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Abusing random Capitalized Letters.


I think what makes it a nacho to me is corn chips + melted cheese. I, for instance, will eat nachos that have green bell-peppers on 'em. (Potato chips + melted cheese are not nachos, but some unholy abomination that people can of course find edible. I mean, it might even taste good, but it will not scratch the "Nacho Itch" in my brain and taste buds.)

*ponders salad*

Salads are a mix of Similar Foodstuffs With Discrete Boundaries, with 1 or maybe 2 Dissimilar Added permitted. E.g., Leafy Greens + Dressing (dissimilar) + meat/eggs (dissimilar). Fruit + cheese (optional). Pasta-and-sauce + uncooked vegetables (optional). This means that if you mix ham slices and bacon strips together, you have a meat salad, but I can live with this concept. ^_^

Jello salad is (Similar things) + Jello (dissimilar), but humans gonna human with language.

Chili doesn't really have discrete boundaries of the ingredients, so it can't be meat salad. It has become Diffuse Boundaries, and thus is Stew.

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