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Day stuff. ) The epic disco ball dress that I'd worn for Halloween -- I'd looked at it, and I figured it was a bit manky. The label said to handwash, and never dryclean. I had a few other things that needed handwashing, and my launderizer had a handwash setting! What could be better?

O, the embarrassment.

So I opened the launderizer, and was greeted with a shower of slightly gummy flat silver sequins that had formerly been attached to my dress. I pulled everything out, with more sequins. I realized that all of the things that had been washed with the dress had sequins on them. I dug gobs of sequins out of the place where lint, hair, and other debris collects. (Though something to watch out for in the washer-and-dryer-in-one-unit launderizers if you've got long hair, is hairballs in your laundry. It's really jarring at first, and then more jarring if you find you've missed one after you go out.) Then I spent a not insignificant chunk of time getting sequins off the floor, and sequins off my person, and sequins off every other thing that had been in there, and sequins off my person again, and sequins out of my BED... you know how confetti is hell to clean up? You know how glitter is hell to clean up? You know how things that have not enough glue to stay stuck if you want them to stick, but enough glue to stick places you do not want them to stick, until falling off at the worst possible moment, are general hell? Yeah. Like that.

Despite all this, the dress retained at least 75% of its sequins, and still had a decent amount of sparkle in the non-sequined areas, due to the metallic threads in the base fabric.

While all that was going on, Tria-fish realized that the plans for seeing the midnight showing of HP7.1 at the reasonably-local-to-her theatre had one small flaw: transportation. Way after midnight. Woops. She posted to Facebook regarding this little problem, offering to split a taxi with someone local, or a free ticket to someone who could provide a ride.

Logistics and phone stress. ) Then I picked up Tria and her friend.

Hilarity started to ensue, as we started chattering. Tria and her friend were very happy that this was actually going to work out, because it had been in question. Tria related how it was actually thanks to my sharing the tale of my adventures after RHPS on Halloween that she remembered to check transportation for the movie.

"Hey wait," her friend chimed in from the back seat. "You didn't remember that, I reminded you about transportation."

"Well, I was thinking about it!"

"I was still the one who said it first. And I was thinking about it because my friend got stuck in the city on Halloween after BART stopped running."

There was more good-natured squabbling, in which it turned out that her friend was in the city to see RHPS.

I commenced laughing. It was just too good to be true. Details emerged, and ... yes. The four giggling virgins who I'd assisted that night got to a diner and then got home safely. And one of them was new BFFs with Tria's friend.

"Text her!" Tria said. "Text her right now and tell her that you're in that lady's car AT THIS VERY INSTANT."

"And I'm wearing the same top!" I crowed, laughing so hard that the girls feared for my ability to find a parking spot safely. Sadly, Tria's friend did not have the number in her phone yet. We parked and headed in, and got pictures in front of the giant posters.

Instead of having interminable lines, they appeared to have shut down most of the rest of the theatre for the evening, so we were free to just go in and sit. So we sat. We entertained ourselves, then the Mysterious Ticking Noise. )

The movie was great fun. There were all sorts of things whispered back and forth, with particular attention to the Snatchers. I dropped the girls back at the dorm then went home.

My 4am review in IM, once I got back and got the worst of the sequins off me:

Movie good. Spoilers ahoy! )

If the landscapes do not bore you to tears as Harry, Hermione, and Ron are getting unhinged, I think you will like.

The rest of the 19th: Slept. Walked with aunt and poodle on oceanfront promenade (rain). Found missing backup drive.
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Title: "Raveled Sleeve" (Originally in D's comments; also available on AO3.)
Fandom: Harry Potter (Epilogue? What epilogue?)
Author: [personal profile] azurelunatic
Rating: Unlikely to shock anybody's grandmother
Length: Bitty
Warnings: Whipped out in under a day, without actual benefit of beta or Britpick.
Disclaimer: JKR's characters, fanon's Everybody's Coming Up Aurors post-books scenario, my words.
Summary: An evening interlude with Harry and Draco, Auror partners.
Note: For the Bake Denise Porn and Write Her Cookies Emergency Fic Drive.
49. Possible pre-11. Hopefully 24. Not yet 28. Incidental 59. Hopefully 71. A touch of 82. A bit of 101.

''Look,'' Harry said finally. ''We're not going to get through all this tonight.'' )

Fic search

Aug. 11th, 2008 06:50 pm
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I would like to see or find some Nagini-centric fanfiction written by someone with more than a passing familiarity with snakes. I have heard that snakes are really, really, really Not Smart. This would be very interesting when applied to a giant and somewhat evil snake.

(er, this is for *gen* fic. Or at least the parts with Nagini need to be gen, unless there's another giant and optionally somewhat evil snake out there that Nagini takes an interest in. And it's sad that I should feel the need to specify this.)
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Captioning Caramels. Some varieties have a minor jinx of clumsiness in them, some do not. You won't notice a thing for the first little bit, but the instant you get into an awkward or hilarious pose, you will be frozen like that for about thirty seconds while an amusing caption displays. And then look what happened when Albus Severus slipped one to a Kneazle.
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As always, my reactions are a mix of canon, fanon, LW RP canon and fanon, and gods know what. Have joined [livejournal.com profile] the_ass_ship, which ships characters that y'all who haven't read the book haven't met yet.

Read more... )

Overall, I got what I was expecting out of it: solid characters, good worldbuilding, and rampant plot bunnies bursting out all over the place, juicy and flavorful and ever so ready to be caught, stewed, and served up properly. My head is busily re-weaving all the dangling plot threads into the Harry Potter story I wanted it to be. If it comes out coherent enough I'll maybe share it with the rest of y'all. I have this internal editor that will take raw materials like that, see the story that was meant to have been written, and go through that one instead. I'm really really bad at canon on HP, because I'm not detail-oriented like you need to be to be a complete canon junkie, and my head re-weaves the story to account for bad canon. I stopped reading Real Canon at OotP, because by then there was enough fanon to carry me through transcending the real books.
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Riffing off of Home on the Strange, I have the fanficcer's opinion of the novel, I guess.

No matter how ghastly (deathly?) the book itself is, there's going to be plenty of fanfiction fodder. The woman is excellent at characters, worldbuilding, and plot bunnies. We will dissect the book without mercy, descending upon it like a horde of voracious velociraptors, and each take from it what we came for. We will then re-assemble it into the Harry Potter that it should have been, and that it always secretly was in our heads.

It may not make it to the page. It may not make it to the internet. But that's how we'll see it -- the book it should have been.

(Some of us have been knocked out of the book it should have been by flaws that they cannot ignore, and I mourn for them, because that just plain sucks.)
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Regarding the hissstorical fic, chapter 1: I have up through note 16 fixed. Glee!

A particularly bad example of social-networking spelling conventions. Much hilarity. Who also inspired the following groaner, taken out of context, from the-Sith: "If the antisocial UNIX geek talks to people via pine and ircii instead of in person, is she hiding in her shell?"

The common term for the quantifiable broadly agreed-upon factors of life is "consensus reality", right?
So the opposite of that is "non-con."
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In fanfiction, I will take any well-written interpretation of the material that I can get. I ran into a [livejournal.com profile] hp_literotica story that depicts Narcissa Black as a diamond-hard, unbreakable woman. I read Narcissa as hard and brittle like spun glass, but diamond!Narcissa is a valid interpretation too. I like it when people write things that challenge my interpretation of the characters. I like it when people write things that challenge the canon interpretation of the characters. I especially like it when people write things that challenge the author's interpretation of the characters.

I don't read canon point for point and dig for details to make sure that the way I read it is 110% canon-compliant. I rather boggle at it when people do. At the end of the day, I'm not studying it for Battle of the Books, and I don't have to know it backwards and forwards like I do the literal words on the surveys I administrate at work. I find authorial intent in the HP canon interesting in a trivia sort of way, and it can certainly color the way I read the text after that, but there's a lot of unintentional depth of character that the author has no interest in exploring the same way I do. The author is very interested in some characters who I'd really rather skim. In some cases, the author thinks she's writing a book that is different from the one I wound up reading.

One of the things that gets hammered in almost any writing class is "Show, don't tell." You can narrate that Hermione Granger is a brainy bit of a thing until you're blue in the face, but that doesn't have half the power that showing her waving her hand in the air and jumping about to answer a question, and reading rather dull books does. If narration of character traits in text is disrecommended, how much less literary credibility does it have to have an author have to answer questions about how the characters were have supposed to have been portrayed? There are things that do fit more easily into the source text than others, but some things are better left a mystery.

Star Trek spoiled me for a One True Interpretation fandom. There are so many authors and alternate universes in Star Trek that it would be foolish to attempt to insist on One True Vision, though a lot of people do. Star Trek does the alternate universe thing a lot. It's far easier to mentally label canon inconsistencies as AU rather than OMFG BLOOPER. I like some of the book-canon that got Jossed better than I like the movie-canon. When you have so much canon to choose from, and so much that should be canon that isn't, it's hard to go back to a One True Canon universe with one visionary. So much was up to the different writers and directors and actors to fill out and interpret and occasionally go beyond Gene Roddenberry's vision. A few things were even intentionally left up to the watcher. Someone posted recently about the backstory behind the change in appearance in the Klingon race, how he or she had wondered about this. Finally, it was addressed in an episode, and Worf shut down the query. "We do not speak of that." A real universe has open ends like this, where no amount of authorial interpretation can replace the sweet mystery of not ever knowing for sure.

I first encountered the concept that fanfiction could go on a wild tangent that canon would never ever approve of, and have it still be good, when I encountered the Sith Academy. There has been good fanfiction that the creator would never agree with before and since, but that was my first, and perhaps even my favorite, encounter. The Sith Academy started with the simple and creative premise that Darth Maul had to have some training before he came up against our favorite Jedi, and this was part of that training. Darth Sidious has Darth Maul performing insane and stressful tasks that are of immediate familiarity to a modern audience familiar with urban life and life on the outskirts of government and campus activities. Darth Maul's first task is to learn to drive in Coruscant's insane traffic. The characters were writ large and boldly at first, caricatures of George Lucas's vision, but as more people joined in the project and Ewan McGregor's past characters were conflated into Obi-Wan Kenobi's own past, a certain subtlety and sense of hidden anguish informed the stories. George Lucas never would have approved, especially not the idea of a Jedi loving a Sith, but the general quality of the stories and the commentary they make on the Star Wars universe are very good.

I never before thought that I could wholeheartedly believe in something as patently ridiculous as a Sith and a Jedi falling in love, but the Sith Academy showed me how someone as snarling and badhearted as Darth Maul might eventually come to care for someone (albeit in his own cranky and cruel way). I had a bulletproof OTP in the X-Files (MSR all the way!), but the Sith Academy made me realize that I wasn't looking for a particular pairing that worked when I read romantic fanfiction, I was looking for good writing, good storytelling, recognizable characterization, and artful suspension of my disbelief.

In the world of canon, many things are impossible. Darth Maul does not actually drink that brand of beer, nor does he live in an apartment immediately adjacent to that of the man who will eventually cause his hips and his ribs extreme separation anxiety. Darth Maul would not actually attempt to get in bed with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Darth Maul would snarl incoherently and attempt to seriously make diced meat out of the Jedi. But if a fanfiction writer wants to take me to a place where Sith come to grudging terms with their softer side, without giving up their core of innate cranky snarl, and Jedi re-live their misspent youth with less drugs and more responsible sex, who am I to deny their vision? All I ask is that the writer show me how things progressed from the characters we know and love to hate into the characters that they're writing.

I don't have a One True Pairing in Harry Potter fanfiction. There are too many people of nicely diverse genders who can be plausibly hooked up. I've read too many people making an implausible pairing into a very scarily plausible pairing for me to say that it can't or shouldn't be done. The only time I have trouble with a pairing is when it's written badly or there is Scary Fan Drama associated with it. I do have difficulties with Ron/Hermione, largely because it is canon and this is causing an attitude of insufferable snottiness in certain factions associated with 'shipping it. You're right, you don't have to keep rubbing it in, the author agrees with you. Big whoop. Now STFU so the rest of us can read our fic in peace. Same goes for Harry/Ginny Weasley. Canon says yay. Canon says 'pastede on yey' when I read it, actually. I do wish that JKR had gone to the same trouble of selling it to the fans as some of the fan works take to selling a more implausible 'ship. She may have sold it to some of you, but she didn't sell it to me very well. I say that if a slavish imitation of canon is what you want, you're welcome to it. More for you. For me? Give me your slash. Give me your het. Give me your gen. Give me your rarepairs. Give me your angst. Give me your comedy. Give me your crackfic. (Oh, gods, yes, the crackfic. ♥) Give me your AUs, your OCs, your OTPs. Give me your best writing. I'm in a reading mood.

What I particularly fancy is when a fan author has taken some aspect of the wizarding world that JKR is perhaps overlooking and not treating right, and expanding and exploring this in their own style. The source material has errors and omissions and authorial oversights, as do most all works. There is so much rich magical technology to explore. There are so many interesting characters. There are so many supposedly cardboard characters who must surely have their own stories. There are so many missing pieces. JKR doesn't have time to explore all of this. There are so many different interpretations of the same character, so many that sometimes you have to wonder if we were all reading the same books. I already read canon. I read the book that I was reading. It was a spiffy story about a boarding school with magic in. I could go read it again, but it would be the same book. I want to read the book that you were reading.

Just sell me the premise of the story, the premise of the changes you made, and I'm yours.

Note that the state of awake has been degrading through the process of writing this, and so, therefore, has the clarity of the written word and the integrity of the essay format.
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Hot damn: http://q.queso.com/archives/001917

I also hear that the guy who directed this film is up to direct Half-Blood Prince. And since I found the book of that movie and HBP both rather disturbing, I think it's a very good fit.

It's very distinctly still night here, though I am up past my bedtime (oops). I greet y'all and say goodnight from the Dark Side of the 4th...
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"Close Enough" (Harry/Ron) This fic still gets me in the good way. Reminiscent of the very dysfunctional Mulder/Scully out there.
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"Sacred Sinners" -- AU, Lucius/Remus. Remus is beautiful in his suffering and piety, and Lucius is as an angel ... heh, heh, heh.

Via [livejournal.com profile] dduane: Shatner sings to Lucas. Complete with dancing stormtroopers and celebrities cracking up!
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I summarize [livejournal.com profile] tygerr's Theory of Midlife Crisis: "It takes a certain amount of throwing-self-at-walls before adulthood is achieved. If it doesn't happen in youth when it should have happened, it keeps trying to happen until it does."

To do: write up the most recent [livejournal.com profile] news post.

Fic Rec: "Black Widow" (Pansy/Tom) NC-17 I want this to be canon so badly. Not JKR's version of this, but this.

Must pick up load of (probably bad) romance novels research material from [livejournal.com profile] easalle, any time she's ready for that.

Management at my apartment complex has changed again. No news about what happened to the Red-Haired Maintenance Witch. I hope she's OK. I have no connection to these new people. I should probably make some, because I'm decent at connecting with people and getting to be liked, if thought of as totally wacked.

My teeth are not happy with me. The lower left side of my mouth, it hurts. I suspect this is related to the Filling that Fate Hated.
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When you're convinced that your zombies will never be as good as anyone else's, is that an Inferi-ority complex?
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In the comments to this entry http://www.livejournal.com/users/mctabby/329057.html, there is crackfic, finest-kind. Fox/Minerva. Dana/Alastor.

Tonight looks to include a sewing project. Aunt-Fayoumis and I are going to try our mightiest to concoct a skirt. The fabric is gorgeous, and far too reminiscent of Tom Riddle up to no good, though the red version would have been either better or worse, depending on your perspective. If it's a simple enough pattern, I'll get the hang of it and be able to put it together on my own back home with some degree of success. If it's not ... I'll figure it out somehow.

I might not be having as much fun with the transit system as I'd imagined I would. Since the Exploratorium plans didn't work out today (way, way crowded) we're going tomorrow morning early, as Borderlands doesn't open until noon. Guide Dog Aunt says she'll just drop me off there. And the whispering tells me that I'll find coming home on the transit system much easier.


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