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So as I alluded to in passing, I'm moving.

My departure from the Bay Area is May 31st.

The moving pod(s) will be with me from sometime May 26 through sometime May 31st.

I am driving to Tacoma with some of the stuff that's too delicate or otherwise unsuitable to be trusted to a pod. (Alcohol in the trunk. My computer. Stuff I'll need to survive for a week or so without things from the pod. The ancestral tea set from Dad's mom's side of the family, eventually destined for Ev. The box with the paper volumes of my journal.) The drive often takes two days; it's possible that I may accomplish it in one go, though I haven't yet driven it. (I did the Phoenix/SF drive in two days the first time, and one day on the two subsequent trips.)

The plan for Tacoma is:
* some sort of long-term pre-payable hotel for the first ~month, keeping in mind that I'll be off at Open Source Bridge for part of that, too
* two specific call centers to apply to
* look for a ~year lease
* look for a better job

Oh yes, and: see my partner and metamour on a regular basis.

This is earlier than I thought I'd be going, but it was suddenly time.

My world is boxes. Company would be welcome but is not necessary, and the number of sitting surfaces in here is drastically lower than usual.
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We'll have to get together sometime!

For job hunting, I suggest for state govt positions. There are some Tacoma-area offices for various agencies (including mine). Also some people choose to commute from Tacoma to Olympia/Tumwater, but I don't know your car situation or commuting tolerance.
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Totally understand. My minivan is about 14 years old now so I'm grateful I live about 15 minutes from work in rush hour traffic. :)

Like I mentioned, there's definitely some state agencies with Tacoma offices that may have suitable openings. And there's the Tacoma campus of University of Washington (another flavor of state employment). Plus Tacoma is a lot more booming than it was 10-15 years ago so there should be decent opportunities in the private sector too.