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I had in fact done sleep-related CBT, not realizing what I was doing! Except instead of bullshit like "This class has helped most others, so it will help me", it was stuff like "I am not a bad person because I need sleep", and "A safe amount of sleep is more important than a social event, and I should not feel excessively guilty for making that decision" and such. Because I was going after the guilt about caring for myself like I am a person who matters, and not trying to dismantle the things that have kept me safe.

The affirmations for someone with a history of trauma are so radically different. At one point in their messy breakup (which is still not fully finished) my partner was trying to tell themselves that they would be okay. That was way too positive an affirmation for someone with that trauma history, and it was making things worse. "I probably won't die if I go to game night" was better. "My partner doesn't hate me" was true, but not related to the problem. "My ex's firearms are in the possession of a third party" was helpful. And so on.

Even the not-traumatized members of this class would probably have been better served by affirmations like "That is a work problem, and I can think about it when I am at my desk" rather than "I will perform just fine even if I am only allowing myself to stay in bed for four hours."

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