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Jan. 29th, 2018


Jan. 29th, 2018 01:16 pm
azurelunatic: Teddybear that contains ethernet switch.  (teddyborg)
So! I verbally accepted a verbal job offer. Start date unknown. Rate is known, and above minimum wage. Commute is probably best done via bus, and they do give a courtesy transit card. There are benefits, but probably crappy contractor benefits. The interview team said that most/all of their team (admin support) was contract-to-hire.

The hours are 8-5, with an hour lunch; if things are slow, there's an option for a half-hour lunch and a 4:30 departure.

Assuming all goes well, I will rule two floors of tech office's snacks, via the reception desk.

I interviewed on Friday. Both people interviewing had on black and white patterned shirts. I made three. I introduced them to the term "chocolate-based diplomacy", and they liked my idea of tagging broken things with the ticket number for the fix.

Next I get to go to an IRS office and ask for 7 years of employment history. Whee!


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