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Azure Jane Lunatic (Azz) 🌺 ([personal profile] azurelunatic) wrote2018-12-22 10:24 pm

Rated M for two grown ass fucking adults losing their shit at inanimate objects

Missed a deadline. I am upset with myself, and my work schedule, and my computer.

After a pleasant morning, belovedest and I tackled my car accessories and the car itself. I have a bunch of things left from my last car. I sorted through them and stuffed them into the car. Then I tried starting it.

My plan had been, see if we can baby the battery through getting the emissions test, so we don't have to reset the computer. The car had other ideas.

So my partner and I get under the hood, swear at the amount of corrosion on the battery, get it unclamped (it eventually needed a hammer to pry up) and out. The tray needed rinsing out from miscellaneous mud. We got the new one in. Then we tried to get it secured down.

I will draw a veil over the subsequent hour. By the end, my gloves were filthy, my knees were about to collapse, and I was on the thin edge of a meltdown.

I managed to declare that I wanted to go forward with the paperwork we do have.

So (a few false moves later) we're at the vehicle license office in my partner's car, where I learn that the chain of ownership is missing a link. This means I am over the 15 day grace period, and get to start accumulating late fees.

The ride home is best not spoken of.

A YouTube exploration later, Belovedest was out swearing at the battery again. I washed my face and got food.

They got it more or less secured. We regrouped.

My morail is coming next week. We therefore have to set up for visitors. That means assembling the bookshelf and deploying the air mattress.

I have a venerable Kallax shelf that came with me from California.

I would have felt more like the bookshelf tested our relationship had we not just been wrestling with the battery, plus the terrifying saga of our courtship. I was the one to break a peg this time.

The less said about the air mattress, the better. Ultimately they wrapped a pair of moldable earplugs around the adapter of the big pump, then knelt there while I operated the pump.

I'm glad to be in bed now.

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