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2019-03-09 12:06 am

Move Zig

We have moved nearly every zig worth zagging.

I work for the Borg. Well, if not the Borg, a Borg. Big tech yadda yadda. They weren't born in Seattle, but based on trends it looks like they're trying to establish a foothold.

Before September there were like 5 locations across a few blocks in Seattle. That got narrowed down to three: same or bigger staff count, more space in fewer buildings. After today, it will be two, same routine.

It's my location closing. I have emotions.

Morning started with a good solid yell about the big screen in the fish bowl room. It was large and on the wall and nobody quite knew what it would take to get it moved. Between me, Bosslady, and the visiting end user support dude Q, we figured some of that out.

Interspersed that was some fucking around with stuff downstairs. One of the local dudes, whose face reminds me a bit of the "Children! Stop eating bees!" doggos, had a smol in tow. She didn't need markers and paper, she had a phone and pink kitty headphones. They got stuff done with a minimum of wrestling with the network.

In the end, it took 5 people to get the 75" display off the wall: 3 to hold it, 1 to unplug stuff, and 1 to find the screwdriver to loosen the outrageously tight monitor cable. (Two engineers, desktop support, and two Facilities. Though usually bystanders sort me into the engineers.)

The 70s exploded in the downstairs. So much funky furniture arrived overnight. It was staged so Mr. Oregon could have his movers stop in one place.

I made a box called Move Day Essentials. Mr. Oregon came up to ask me if I had any Sharpies. I pointed him to the box. Yup.

I packed up my reception desk.

They were still going strong by the time I had to run and catch my train.

Monday will be wild. I'm at the new building for a week.

Word printed out too many labels, but that was okay.