corner of the closet without feeling like I'm wasting precious space, then spread on a bed to keep me warm.


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