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Azure Jane Lunatic (Azz) 🌺 ([personal profile] azurelunatic) wrote2017-01-03 11:56 pm

Sleeping and waiting...

Having got the CPAP, I seem to have been sleeping more solidly. My watch tells me about a lot of nights of 8+ hours of sleep. Of course, I haven't decreased my amount of time in bed yet. My friends claim I may be making up for oceans of sleep dep...

I'm catching up on reading, still. I'm tidying. I'm contemplating. I'm keeping up with my exercise. I'm waiting to hear from various job prospects.

There are still health things I have to take care of, but I feel like the big ones are on their way towards resolution.

My partner has survived the winter break. Next step: talking to professionals about things. We had a nice long chat yesterday about stuff. Today's chat was much shorter, as they were working on other things.

Ev's winter break is not over yet. She got a library position, and has been assigned the tedious things. Thank fuck for normal problems. Tedious winter break job is a normal problem. [Various mother shenanigans] are not normal problems.

Yesterday was time to make me un-shaggy. I trimmed my bangs. Today was the re-blue-ing session.

I checked in with Purple about dinner. He has quite a bit of very good leftover pizza, so he was going to work on that rather than do dinner out tonight. An excellent reason to not go out! It's also windy and rainy. It's been enough of that to make it cold-ish inside, so I've had to wear socks from time to time. The horror!

My phone was supposed to arrive tomorrow (Wednesday). Unfortunately, it seems to be on track to arrive Thursday, instead...

[ profile] vulgarweed has written this series that puts Sherlock and John in Middle-Earth, and I was reminded (again) of a saying that I've heard is a very Australian "no shit, Sherlock" kind of saying: "I didn't come here to fuck spiders."

I realized that this is one of those phrases that evolves, with the right emphasis. If taken literally.

I didn't come here to fuck spiders. (Look to my dumbass buddy for all your spiderfucking needs.)
I didn't come here to fuck spiders. (I really did not.)
I didn't come here to fuck spiders. (But plans have a way of changing...)
I didn't come here to fuck spiders. (I do all my spiderfucking over there.)
I didn't come here to fuck spiders. (Juggle them, perhaps. But the genitals stay put away.)
I didn't come here to fuck spiders. (I'm here to fuck! Who wants to fuck? Not you, you're a spider.)

It would probably make my entire month if, at some nebulous future point, a proposition made to a certain friend was greeted with this quip, but we can't have everything we want. (I would ordinarily say that would make my year, but there are a good number of things that might happen this year, and some of them stand to delight me even more than this would.)

I know that not all of the Dreamwidth documentation is up to date. At some point soonish, there may be a docs party. My friends who are perhaps wandering in may be positioned to help by virtue of their neophyte perspective: if there's something that the docs are inadequate in answering, this might be a good place for the docs crew to start working on filling in the gaps.

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