azurelunatic: A striking pink and yellow hibiscus blossom. (hibiscus)
Azure Jane Lunatic (Azz) 🌺 ([personal profile] azurelunatic) wrote2016-09-05 11:46 pm

Things I appreciate about viable communities, an ongoing series:

When your friends can look at something that's going on, and go "uh friend. FRIEND. This current thing. If it becomes a pattern, that's going to be a problem later on."

And you go "... uh. Oh. Crap. Yeah. Thanks. Shit." and then you busily get about the business of making it not be a pattern.

In related news: I am certainly not my worst enemy. Nor am I their direct opposite. And I should stop compulsively contrasting myself with them, except as contrasting myself with them is helpful. Which it won't always be. In fact, it might not often be. I'll need to check with the other stakeholders.

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