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That was a really nice birthday!

There was stuff on the internet when I woke up. I love the Marmalade Fish, and my fishchildren in particular. I had put blue dye (and a touch of purple) on my bangs before going to bed, and had covered it with a scarf. I put more blue on the ends of my hair for a while, then showered it all off before heading out to party.

Guide Dog Aunt & Woodworking Uncle had been helping Infamous Cousin & his girlfriend paint. The girlfriend has some very definite ideas about color, and is implementing them full-steam-ahead. I showed up first, then my aunt and uncle, and after a little while (and I was nervous as hell) there was a knock on the door and the top of a very familiar head visible! It was Purple!!!!

Purple asked if he could help out; Guide Dog Aunt mentioned retrieving some folding chairs from upstairs, and proceeded to give some directions which even I (and I know the house) couldn't particularly follow. Purple looked super confused. "Cousin the Younger's room or Infamous Cousin's room?" I ask. "Infamous Cousin's." So we went up together. "I wouldn't have found it based on those directions," Purple confirmed.

I curled up at the far end of the couch with my crocheting, and Purple took the other end and stretched onto one of the nearby chairs. There was conversation and laughter. Guide Dog Aunt was very concerned with Not Being A Jerk with the food, and had gone out of her way to unnecessarily avoid dairy products. (My level of lactose intolerance means that I should not drink a whole cup of milk without the pills. I can add milk to coffee or whatever without having a noticeable problem. I can definitely have most cheeses without pills. Guide Dog Aunt decided that we should not have pizza because I am lactose intolerant and I shouldn't have to tolerate the cheese on my birthday.) Guide Dog Aunt somewhat guiltily said that even though I didn't deserve to have tomatoes shoved in my face, she had put out tomatoes anyway, because they were so delicious. I allowed as how yes, they were delicious, and I had no problems with food that I couldn't eat being present as long as it stayed in its lane -- now, if the tomatoes were exploding and getting all over everything else, I'd have a problem. "Or a bell pepper juice fountain," I mused. "Or walnuts."

Guide Dog Aunt zipped out of the kitchen and quickly reclaimed a large mason jar. She'd forgotten about the walnut thing, and had put some particularly fine and delicious walnuts in a jar for me, in addition to the chocolate she'd gotten for me, because the walnuts were great and she wanted to share the love -- having forgotten which nut I can't have. Purple snickered at that, and allowed as how his friends also forgot which nut he couldn't have, and would sometimes proudly go "We made sure there were no almonds in this for you!" ... which, thanks for the thought and effort! ... but almonds are delicious to him, and it's the wrong nut???

"Oh, which nut do you have problems with?" Guide Dog Aunt asked.
"Walnuts," he said.
"Matching nut allergies! A match made in heaven!" Guide Dog Aunt chirruped, and spirited the walnuts away from our end of the room.

In addition to Dazzle the now 10+ year old blue poodle, my aunt was guilt-dogsitting Micah-from-next-door, who is this ancient and somewhat malodorous foxy-looking medium-large dog. Her people were off out of state for a thing, and the last time she was at a kennel she refused to eat, blundered into things, and nearly died. So my aunt feels like she kind of has to watch her when her people leave...

R and JD showed up next, in fairly quick succession, I think? R was delighted by the pleasant temperature in Pacifica, as the South Bay had hit over 100F by the time she'd left.

Woodworking Uncle drifted in and out for a bit, but eventually wound up upstairs away from the assorted chaos.

Little bits of internet kept filtering in. There was an email from Darkside. "Ooo, email from [Darkside] in Arizona!" "What's [Darkside] in Arizona up to?" Purple wanted to know. I read the email quickly. He's gone from phone goon to bench guy, restoring the laptops of his co-workers to working order. Yay!

I told R the grim tales of Fishie's internship misadventures. R was super sorry to hear about it, but also, Missouri ("Misery", Purple chimed in) and certain types of terrible tech dude. Alas. :( Though I have given my Fishmumly Approval that Fishie should perhaps mention to Certain Terrible Dudes that she goes to judo classes to help with "her problem" with "accidentally punching" people who get in her space and startle her...

JD had brought games (I have decided that I am in favor of the kind of party where you ask people to bring games that they might like to play) and we played a round of Taboo before dinner. There was general hilarity, and it turns out that cards that were produced more than a decade ago have not blocked some of the modern helpful synonyms. ("Cable" involved me saying "last mile, internet, not optical older than that, xfinity, comcast")

There was dinner, followed by cake. Guide Dog Aunt had decided that with the number of people confirmed, there would need to be two small cakes, so there was a key lime cake and a chocolate cake. JD had the task of placing the candles. Everyone who was not me or JD had the task of lighting. Guide Dog Aunt had matches, and she and R lit candles to use as igniters. Purple had the bbq lighter, but had some troubles with it. JD was filming it all.

They sang. One of the slightly awkward bits with someone who has a complex name situation is, what name do you use when singing? Purple sang "dear Azure", quite correctly. :)

And then there was cake. Mmm, cake.

Gaming re-commenced. When he arrived, Purple had handed me a very small silver bag with silver snowmen and blue tissue paper, with a gentle apology for the wrapping, but it was what he had. I had giggled and put it aside. Read more... )

Guide Dog Aunt had said that there was a hard end to the party, because bedtime, so after the round that had started before 10pm finished up (after 10pm, of course), I mentioned bedtime. And so we started trying to get cleaned up. It had not been a particularly untidy party, so there wasn't that much to do.

Everyone seemed pleased to have met everyone else, and the refrain seemed to be "glad to finally meet you, I've heard so much about you." Purple apologized to JD for not having been able to make it to Eurovision. The Eurovision party had been more low-key than JD had been figuring on, as it's often balls-to-the-wall glitterenthusiasm.

It turned out that JD was on [personal profile] quartzpebble's way home, so that carpool worked out. Purple consulted the map on his iPad to figure out how to get back the way he'd come. Guide Dog Aunt sent the bread home with me, and I got my stuff (bread, games, bag, flowers, crocheting) loaded up in my car, and had a last round of chat and hugs with Purple before he leaves for a month.

Even though I've been making sure that my place is tidied to at least Purple-safe, the "I have to still do laundry and finish packing, but I guess it's mostly under control" moment is not the time to say "hey, do you want to afterparty at my place??" but I was just pleased as hell because omg he came, he had fun, and everybody got on. Everybody else, it would have been sad but okay if they'd not gotten along with my family. But Purple? Purple is super important.

I was home just about at 11, as my watch nudged me with the "hey, it's 11!" update as I was walking down the path.

I think Guide Dog Aunt thinks Purple and I might be dating? It's ... not a bad assumption, just incorrect in a few particulars.
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So the record of my life seems to be missing a few days. Read more... )

The 3rd was a Thursday, and that meant Farmers' Market funtimes for all. Party planning. )

I arrived at Tif's later than I had planned due to getting timesucked in Target, but I made up some of that time by driving rather than BART-ing. People were there, we watched many lovely things, including MythBusters (MIXING PEPPER SPRAY AND FIRE IS THE BEST IDEA EVER YOU GUYS, OMG) (JD showed up at the end of that, so we'd timed it well, as he doesn't particularly see the attraction of the show: he must be missing the EXPLOSIONS ARE COOL gene), and then there was chili, and Glee, and strawberries-and-cake-and-whipped-cream. And Doctor Who. And we were watching Doctor Who while Asterix the Basement Cat watched figure skating on YouTube on [personal profile] jamoche's iPad. And midnight hit, and the funtimes were still proceeding, strawberries and cream and fun and yay.

It was awesome. The love from the internet started pouring in full-steam about then, and omg, you guys, you really amazingly know how to make someone feel generally adored. ♥ Thank you all.

Party planning, redux. ) I picked up the rest of the party and we showed up. Socialization, meeting-the-dogs, hilarity, refrigerator magnets, gossip, and dinner preparations ensued. [ profile] raranax was making this GORGEOUS cake, although the beginnings looked slightly dubious at first, being a small slab of very flat cake.

Dinner was bread and vinegar and oil, salad, collaborative pizza building, and finally, the cake.

♥ ♥ THE CAKE. ♥ ♥

There were 13 candles: 30 candles on the tiny cake was not particularly practical in this case, and they matched, and in any event I am in some cases 30 going on 13. (I believe in IRC the usual claim is that I am in fact a 13-year-old boy, or at least I have the sense of humor of the same.)

Lit cake on Twitpic

There was some hemming and hawing about singing, but in a bit the singing commenced. Then Tif and my cousin busted into the Birthday Dirge. "There are 30 more verses!" someone chirped, after the first verse or two. However, I blew out the candles instead, after having thought of a wish. My breath was barely big enough; I hadn't inhaled with that in mind. But I made it.

The cake was fabulous. FABULOUS. Imagine a heavenly combination of whipped cream and Nutella, except slightly more substantial and not potentially gross. ♥ ♥ ♥

Then there was Cranium, and general hilarity, and cleanup. We all left around midnight; I asked my aunt about plans for the next day; she said that she'd come by to pick me up around 10:45. It was an excellent birthday.

Then zip! )

Rather than driving to L.A. and dealing with the road and traffic and all, we were to be flying, and flying on my uncle's plane. This was my first experience with it, and the smallest plane I'd been on. I enjoyed it (and took notes); the major differences mostly involved not dealing with airport security, the safety briefing (brief), being able to see the cockpit and see out the front, getting serious gadget envy about the aircraft-grade Garmin GPS-plus-assorted-instrumentation unit, and the side-to-side as well as up-and-down turbulence. Oh, and the seeing-out-the-front led to a moment or three of sheer terror as we landed the first time, because I'm only used to seeing the ground at an angle out the side windows, not seeing the ground at quite that angle out the front.

La la la family party with exactly five people I knew. )
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My father called on the 3rd to wish me a happy birthday a bit early. Birthday wishes have been coming in all day for the past two days, and it makes me feel cherished. (My best friend even replied to an e-mail, which is not quite earth-shattering but certainly notable.) Wednesday night was a delightful small group birthday gathering with Star Trek, Love Songs, and many, many forms of dessert (including a somewhat shaken fruit tart like the 2005 one). (The night ended on a slightly scary note with a freaky BART stalker, but I got home safely.)

Very excitingly, I now share a birthday with not only my "twin" from elementary school, but also [ profile] rizzo's new daughter! Congratulations!!

My aunt and I went to the farmers' market as is usual for Thursday mornings. I caught a bit of a nap while she collected lunch and stuff, then she picked me up and we headed for a little beach she'd found, dogs and all.

The beach had cellphone reception about as bad as my cellphone reception at home, so joining [ profile] zarhooie's birthday songs on my voicemail was another message from my father.

We spread out towels and had sandwiches and lounged in the sun. We both had books. The dogs found their own entertainment. Deacon was mostly drooling on things. The poodle decided to say hello to everyone, and eventually found a golden retriever who was playing catchball with the sea, and there was much running around. Deacon knocked over the dog pop-up tent from the inside. He also got sand all over every wet part of his face, including the drool. He even found a dead seagull to roll in!

I got sand all over too, but happily not in places that no sand should be. My sunblock seemed to have been sufficient, so I am not toasted.

When we got back, my sister called! We chatted about this and that.

I didn't manage to get a call in to my best friend, and when I stopped saying that I'd have a moment later, it was too late. Ah well, there will be other days and other calls.

As always, this day is not wholly mine. I will never forget 1989. It has been 20 years now.
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I aspire to be Ms. Universe when I grow up. Not Mrs. Universe, because that would be kinda creepy, almost Stepfordesque, but more like Mr. Universe. Except for the ending.
Octopus would have been freaky without the 1337 haxx0r thing going on.
Reavers = ew.
Darkside = sweet.
River + ceiling = OTP

Darkside's mother is warm and caring and sweet, and Just Does Not Get some aspects of Geek Social Time. Darkside popped into his room and grabbed Vol 1. of Journey to the West and resumed reading. She warmly, lovingly, and caringly scolded him about Ignoring His Guest, and being Just Like His Dad. In strict point of fact, His Guest had been warmed by the sight of him breaking out a good book, and had actually been contemplating going out to her car and retrieving Her Book, then curling back up on the couch with American Gods and spending a leisurely remainder of the afternoon in companionable silence without the goddamnnoisybox interfering.

Strawberries = good. I now know what I want to use to bribe him with. I am a part-time cleric of Aphrodite -- but all I could think about was the juicy strawberries and the fact that I was sharing them with him. We were having a Moment. That's probably sufficient right there. I didn't even think about attempting to eat the strawberries suggestively. It was just Us. Us and the strawberries. There's a photo of me at my first birthday with a strawberry cake that turned into a royal mess. 25 years later, strawberries and gooey creamy dip-stuff were just the perfect thing. I successfully resisted Cake (left over from yesterday's epic graduation party for Darkside's friend). Given a choice between leftover chocolate cake and sharing strawberries with Darkside? Strawberries win.

After I wake up on Monday? Bookstore time, so I can tell Darkside what he got me. ;)

I woke up to random birthday messages on LJ. I signed in to IRC, and there was a mini birthday party there. Then [ profile] swallowtayle called to wish me a happy birthday. After that, I wandered over to work, bearing veggies and chips for the planned potluck in honor of Grandma Cinderella's birthday. I was the only one who remembered that it was happening... Work did wish me a happy birthday, though. Then I went over to see Darkside, since our communications about the date had been left at "I'm not sure -- I have $EVENT Friday, and then $RELATED_EVENT Saturday... we'll see?" He and I had left at about the same time; when his mom called him, he was a quarter mile away from my doorstep. Much hilarity was had; he turned around and came back, and I hung out. Mama called a bit later, and then V. Much fun was had overall.

I left Darkside's at a reasonable hour, then wound up calling Shawn after I refueled and started with the drive home. Much fun there too. Then stopped in to see [ profile] trystan_laryssa and [ profile] dustraven. Wound up going over and saying hi to Loren, as that's where D was. Kitty hijinks! Then, back to their apartment, and cookie puffs and then Princess Princess. Crack indeed! And so sparkly!

Oh, yes, a good birthday.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] pharminatrix! May good stuff happen.
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I got an utterly dorky birthday card from a certain best friend (and I'm only just now getting around to sharing a week later).
The front: Birthday Wishes from Gandalf!

The inside... )

The back... )
I would not trade my best friend for anything in the world. Except Gandalf's portrayed as kind of ... purple. I'll have to bring that up the next time we talk, and tell him that something about the card Just Isn't Right.

... I've got to find something for next April 1st to top the Spotted Dick of '04.
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I think this song contains a not-so-subtle reference to "MacArthur Park". A hope to never see that recipe again counts as a mention of "I'll never see that recipe again", right?

I hope it's going to be a good one. It's been a decent one already: good fic, good music, and soon to be good cleaning.
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As of when I left for work today, Darkside had not gotten back to me about what the plan was for getting together with me for my birthday. So I called during break. I got his mom.

"I heard him saying something about stopping by your place on Saturday. You mean he hasn't gotten back to you yet? That turkey!"
"Yeah. Could you please ask that turkey to call and leave a message or e-mail me back?"

I got home to find two messages -- both blank -- on the machine, and his number on the caller ID. I opened my e-mail inbox as I called him. "Did you read your e-mail?" he asked. "Reading it now," I said. This time, seeing his e-mail address as the sender wasn't such an unexpected thrill, but it was still nice.

He's letting someone from work borrow his instance of the original trilogy, but he'd love to watch what I've got -- and he proposed something I hadn't even dared mention.
weekend is kind of hectic, however, so I probably won't be showing up until
around noon. This was for this Saturday, correct? (Or, I could take you to
Episode III for your birthday).
Some chatting on the phone clarified this: yes, he was proposing that he take me to the movie, his treat. "It is your birthday, after all."



It's the end of the world as we know it. There is no other explanation.
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V brought chocolates with, so I had to look up Crunchy Frog. (Warning: Python, disgusting choccy ingredients.)

We're having an interesting writing group. V turned 50. We're at Cafe Fiat tonight.
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He and I were King and Queen of the Library Monkeys. He had comedic timing down perfectly. He made himself a walking joke, and I supplied his lines, quietly, backstage, and he got the laugh when he delivered them.

I got to watch the process. I'd make a snarky quip on a current event to him, he'd laugh, then he'd make his rounds of the school. I trailed behind as he swished his black trench coat and marched to the far corners of the school, royalty visiting the courtiers and peasants. At each stop, he'd make conversation, work the line in, get his laugh, and ponce off. I heard my quip five times a day. It stopped sounding so fresh after the third time. He was careful to not repeat the line to the same group of people. I don't know how he kept track of it.

He told me that we made a great team. I had the gift of words, to come up with these lines, and he had the comedic timing, to pull them off.

I still have my words, and I'm sure he still has his timing.

Happy Birthday, Fuzzy Modem.


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