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Nov. 15th, 2018

azurelunatic: The Space Needle by night. Slightly dubious photography. (Default)
Today I learned that there are backpacks specifically designed to carry bongs safely and discreetly. Activated charcoal lining.

I was just recently made a Real Boy again at work. I am full of glee and exploring so many things I want to know about how all the systems work.

I locked myself out of the lunch room briefly because I switched from the temp profile to the permanent profile on my temporary prox card. Guess who hadn't populated their new profile with permissions for this building...

We're prooooobably staying in this building through the end of the year. I can unclench a little.

P.E.A. and I have been steering clear of each other lately. Aside from the possibly paranoid suspicion that she's talking smack about me to some of the other people on her floor, things haven't exploded recently.

Today involved two large football teams colliding. Unfortunately this jacked up the subway. I missed my usual train by just short enough to knock on the closed window of the train door with my cane. I was therefore an hour later home than usual.

I have a new commute friend or two.

New Housemate accepted a job offer! Their commute will not be enviable.

Car is back with the dude for now. My schedule sucks and so does his.

Household snapshot:
Belovedest, the homeowner.
Kittenpants, the owner of Belovedest. (At least according to her. Belovedest may take the very reasonable position that Kittenpants is a cat and has no legal right to property, and humans aren't property.)
Me, no-paperwork domestic partner of homeowner.
New Housemate, who we have known pretty much since Dreamwidth started.
Murdercat, attached to New Housemate.

Kittenpants and Murdercat are being kept away from each other. Sometimes Kittenpants gets stuffed in a room so Murdercat won't be so terribly mewed up. They have seen each other briefly.

Basement is de-flooded. Some workers came to install a moat. They dug a small ditch around the inside perimeter (making it necessary to turn the basement upside-down and de-install the built-in shelves) and made it the path of least resistance to the sump. It's now covered with concrete. The sump pump has been busy.

It's nice to have more people around.


azurelunatic: The Space Needle by night. Slightly dubious photography. (Default)
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