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Azure Jane Lunatic (Azz) 🌺 ([personal profile] azurelunatic) wrote2016-02-02 11:02 pm

I'm doing fine, and then I see the emails again.

As part of my attempt to leave the workplace better than I found it, I have been leaving thank-you notes via not!Facebook. If you do it in a particular way, it will wind up in the HR admin system flagged to the positive attention of their managers.

Community Thanks to: R, codepoetica, lb, Purple, sfa, jmeme, radius, Mr. Zune, the guy who was having the trouser situation that one time, phone
All of you embody the spirit of helpful cooperation that I have come to enjoy at Virtual Hammer. You offer a listening ear to frustrations, and offer your technical perspective towards solving problems, and of course it's great to see you over some beer and a cupcake.

Mostly the responses were variations on "thanks". And then --
codepoetica: It's been an honor to serve at your side, Captain.

Composure was difficult to maintain.
radius: We might "offer a listening ear to frustrations", but you do the same... and then you get to work upon fixing those frustrations. We might "offer [our] technical perspective towards solving problems", but you go ahead and see that problems get solved.
[AJL]... Thanks for being awesome. You have an incredible drive to make things right, and you've harnessed that to make a difference at [Virtual Hammer] that few others could claim to match.

Composure lost.

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