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Old stuff: 2011: 2/26-3/4: 2nd degree burns are fun for no part of the family.

Saturday 2/26
I needed a humidifier badly to help with that whole breathing thing, but made do with a damp handkerchief over my face. Thus, I decided to go in search of one.

Sunday 2/27
I may have fallen off the internet or otherwise experienced problems with lack of Twitter archive. I was certainly still sick.

Monday 2/28
I was still not well, and hid on the internet a lot. Then I spilled hot instant soup all over myself.

I had put the soup in the microwave. I did not have a plate under the bowl, nor was I using a potholder to get it out. So I was carrying the hot bowl in my hands by the edges. Some steam came out and hit my thumb, and I recoiled; this spilled hot soup all over my purple nightgown. I quickly set the bowl down and stripped off and got cool water on myself, but not soon enough.

Tuesday 3/1
I woke up to find that my burn had blistered. I Googled 2nd degree burns, with a certain amount of panic, because having been dumped by the temp client did mean that I was not going to miss work on account of the burn, but it also meant that I could very much not afford any medical debt. I concluded that the area covered by the burns was just barely under the threshold where it would be unsafe to go without medical attention. Meanwhile, I had a lot of aloe vera, which was helpful. Also numbing throat spray, and gauze pads left over from my adventure with the steak knife.

I did get some catching up with journaling backlog accomplished, which was good for my soul.

I needed to get the new Seanan book, which meant a trip to Borderlands Books. I was in no condition to actually be out and about, but I was out and about in any case.

I could not wait to read the book, so I camped myself in the Borderlands Café and read, spilling my spoilerthoughts on [ profile] squeemachine.

I got more bandages and ointments on the way home. Score!

Wednesday 3/2
Unfortunately, a scalded tit with bandages all up on it resulted in medical adhesive on my tit, which was no-one's idea of a good time. I complained on Twitter.

Since I started wearing bright rubber bracelets some of the time, I started using my chat microphone (the one that sometimes makes me sound like bees) as a thing to stack them over.

Thursday 3/3
LiveJournal used the system normally used to put a "Hey, site funkiness" or other high-importance alerts across the top of users' screens to advertise one of the latest games. Deeply unimpressed.

I had a shirt that never quite fit right, and stuck to me unpleasantly when it got damp in the process of cooking, and didn't look particularly awesome, and the collar was weird. It developed holes, and I shredded it with the greatest of glee. I was finally free of it. It felt so good.

Rape jokes make rapists think you're on their side.

Friday 3/4
Lots of US casting is really bad re: race. This comes as a surprise to some of my UKfish.