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ravan ([personal profile] ravan) wrote in [personal profile] azurelunatic 2019-02-07 07:27 am (UTC)

Miss Me With DeCluttering Gurus

I tend to side-eye any popular decluttering maven. They all get so overwrought about... nothing.

One of those decluttering TV shows had the _____ _____ intervention person insisting on throwing out dust jackets for books! The whole thing was abusive as hell of the person they were doing the intervention to. Others advertise what are relatively clean rooms as "before" and "after" looks like a prison or monks' cell.

Do I have stuff I don't know why I have? Not much, because the stuff I no longer have a use for I stick into a cardboard box labeled "donate" and eventually donate it. Any of the rest I just haven't gotten around to throwing out. Yes, my home is still very cluttered - I have a lot of interests and hobbies, so I have the stuff that goes with it.

So no, miss me with KonMarie or whatever her cutsie handle is.

Want some real decluttering advice? If you have memory issues (head injury, stroke, age related, etc), store stuff in transparent bins that stack, and label them besides.

Really Useful Boxes have saved my sanity, and kept me from accidentally duplicating a great deal of stuff because I could SEE that I already had it. I may be replacing my kitchen cabinet doors with clear acrylic for the same reason - so I can see what I have, and where it is. I still have some drawers and cabinets that are mystery spots, because I've literally forgotten what is in them, but that issue is less now. The next stage is shelving for my boxes, so I can easily access and use what I have (fabric was threatening to take over my house...)

Yes, lots of my identity is wrapped up in my books and my crafts. I like it that way. I'm also a shitty housekeeper, because drudgery for its own sake does not enrich my life or do anything but cause me physical pain.

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