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Starting this morning, we-all have:

Watched some Macy's Day Parade for the number from The Prom (I'm not crying you're crying) because one of [personal profile] alexseanchai's siblings pointed it out because it had annoyed their homophobic mom.

Sang "We Annoyed Your Mom" to the tune of "We Shall Overcome"

Alex Skyped their family gathering, with incursions from Blu Housemate and Tol Housemate.

Massive tidying of the living room.


Screwed the bolts on a table leg down.

Took out the recycling.

De-crystallized the reusable chemical hot pack.

Scrubbed the sump out with bleach.

Prepared Sewzb0t Parlor for card games.

Hauled debris from the moat-adjacent activities.

Discovered that the pool table will move, but the coasters under the legs will not.


Let Thea out for a house ramble.

Painted the hoard of a dragon figurine, using glitter glue.

Moved the dining room table.

Vacuumed the dining room.

Played video games.

Tidied the bathroom.

Food, somewhere in there.

...And probably more.
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We're home safely, and the car is with our dude. It was only smoking a little at that point.

The afternoon started with a planned IKEA run for lingonberry jam.

In between that, we had the temperature light, a radiator fluid moment, the oil light twice, a long cold wait for our dude, and a shorter, warmer wait. Also the frantic dash from the exit to his place.

And then the trip back to retrieve my iPod and drop off the keys. Oops. And get food. I had breakfast and not much after that.

I stopped counting the small anxiety attacks. It turns out that under a certain level and on baseline meds, I can bring it under control by psyching myself into doing the "I need to be calm for my daughter" bit. (She was not there.)

When Belovedest and I say we're the playthings of Chaos...

Also She-Ra is great. We watched two episodes while waiting.
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Today I learned that there are backpacks specifically designed to carry bongs safely and discreetly. Activated charcoal lining.

I was just recently made a Real Boy again at work. I am full of glee and exploring so many things I want to know about how all the systems work.

I locked myself out of the lunch room briefly because I switched from the temp profile to the permanent profile on my temporary prox card. Guess who hadn't populated their new profile with permissions for this building...

We're prooooobably staying in this building through the end of the year. I can unclench a little.

P.E.A. and I have been steering clear of each other lately. Aside from the possibly paranoid suspicion that she's talking smack about me to some of the other people on her floor, things haven't exploded recently.

Today involved two large football teams colliding. Unfortunately this jacked up the subway. I missed my usual train by just short enough to knock on the closed window of the train door with my cane. I was therefore an hour later home than usual.

I have a new commute friend or two.

New Housemate accepted a job offer! Their commute will not be enviable.

Car is back with the dude for now. My schedule sucks and so does his.

Household snapshot:
Belovedest, the homeowner.
Kittenpants, the owner of Belovedest. (At least according to her. Belovedest may take the very reasonable position that Kittenpants is a cat and has no legal right to property, and humans aren't property.)
Me, no-paperwork domestic partner of homeowner.
New Housemate, who we have known pretty much since Dreamwidth started.
Murdercat, attached to New Housemate.

Kittenpants and Murdercat are being kept away from each other. Sometimes Kittenpants gets stuffed in a room so Murdercat won't be so terribly mewed up. They have seen each other briefly.

Basement is de-flooded. Some workers came to install a moat. They dug a small ditch around the inside perimeter (making it necessary to turn the basement upside-down and de-install the built-in shelves) and made it the path of least resistance to the sump. It's now covered with concrete. The sump pump has been busy.

It's nice to have more people around.
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Events: [redacted], bought mop, had breakfast, went to church (UU), loaned belovedest my most convenient spare battery, loaded some more music onto my iPod, did some laundry, mopped most of the Northeast quadrant of the basement (except under the stuff leaning against the east wall), called Nora, did some dishes, laid out clothes, called Darkside, went grocery shopping with the entire household, had supper, prepared stuff for Monday. Whew.

Darkside is doing NaNoWriMo this year. I'm pleased for him. Among other things, he mentioned that he was struggling to keep the sarcastic wit out of the draft.

Darkside has such a distinctive conversational voice. Sarcastic wit, terrible puns, and hilarious suggestivity are three of the markers. I urged him to leave it in, in case his voice as a writer had those qualities as well.

It's always so good to talk with him. I hid in the bedroom in the dark for a while. I don't have the same uncomfortable world-ending crush that I used to, the one where I made a nuisance of myself. I have belovedest to thank for anchoring me and exchanging love with me as partners and equals. I'm no longer drowning in loneliness. For Darkside, my heart is a meringue, all froth and sweetness, but annealed into something load-bearing. So we can banter, maybe into flirting, batting ideas across our divides as though we have always been in constant contact. No pressure. No heartbreak. Just a friendship old enough to vote.

He deserves all good things.
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Health: my sleep schedule has been pretty stable, which is a cornerstone of how I'm doing in general. There are things we are keeping an eye on, as well as an active "Huh, that's weird." I am gradually getting a little more of my attention span back from work and commute.

Work: my contract runs until the end of the year. The lease on the building that I'm reception for runs out sometime next year. This iteration of the Borg are currently in the "let's all sit in the same Cube" phase of their plans.

Car: much of the savings was wiped out by emergency crowns. I am talking to one of the guys who might be able to get me hooked up with a beater to at least make me mobile while I save for something better.

Kid: still settling in to the nice software job in SoCal. She bounced her birth mom's car off a freeway barrier, rolled it, and was MRI-ed before walking away basically unhurt. The car was a loss. Her parents are making the process of getting another car into a painful dramathon, and it's going to obliterate a chunk of her savings. My gratitude at her safety is overruling some of my other parental feelings.

Relationship: still with dearest partner, and it does continue to be like a sleepover with a BFF. Except with more chores. My morail continues excellent, and is planning to visit in a few months.

Household: massive work to be done on basement. Recently the bathtub was re-caulked, which should stop the basement ceiling leak. The washer broke an agitator fin; partner bought a replacement. This past weekend we demolished a basement closet so the workers can get the moat installed. It was mostly my partner swinging the sledgehammer and me unloading the bar. Once it's all done, the bar's getting moved, and I will get to set up Sewzb0t on the actual sewing machine table. Whee!

Clothes: I have discovered inexpensive black scrubs skirts. A little bit goth, a little bit punk in that I am re-purposing a thing. I should probably wear the black lipstick more, and refresh the blue hair dye.
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Yet another Silly Valley Fire Drill at work (worker traffic jam Tetris between four buildings and multiple floors) so I get to help assorted co-workers jam things in boxes. (More about that in a different entry.)

Guess whose contract is extended! Guess whose end date wasn't updated in the HR system, again!? I was meant to discover that my badge didn't work, but for some reason that hasn't been turned off yet.

I got myself a sous vide controller a while ago, but hadn't had the opportunity to do things. I am testing it on some marinated beef.

Over the weekend I tried to preserve some limes. Last weekend it was cherries.

Tonight I was low on food ideas. There were potatoes which needed using. There were wedge fries. Nom.

Kittenpants is developing a taste for flavored greased potatoes. Partner is trying to train her, but not by using Ruffles.
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I am starting to walk almost normally again, two months later. I have been doing some gentle stretches, and trying to not aggravate it.

I accepted a seat on the bus which had a folded down armrest being a bumpy piece of plastic digging into the muscle, for an hour long bus ride. Not pleasant. My knee has been out ever since.


Aug. 14th, 2018 12:26 pm
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The other weekend, I took a Friday and Monday in order to visit Babyfish in her new place with her new grown-up job.

It was very good to see her. One of the other smolfish was also visiting.

I have a number of Parental Thoughts. One of them is about Normal Problems vs. Specialty Problems. "This one guy in my training group started out as kind of a dick but he is mellowing now" is, fortunately, a Normal Problem.


Jul. 18th, 2018 07:20 am
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I am a mighty huntress, and have proudly deposited a catch in front of my surprised monkey. Mew.

Or, in slightly less metaphorical terms, while my closest work friend was busy getting laid off (alas, but morale is good), one of the companies downstairs from my floor was also frantically preparing for departure. They had a number of things to offload if possible (fewer things to pay to have hauled away), including a microwave, a fancy coffee brewer, monitors, mini-fridge, and large gong. (I think it's a sales department thing. There was one at GoDaddy.)

When my beloved's abusive and also petty shitwad ex left, there was an agreement that they could take the bar fridge. They didn't, however, *have* to leave the contents of that fridge on top of the bar in the mid-June heat. But they did.

Belovedest has had their eye out since then, with the intent of making the basement a hospitable and habitable place, instead of the hoarder hell of craft supplies it once was. Every now and then one of us goes poking. I keep looking at prices. On Sunday there were some at Costco, $10 off the usual (which was itself pretty reasonable). The sale ran through next weekend, so there was time to think about it.

The fridge here was available for the low low price of free.

I showed up on the indicated floor with a cart. I indicated my interest in the fridge and some monitors. The fridge was larger than the one I had been looking at. Score. (I revised my thoughts: fold down back seat.) I got to inherit the contents of the fridge as well: beer, sparkling water, condiments, a small glacier. I sorted through those. Neither one of us likes beer, and the rest also seemed more suited to leave at work. (Work started out as a Silly Valley tech company, so there are beer bashes. Work has matured, so they're tipping towards wine, cheese, and delivery from one of Seattle's many good food places, and some folks skip the wine. But there's still beer on offer.)

I stuffed the thing discreetly in an otherwise locked room.

What day this week can you pick up the mini fridge from Seattle?
Mon 11:09 AM

Btw claimed a mini fridge
Mon 11:09 AM

We worked out details, and agreed that the best thing was to pick it up after they got out of work Tuesday. (I wanted to severely limit the amount of time it was taking up space at work.) I packed a change of clothes, and after work yesterday I loaded the thing back on the cart and took my evening shower in the building's little gym.

We got it loaded up, then we went to take the cart back and haul in the vinegar for descaling the hell out of the old coffee brewer. Of course, the garage elevator is exit-only at that hour. Taking the stairs was not our wisest choice. But we got down into the lobby safely. The interior elevator was still running, of course. I showed my partner the view from the office, my desk, the conference room I'd named.

It's Seattle, so parking for even that short a time had a price. But as fridge prices go, parking and gas is still daaaaang cheap.

We drove home to the sound of Symphony Sanders cracking up over a Tingler.

My partner got the fridge in a workable place.

Partner: [swearing at surge protector] *mutter mutter mutter NAIL mutter mutter*
Me: ... I'll go grab the bag of hammers.
Partner: ... ...
Partner: Of *course* it's a bag of hammers.
Me, brightly: Where else would I keep them?

The fridge was situated. They have a bar fridge again. We left it with some soda to think about. Hooray.
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So my new GYN found some slight abnormalities on my pap smear in December. My June exam featured a biopsy. body horror ) (I was more fascinated than squicked.) It came back abnormal, and given my history, that meant getting it taken care of immediately.

Minor surgery ensued. )
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Some news from old-work: the "underground milkshake bunker" has stopped serving milkshakes, except to "Milkshake Man", which is lb's code name at that establishment.

They have the milk, ice cream, and blender. But only Milkshake Man (and, presumably, Purple and anyone else in the party) gets milkshakes.
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Not allowed to escort the angry man who wears sweatpants for a scarf off my floor if he wanders in; I must let security do any escorting. (My idea was to call security to meet me at the destination floor.)

"If he wanders in" is despite the keycard on the elevator, since (as previously established) he's the sort of guy that one does not want to share an elevator with.

The keycard system was put into the elevator after the time when two guys came in when security was away from the front desk, stole the evening security guy's cologne (and presumably drank it), and proceeded up to a floor with a receptionist and were drunk and disorderly at the receptionist. (The belief is that both the drunk and the disorderly were conditions that pre-dated the theft of the cologne.)
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Babyfish, who is definitely not so baby anymore, has accepted her first post-college job and is moving to San Diego at some point after finals wrap up.

Her ground crew in San Diego is ... somewhat more limited than previously thought, given that there was just an acrimonious breakup with the [UNFLATTERING OPINIONS GO HERE] boyfriend who lives in that area. (The idea that she would live with him in the post-college era was scrapped when she lived with him over the summer and it turns out that many of their personal circumstances are incompatible.)

Her brother's coming down, but she wants her mom to be there. Her source of comfort and stability amongst all the things which are going to be new and different and out of routine and terrifying.

... that is to say, not her birth mom, but me.

Excuse me. I'm having a moment.
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This morning (after all the other commotion involved in getting to work) I was going peacefully about my slightly fraught Tuesday morning inventory of all the kitchen items (food and food-related supplies) so I could get the weekly orders sent off before the 10am deadline.

Just after 9am, the curly-haired brunette manager-type asked me if I had encountered "the weird guy" and wanted to make sure that I was safe. She'd been on the elevator with another woman, and a visibly/audibly angry man. She'd already swiped her badge and punched our floor (some floors, ours included, are card-access-only, after "the Incident") but she was sufficiently uncomfortable being alone on the elevator with this guy (who had not selected a floor) that she got off at the earlier floor that the other woman had selected. This did mean that the elevator went all the way up to our floor with the guy on board, unless he'd selected a floor after everyone else got off.

It was the hope that he'd just gone back down to the lobby, and since I didn't see anyone completely unexpected (there were a few visitors from offsite, so I didn't recognize everyone) and nobody else complained, he probably did.

I've requested a copy of the incident report that building security made, since company facilities are also likely to want records of this.

I've had to explain a few times now that I have a hobby of picking up and swinging around large men, and that makes me harder to intimidate than some other people of my general body form-factor. (And The Wall was a revelation to me when I first heard of her. Someone who consorts with supers, whose powers are hyper-competent bureaucracy and standing there like a fucking wall? YES PLEASE.)
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Last week I identified that the grinding noise coming from the 22nd floor fridge at work was not the ice maker, it was the fan. Which proved to sound Distinctly Wrong even when it wasn't grinding.

An urgent visit from a repair tech ensued, wherein first he was skeptical that I had correctly diagnosed the specific thing (he believed that I had heard a sound, but clearly deals with householders who "know everything" a lot), and then impressed that I could have heard the fan over the (entirely normal) racket of the beverage cooler next to it.

The repair cost was $340. On Monday when the tech replaced the fan, he said it was very close to failure. The fan failing would cause the other bit to overheat and fail. That would have been a base cost of $1200 to replace, not to mention emergency markup and the cost to replace spoiled food.

I am apparently awesome.
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I am still alive! Work is delighting me (it's the stuff I do naturally, except with details and guidelines) but there's a lot to learn and sometimes my brain gets full. Fortunately, they are a great believer in lists, and since the list tool is shared, I don't have to prepare reports full of Things I Have Done.

There was a dishwasher incident: a clogged drain led to so much spraying around with the sink, out of the air gap fixture. Fortunately, this was a thing I'd encountered before, so I knew pretty much what to do, just not exactly who to report it to. So I emailed everybody (building management and my chain of command) and those were the correct people. It was handled in a jiffy or three, and I got to practice my graphical skills in making a "please don't dump your mac and cheese down the drain" sign. Stuff like the dishwasher incident energizes me in the moment, rather than exhausts me, but I do get drained afterwards.

The commute is pretty gnarly, but since I am taking the bus rather than driving, it could be worse. The last few miles between the express bus and home are the worst bits; at the times I'm connecting, the close bus is pretty much hourly. Fortunately, my partner's and my schedules align well enough that they can drop me off and usually pick me up.

This does mean I'm leaving home around 6am. Thanks to the current meds lineup, this is possible, rather than bitterly laughable. And the express bus is an hour of mostly dark and quiet, so I can snooze or at least chillax a bit.

I am getting to know the people there, and was invited to join the engineering contingent at the lunch table. That conversation reassured me that while they may not be fully up on the latest best practices in gender relations in the workplace, they're basically on the right side of history. This is a relief that I didn't realize that I was holding my breath for.

In other news, the kitten has decided that the kitchen counter (and the stove!) are places where she should totally be walking, and she licks the sink and tries to help washing dishes. Cats.
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I always counted myself lucky among uterus-owners, because my menstrual pain "wasn't bad".

I arrived at that conclusion via a fairly simple rubric.

1: How bad is your untreated menstrual pain? (Mine: immobilized, whimpering.)
2: How long does your menstrual pain last? (Mine: about 48 hours.)
3: How bad is your treated menstrual pain? (Mine: entirely gone.)
4: How much of a pain in the ass is it to get treatment for your menstrual pain? (Mine: barely noticeable, I just have to keep taking ibuprofen to cover me for 48 hours, and ibuprofen is easy for me to get and take.)
5: So for an average period, how badly are you typically actually affected? (Mine: maybe a half an hour of pain before I realized what was going on, then another 20-30 minutes before the ibuprofen kicked in. So only about 12 hours of light agony a year.)

Given that there are many uterus-owners who need heavier substances to knock theirs down to only distractingly painful, and can't always get those things, I felt lucky, and rightfully so.


Jan. 29th, 2018 01:16 pm
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So! I verbally accepted a verbal job offer. Start date unknown. Rate is known, and above minimum wage. Commute is probably best done via bus, and they do give a courtesy transit card. There are benefits, but probably crappy contractor benefits. The interview team said that most/all of their team (admin support) was contract-to-hire.

The hours are 8-5, with an hour lunch; if things are slow, there's an option for a half-hour lunch and a 4:30 departure.

Assuming all goes well, I will rule two floors of tech office's snacks, via the reception desk.

I interviewed on Friday. Both people interviewing had on black and white patterned shirts. I made three. I introduced them to the term "chocolate-based diplomacy", and they liked my idea of tagging broken things with the ticket number for the fix.

Next I get to go to an IRS office and ask for 7 years of employment history. Whee!
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Karaoke night tonight. It wasn't just me: it was very crowded and rowdy. A friend picked me up on her way there, and my partner got me after their music practice let out.

Interview tomorrow. Yet another company needs administrative support. This one seems more receptionist flavored.

I think I got about half the beaded fringe on the lace of the first cup of the formal bra. I keep going to events where clothing is much more of a suggestion than a requirement, and while I rarely want to parade around nude, I would like to have something nice to wear. It's very expensive to buy lacy bras in my cup size. But I am a crocheter. I have branched out into lace. The solution sort of presented itself...


Jan. 24th, 2018 02:28 pm
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My dear little phone (Galaxy S7, got last January) was starting to drain with the screen on except for one card game, even while plugged in. This was a problem. But the rest of the phone's fine, and new phones are expensive, so I decided I'd try replacing the battery on my own (after finding that a kit was only $15, including little tools). I left the phone unplugged all afternoon so it would discharge, since I have an aversion to leaving naked lithium-ion batteries around while fully charged. I warned my partner that I was running down my phone battery, and it might be off before they got home. It hit about 3% at the exact moment they unlocked the door. I pulled up a list of instructions and a demonstration video.

(At this point we pause to go out and be social with one of the local crews for an hour or two. My partner joins some of The Guys in attempting 5 rail trick shots. I plug in for long enough to play silly games on the way back.)

It turns out that to open the S7 you need to heat the adhesive.

After moving away from Alaska to Phoenix AZ, I had little need of a hair dryer. Why add heat and waste electricity when I could just walk outside and benefit from the evaporative cooling a little? I was also a member of [livejournal.com profile] longhair for many years.

At some point I got an inexpensive hair dryer and never used it. I last remember seeing it on the table when Leopard Girl was gearing up for some fancy event. I have no idea where it got put away after that.

All this is to say that I was not prepared for that requirement. I sulked, loudly.

I tried pulling/prying without applying heat first, but that of course didn't work. When I'm particularly determined, though, I don't necessarily let these things get in the way. I thought about what I had available to apply heat. I do have an electric kettle. I decided that the best way was to fill a container with boiling water and set the phone against the container.

The best container, I decided, was going to be one of those thick silicone bags I got when I was preparing to do sous vide cooking. (I have not, as yet, been as determined about sous vide as I am about having my phone get acceptable battery life.) I rummaged around the basement looking in my various kitchen boxes for the damn things, since I knew I'd seen them semi-recently. I was down there long enough that my partner came down to make sure that all was well. All was; I just couldn't find them. We did find laundry and the cup-cap for that blue thermos.

I was only slightly daunted, and proceeded to stuff one of the lovely dishcloths (handmade by one of my partner's friends) into two plastic zippybags, and poured water on that. I clearly had the right idea, but it wasn't transmitting enough heat before it cooled. I wound up with two dishcloths, folded, nearly fully saturated with boiling water. That did it, and I was able to pull and pry the back off the phone.

My partner kept the cat from claiming my seat as I popped up and down to get things. I took my glasses off and disappeared into The ZoneTM. I was in there for a while. My partner reported that I'd sworn a few times while I was out, but not very much. I bent the old battery in getting it out (it felt a little like stiff clay as I was prying) and was glad that I'd discharged it. I Sharpied a warning on it.

At the end, my phone booted right back up. No problems. I look forward to at least a year of reasonable battery life.


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