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Located the appropriate pliers. Fixed my star necklace. Hooray!

Hauled laundry down from car.

[personal profile] vass encouraged me to hunt down and read "BLIT", "comp.basilisk FAQ", and "Different Kinds of Darkness". (I gave "What Happened at Cambridge IV" a skip after reading http://kasmana.people.cofc.edu/MATHFICT/mfview.php?callnumber=mf853 because I'm pretty sure I would leave yelling about stereotypes and representation.) As a result, I have no idea which character of mine has the blackwork tattoo of an almost-parrot with fractal bits, but somebody does, and I don't think they're a particularly nice person. It takes a special kind of person to read a short story about an extreme memetic hazard, and go "You know, I think I want that on my body. Permanently." Only some of those sorts of people are ones I'd like to hang out with.

I hadn't set up xkit properly on Bell. I just reinstalled the blocky thing, and blacklisted Guardians of the Galaxy, and I'm so much happier. Icon for this entry came up on the first click of the random button. Unpopular fannish opinion, including disability, abuse, and Bucky ) Combine that with the stuff about women, and you know? I don't have to see it in the theatre, and when I do hit up Tumblr, I don't have to see it there either. Yay xkit.

Oh god. It's Lovie who has the Parrot tattoo. As a tramp-stamp.

I am a grown adult, and don't need to pout over cafeteria table shenanigans. Invisible Purple was invisible; I had a pleasant lunch with part of Purple's usual table (quietly, in the corner, because I am in fact kind of shy in addition to being introverted).

Various things converged such as I was thinking about some of my youthful shenanigans and the list of people who I trust more than I trust (That Idiot) Shawn. Previous thoughts on the multi-factor slider-bar mixing board of trustedness. The various emotional fuckery, the general shenanigans, and gross physical unsafety, done unto me; no one was actually hurt ) means that actually, a hell of a lot of people are on that list. Purple happened to mention some of his weekend's entertainments. So there was a bit of chatter about trust and such.

I'm doing better with shoes than I was a few years ago. Regularly wearing shoes that were terrible for me basically destroyed my feet, such that walking barefoot on a hard surface like my somewhat springy vinyl kitchen flooring was painful and I could feel damage happening. (And the terrible shoes were the best shoes I had at the time -- I had worse ones, which accelerated the damage.) Being able to afford better shoes (and fix my really good ones) gave my feet the chance to heal. Healed feet means that I can actually sometimes wear thin foam salon sandals while walking down the concrete sidewalk and across the brick courtyard, and while I can tell I shouldn't do it all day, it's not actually unpleasant or dangerous.

Purple noticed that my fingernails were blue and sparkly! He mentioned that he'd already noticed the fingernails when I was showing off my toes. I am very pleased by being blue and sparkly. I noticed in the bathroom mirror that my bangs are starting to glitter a bit. The family genes are starting to kick in. Guide Dog Aunt is a very elegant salt-and-pepper. Aunt-Fayoumis has mostly white hair that's going rusty from her water. My dad is basically Biker Santa. So it's just been a matter of time before it's notable on me. And I'm so very happy that it's coming in silver and glittery. Silver and glittery means that my hair is its own glitter. This is the best, and it's even Kat-safe!

Connie and Mike are teasing me with something involving Mike in some sort of magically altered state of consciousness, which is weird because Mike is kind of a control freak. Which is what makes me super curious.

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Dec. 3rd, 2013 12:01 pm
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  • Mon, 19:39: ladyspirits: theprettygoodgatsby: my favorite part of hamlet is at the beginning when they see the ghost of... http://t.co/yGXDDba6gK
  • Tue, 00:10: Just found a post-it with "revenge boba" scrawled on it. Pretty sure that lb and I were discussing gonzo kitchen science again.
  • Tue, 00:27: RT @Inoru88: @azurelunatic "gonzo kitchen science" sounds like you put Gonzo, the Swedish Chef, and Dr Bunsen Honeydew together, unsupervis…
  • Tue, 01:01: My fitbit #Fitstats for 12/02/2013: 1,850 steps and 0.8 miles traveled. http://t.co/gFMrr7HEB6
  • Tue, 01:34: RT @xlerb: @azurelunatic First parsed as being about Boba Fett.
  • Tue, 02:13: RT @Ali_Davis: The magnificent antlers of the bisexual are grown and shed each year, and reveal beautiful patterns under ultraviolet light.…
  • Tue, 03:34: RT @norabombay: I am quoted in the daily dot article on crack van. Being an internationally known expert on assbabies is good for some thin…
  • Tue, 03:48: RT Step 1) see if Amazon PrimeAir delivers bees Step 2) look up address for Comcast headquarters Step 3) BEEEEEEEEES #nointernetever #bees
  • Tue, 03:55: RT @FriedGoldDan: A Toyota, racecar and Civic turn up at a velodrome. The cyclist says "This is for bikes, you're thinking of a palindrome."
  • Tue, 03:56: RT @miss_s_b: Oh god. Neuroplasticity, people. If you live in a starkly gendered society YOUR BRAIN WILL ADAPT. *subtweeting the entire ne…
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So apropos of the Space Marine problem (some copyright-happy twits are overreaching, and ain't no one happy), there was an explosion of, among other things, Twitter display name changing. Thus I have gone from Azure Jane Lunatic to Space Marine Azz.

And then chatting with [personal profile] amberfox, I mentioned the desire to write deeply cracky, self-indulgent, blatant self-insert Space Marines.

Amber: "As long as we all know what it is. And you wash your hands after."
Me: "Those are among the Tumblr-style tags to be used."

I'm not writing it (now), and somehow it feels like I'm cheating on Connie & Mike by writing other things. However. There is a compromise. It will join the many things that exist in the world of Cracked Phoenix. (Mike thinks it's a bit asinine. Connie loves it.)

Space Marine Azure

From the same production company that brought you the cult hit anime Darkside Knightmares ... Space Marine Azure!

From the orbiting battle platforms high above Earth, the space marines in their distinctive pale aqua power armor deliver peace through superior firepower wherever they are needed. Scrappy genderqueer space marine Azz has ambitions to make it to number one in hir unit. Can sie gain the cooperation of a squad full of deeply weird individuals and overcome hir rivals, as well as stand up to leadership that is not ready for people like hir? Is Earth ready for alien contact? And what of the ship's psychologist, who understands Azz a little too well? Will the anime do justice to the manga series? Only time will tell.
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In which I yell at Connie a bit even though she can't help what she has an interest in. Dodgy content.

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There are sometimes reasons I talk to Mike more.
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In which I rediscover something about The Girl Who Owned a City, by O.T. Nelson, that failed to stick in my head from 2009, in #yuletide:

[22:42] <[personal profile] azurelunatic> ... oh dear god.
[22:42] <[personal profile] azurelunatic> I think I hate http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Girl_Who_Owned_a_City even more now.

[22:43] <strixus> and why Azz?

[22:43] <strixus> i can think of plenty of reasons why to hate that book

[22:44] <[personal profile] azurelunatic> Okay, so there's this really juicy post-apocalyptic story about a girl who manages to craft a well-armed civilization out of the wreckage.
[22:45] <[personal profile] azurelunatic> And I'm 12, very invested, and then she discovers this WONDEROUS BOOK THAT CONTAINS ALL THE LESSONS THAT SHE WILL NEED TO SOLVE HER PROBLEMS, and of course I'm very curious what it is, and then it never says and I become furious.
[22:45] <shati> i liked the girl who owned a city when i was a young girl who knew nothing of ayn rand
[22:46] <[personal profile] azurelunatic> I re-read it as a 20-something, and fly into a pagan-agnostic rage, because clearly it's the Bible.
[22:46] <shati> ...IT IS?
[22:46] <strixus> oh god
[22:46] <[personal profile] azurelunatic> AND NOW I LEARN THAT IT IS AYN RAND WHICH IS WORSE
In which alternate books are suggested and discussed. )

All this talk of books results in yet another cracky title that gets dropped into my NaNo to get it out of my head:

[23:12] <[personal profile] azurelunatic> so there's "The Dangerous Book for Boys", and "The Daring Book for Girls" --
[23:12] <[personal profile] azurelunatic> They were hanging out in Chad's room again, Max sprawled out on Chad's bed, and Chad kicked back in the desk chair reading "The Poorly-Behaved Book for Tiny Psychopaths".
[23:13] <[personal profile] alexseanchai> hee
[23:13] <Chokolatte-1955> lol
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Video, lyrics )

This came on the radio when I was heading home from Trader Joe's in the rain the other night. It's a musically lovely song, and I haven't thought of it in -- possibly a decade. A number of other old songs got dredged up in that set, and it was pretty much perfect. Mike's been hanging out in my brain, and he has thoughts about that song. Not that he'd share them with any of you, but he comes out to play when that song comes on. Hi, Mike. (Mike also has thoughts about Green Day. He doesn't like Green Day much. Okay, that's sort of inaccurate. He relates to Green Day far too well, so he dislikes them immensely.)
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Our players, most of whom have already been introduced earlier in the story:

Max, a Fire Mage college student
Chad, His Friend (not special friend though)
Neil, His Roommate (Max's, not Chad's)
Thomas, a Resident Assistant and a Douchebag
Various Firefighters

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This is the fruit of my first hour-and-change of work, and also the excerpt that's up on the NaNo site.

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I spent the better part of the weekend dogsitting at my aunt's. Deacon is getting old, deaf, and incontinent, so it's best not to leave him alone for more than two hours.

He wakes up at 2am and barks needing to be let out. This ... did not do good things for my sleep schedule, given that I'd not remembered to bring the bare minimum of the pillows required for me to sleep comfortably.

There was a nasty twitter-account-compromise wandering around. The compromise was easy to spot amongst the people I read there, as very few of them would voluntarily tweet in support of a fad diet. I thought the first one might have been legit as I was expecting a scathing takedown of the latest fad diet, in fact, but unfortunately that was also a compromise.

On Sunday, I wound up with a migraine, so I was in excellent condition to meet my Infamous Cousin's new girlfriend (who works as a stripper). I wasn't having a good time actually locating my words, I was still half asleep, and fucking headaches. I did wind up discovering a fascinating item. In my search for the shower of a thousand tentacles, I found the Vado "Sculpture" tentacle shower, which she also approved of. (I think I like this one. Also the handcuff earrings.) And what hazing of the new girlfriend would be complete without sharing the Chocolate Penis Saga?

So I came home and basically slept for the remainder of Sunday and a good chunk of Monday, though I was awake to ask some salient questions in e-mail; there was less swearing than you'd think under the circumstances, although some of this was replaced by locutions such as "Also the previous query, [redacted], except louder, with a dance number and maracas."

I was in fact awake enough to go to a NaNo kickoff, which was fun. I recognized one of the people there on sight, not from previous NaNo stuff, and the shirt confirmed it. "Hello, co-worker!" I greeted him. There may be a sufficient number of $WORKPLACE folks doing NaNo to sort of club together.

Jennifer Christine Marie Elizabeth (fictional) spoke up at one point during all this, declaring that her name was in fact Lydia. GOOD TO KNOW. ... Oh god, she's got one of those alphabet names, doesn't she. Anna Bethany Christine Dagny Elizabeth Francine Gilda Heloise Isa Jennifer Kathryn Lydia Marie. Jesus christ that's a mouthful. Happily they ran out of steam halfway through. (It would have been Glinda had her mother not been too stoned on pain meds to remember how it was supposed to be spelled.) Poor Lydia.

The recent fad in "color blocking" makes me think of one thing, and I was fortunate enough to find a shirt illustrating this. I have plans for Wednesday.

I came home to find out that the promised changes to LiveJournal friends pages are in previewable state. I am so opposite of thrilled. I should really get around to RSSing-on-DW all the public journals I'd like to follow, and subscribing-to-notifications for the friends who post locked. Now that Carrie's clear, I just want to say that I hope the company reaps the benefits of its brilliant user research and customer service, and that the highest-up management gets to share in their full share of that result.
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In light of http://xkcd.com/1124/, it occurs to me that one of the failure modes of extreme follow-through, the sort of honor that keeps every promise and discharges every obligation or dies trying, is that it may not give consideration to the balance of good that it's accomplishing by following through, versus how upset affected parties might be when things go awry *during* the follow-through.

Let's contemplate a universe where Lily Aldrin's dad decided that to make up for a decade of bad birthdays, he was going to throw (adult) Lily a fabulous party with clowns, because he had *promised* when she was like six or something. And of course everything goes horribly wrong, and someone looking at the situation without the context of the weight of obligation would probably decide that there was nothing to be actually salvaged from the wreckage, and give the fuck up (much to everybody's relief; Marshall was getting ready to slap someone, and it might not have been Barney). But no, not Lily's old man. HE'S GOING TO FOLLOW THROUGH, DAMMIT. And disaster ensues, and in service of the stated goal (follow through on the promise) he loses sight of the deeper goal (make Lily happy).

A commitment to any promise or principle above all others, without giving consideration to what else gets broken in the process of keeping it, is really seriously best left to fiction. It's a heroic trait: for the hero of a tragedy. In its purest form, it's a tragic flaw waiting for a place to splinter.

I wonder who in Max's life is going to break that way. I have a feeling it'll happen.
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Years participating in NaNoWriMo: 2003-present
Years won NaNoWriMo: 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011
Deadline: 11:59:59 2011-11-30, 50,000 words
Actual: 11:51~, 50,002 words (hyphenated words counting as one, BOOYA!)
Scrivener word count: counts hyphenated words as separate
NaNo word count: counts hyphenated words as one
Plot: first draft complete, in major disorder, with some elided/missing/unfinished scenes
Bonus: PORN (uncounted after validation, some written after midnight)
Initial title: Cracked Phoenix: When Lilith Attacks
Current (working) title: Cracked Phoenix: Grey Law
Starting concept: Amber and Raven's relationship: IT'S COMPLICATED. Also, gods.
Current concept: The Founding of the Neutral Denny's (also Amber and Raven's relationship, Raven's search for a name, Max's search for a career (last minute plot point what), Max and Raven's virginity-related quest, numerous explosions, Raven's deity-related problems, and a group of out-of-control magic users)
Intentional Oglaf references: 1 (Max's experiments with the Red Book get entertaining a la cumsprite)
Bechdel Test: Pass
Racial diversity: needs mega work in subsequent drafts
Unexpected character-based connections to other books in the series: 2
Books that previously had no hard character-based connection gaining one: 1
Characters who casually use ASL to emphasize what they're saying: 1 (partially deaf brother is offstage)
Characters modeled after author: 0
Characters vaguely resembling author's cousin: 1
Single-paragraph joke characters who stuck around and made it into the boss battle team: 1
Actively sympathetic Satanist characters: 1 (the ~1998 Powerbook-wielding Satanist web developer who dresses like Steve Jobs but with black jeans needs to be a stock character, ok?)
Satanist bad guys: 0
Triads: 2 (surprise!! (both of them))
Triads that will persist into Circle of Fire era: < 2 (One I knew about not making it, the other there's no data either way)
Characters who will likely get set up with a Nice Jewish Girl someday after their triad dissolves: 1
Nudity: gratuitous
Unexpected major character deaths: 1
People ejected from funeral: 9+
Condom use: Yes
STD testing: Yes
Intentional inclusions of degree programs mentioned on MythBusters: 1
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I woke up still plot-stuck, and commenced various forms of to-do-list activity, included but not limited to sorting papers and dealing with the patio.

I live within wind-blowing-sand distance of sandy cliffs, if not the beach itself. There's a lot of sand loose around. A lot of that sand winds up in the wind-shadow of my building. Guess which side my patio is on. Multiply this by leaves, rain, and how the fence keeps that guy with the leafblower on the outside, and there you have it. So I have a repeating-item task to go sweep the mofo. This is one of the tasks that I blow off until it becomes enormous, and then it's all soggy too. I finally got myself a shovel, which is the correct tool. I will eventually have a usable patio that I use.

Talking with [personal profile] sithjawa eventually unstuck the stuck plot: Plottiness. )

IRC shenanigans are amazing. Bec was relating the antics of her boyfriend vs. dinner.

Tonight was a write-in, and omg traffic, so close and yet so far away. OMG traffic. But I made it there in something like time, and good fun was had by all. There was some bouncing-of-ideas back and forth, and I added some of the people on the NaNo forums. Good times.

Then I came back home and there was more writing and also a lot of Solitaire. And now it is past bedtime.
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My writing style is rather strongly character-driven, and the process often winds up going:

1: Emotional arcs and starting situations known coming in.
2: Dialogue
3/4: Stage Directions & Blocking
5: Embroidery

I am temporarily held up by a piece of dialogue.

One of my characters has behaved like an utter tool, but in a distinctly different way than someone else's mental model of his usual form of toolish behavior. This is in no small part due to different sets of information held by each character going in. This expectation bubble is about to collapse in a suitably dramatic fashion. Once I know how it collapses, I will know the outgoing arcs and I'll be able to build the rest of the scene, but the pin of the scene around which I have to build the dialogue is that clash of the actual and the incorrectly expected.

Unfortunately I know too much about the scenario from all directions to accurately model the steps that led to the incorrect (but deeply amusing to me as the reader) guess. (A number of the Usual Suspects also know more information about the scenario than any of the given participants know, which in this case is not necessarily helpful.)

Let me lay it out. )


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