The Dendrocracy of Fruit and thorn ([personal profile] sithjawa) wrote in [personal profile] azurelunatic 2017-03-21 08:20 pm (UTC)

For a while, I'm not sure exactly how long, I've had to start with the actual time of the actual event I'm going to, and schedule backwards and forwards from that, in order to make sure I have a fair chance of getting there on time and in good order.
How... is there... another way of doing this?

I need Remedial Scheduling. Since moving to the farm, I've been unable to get to anything on time, even when I plan to be there 1/2 hour early. For instance, if I have to go 5 minutes away, and plan to leave the house 35 minutes before I want to get there, I arrive 20 minutes late. This happens even when I plan things out like "I will need 10 minutes to get from the house to the car, 20 minutes to talk to the landlady when I drop the dog off, and 15 minutes to stop at the ATM." The sole exception is that occasionally, for no apparent reason and nothing being obviously different, I will arrive an hour and a half early.

I generally allow myself 30 minutes to get to the car (including all the dog stuff), 15 minutes to find the place at the other end, and then double the Maps travel estimate to account for traffic (even though it already claims to have accounted for traffic). Then, I aim to be between 5 minutes and 1/2 an hour early (depending on the type of event) on top of all that. I am still typically 20 to 40 minutes late, independent of the length of travel (it's the same for things that are 5 minutes away and things that are an hour and a half away). Sometimes, I lose 10-15 minutes on the front end because of something like "didn't leave myself enough time to eat," or "lost my keys" or "forgot I need gas" or something, but this isn't enough to account for the degree of lateness compared to the amount of extra time I left myself.

I have to start getting ready for 2PM events at 10AM if they are 1h away. I have to start getting ready for 10AM events at 7:30AM if they are 30min away.

This never used to happen to me.

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