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Dear Lady Malfoy,

Why must you read every single spam e-mail you get? I can sort through the ones that are Definitely Spam from the sender and subject. There are some that are a little dubious, yes, but there are some that are very glaringly obviously spam. So why must you read them all?

that girl who's courting your son
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I aspire to be Ms. Universe when I grow up. Not Mrs. Universe, because that would be kinda creepy, almost Stepfordesque, but more like Mr. Universe. Except for the ending.
Octopus would have been freaky without the 1337 haxx0r thing going on.
Reavers = ew.
Darkside = sweet.
River + ceiling = OTP

Darkside's mother is warm and caring and sweet, and Just Does Not Get some aspects of Geek Social Time. Darkside popped into his room and grabbed Vol 1. of Journey to the West and resumed reading. She warmly, lovingly, and caringly scolded him about Ignoring His Guest, and being Just Like His Dad. In strict point of fact, His Guest had been warmed by the sight of him breaking out a good book, and had actually been contemplating going out to her car and retrieving Her Book, then curling back up on the couch with American Gods and spending a leisurely remainder of the afternoon in companionable silence without the goddamnnoisybox interfering.

Strawberries = good. I now know what I want to use to bribe him with. I am a part-time cleric of Aphrodite -- but all I could think about was the juicy strawberries and the fact that I was sharing them with him. We were having a Moment. That's probably sufficient right there. I didn't even think about attempting to eat the strawberries suggestively. It was just Us. Us and the strawberries. There's a photo of me at my first birthday with a strawberry cake that turned into a royal mess. 25 years later, strawberries and gooey creamy dip-stuff were just the perfect thing. I successfully resisted Cake (left over from yesterday's epic graduation party for Darkside's friend). Given a choice between leftover chocolate cake and sharing strawberries with Darkside? Strawberries win.

After I wake up on Monday? Bookstore time, so I can tell Darkside what he got me. ;)

I woke up to random birthday messages on LJ. I signed in to IRC, and there was a mini birthday party there. Then [ profile] swallowtayle called to wish me a happy birthday. After that, I wandered over to work, bearing veggies and chips for the planned potluck in honor of Grandma Cinderella's birthday. I was the only one who remembered that it was happening... Work did wish me a happy birthday, though. Then I went over to see Darkside, since our communications about the date had been left at "I'm not sure -- I have $EVENT Friday, and then $RELATED_EVENT Saturday... we'll see?" He and I had left at about the same time; when his mom called him, he was a quarter mile away from my doorstep. Much hilarity was had; he turned around and came back, and I hung out. Mama called a bit later, and then V. Much fun was had overall.

I left Darkside's at a reasonable hour, then wound up calling Shawn after I refueled and started with the drive home. Much fun there too. Then stopped in to see [ profile] trystan_laryssa and [ profile] dustraven. Wound up going over and saying hi to Loren, as that's where D was. Kitty hijinks! Then, back to their apartment, and cookie puffs and then Princess Princess. Crack indeed! And so sparkly!

Oh, yes, a good birthday.
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I was supposed to have gone to bed an hour and a half ago. I've been running on not enough sleep.

Instead, I got started adding household tasks to my electronic calendar. I used this before with some success, until the household schedule fell apart, and so did the palmtop's screen.

I'm hoping this will work to keep me at least semi-motivated to keep house a little better. What I want is an efficient system that I run without really even thinking about it, because rote tasks are best done on automatic for me. It's gotten so that I have to actively resist taking a shower at night to go to bed without showering, because it's just what I do. Take off the clothes, and before putting on the nightgown, take a shower. (I am capable of going without showering while depressed. It's far best to have it become automatic so it takes more energy than I have while depressed to resist.)

With any luck, I'll be able to make housework automatic.

The end goal of all this is naturally to have a clean and tidy apartment, but also to have the apartment in a state where I know that it'll only take a few moments (well, fifteen minutes of whirlwind pickup) to have the place in a state where I'd feel comfortable about at least Lady Malfoy giving it a look over, if not Malfoy Senior.

... why yes, I feel like I'm preparing for a job interview, a little. I don't think they're going to stop by any time soon, but I'd be far more comfortable with them and with myself if I could invite them in for a cup of tea with a clear housekeeping conscience. I want to establish that I can too take good care of their son if he moved in with me, and I want to make that care automatic.
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Lady Malfoy showed up first. We chatted. Darkside showed at 7:45 and we dove into the root cause analysis DB.
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Asparagus and chicken casserole.
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Darkside's mom is aiding & abetting my plots to spend more social time with her son. She pulled the movie tactic.
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My sleep schedule is a joke. If I try to go to bed before midnight, I wake up at midnight. That's what happened. I was exhausted on Sunday, so I took that "nap", and then now I'm awake; I won't have much of a Monday left by the time I get some more sleep and wake up again.

While I was awake, I did bounce some things off John. The constant underlying frustration of the social aspects of the friendship with Darkside reached an abrupt boil as of 2 seconds after his mom told me he wouldn't be expected home until after 9. I have faith that this, as always, is something that needs screaming out between the two of us, and goodness knows that since he is his own man and not an extension of me, he'll probably have a far different perspective on it that will knock me sideways and completely out of my egocentric rut, but still as we've not really talked this one out lately, I'm still somewhere between pissy, furious, irate, and living in hope when it hurts to hope.

(No one said love cured all problems. Whole new can of worms. But goodness knows that without this friendship, I'd be in a far worse place. Could be I wouldn't even be in a place, if the Catholic Limbo actually exists.... So I take what comes up in stride, because, well, I'm alive and I'm reasonably happy, and I love him very much. But I still get fucking frustrated.)

I have a nice long soul-baring rant typed out to deliver to him, but I'm waiting on sleep and sanity to actually send it, because it would be just stupid to e-mail out something like that without benefit of a cold quiet sane eye of proofreading and general sanity-smackitude.

Ned and Priscilla are giving me courage to get things said; Priscilla and Luna, and Edward and Lavinia, are giving me general hope. Reading RP is good for the soul.
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Called the blonder half after I got out of work for the day. Said blonder half was not in, but his mother was.

Grumbled just a teensy little bit about the difficulty of getting actual time with aid blonder half.

This may or may not have any results. They may or may not be good results.


Sometimes he does listen to his mother.

I go to bed now. I'm tired.
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Migod. I started out the morning looking happily at my inbox, which was down to below 50 items, most of which were triaged at low importance.

When I got home from work, despite having the sort of day where I could watch my e-mail and reply to stuff every so often instead of being 110% focused on the task at hand (mostly because the task at hand was sitting and waiting for floppy disks to copy themselves), I had over 150 messages in the inbox and more arriving.

*grin* I'm not really used to this.

- People are welcome to add me & read me, though I'm not always this interesting.
- I do not add back automatically, because I only have so many hours in my day. There isn't much in the way of actual locked content, though there is a lot of private non-content.
- I write a lot in here. This is yet another iteration of a very long, long trend of me writing a lot in my journals, except previous journals were always paper.
- There is often Backstory. If lost, give a shout, and someone will probably provide context of some sort or another.

I'm working my way through answering the comments that look like they need answering. That is seriously a lot of comments. I think I'll probably be tripping on that aspect of it all for days.

This really gives me hope for some future involving a writing-related career, though I suspect this is just because I happened to write something accessible and insightful on a common and obfuscated issue. At the right time of day.

Bed soon, because work tomorrow, and goodness only knows how much of a stack of comments I'll come back to! I'm hoping that I'll get to go see Darkside tomorrow afternoon. I called today and got his mom, Lady Malfoy. He was going "to see a friend" (how very informative he is, eh?) and his time of return was uncertain.

Laundry-geeking turned into fashion discussion. Lady Malfoy is evidently a Winter just like me. That turned into a discussion of Darkside's clothing habits, and where I should shop for gift cards for him in the future. ;) And that turned into career-discussion, from where I learned that Darkside, in his uniquely closed fashion of communications, thought something had been communicated that hadn't. *sigh* I'll have to coax him into deobfuscation. Soon.

Meanwhile, I have followed his mother's clarifications, and Darkside has been introduced to my buddy at EA via the modern magic of e-mail. I did not resist the temptation to give voice to my diabolical laugh in the body of the introductory e-mail itself. They're young geek men of an age with each other and they both know me, and they both have that sense of humor. Either things will go distantly, very well indeed, or not well at all, and blasted if I can predict which it'll be. I know which I want it to be.

Now. Mornings come early, and I still need to find the huggy rock.
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Connected with Darkside's mom when I finally called and got through. (Leaving a message before seven-thirty does not satisfy me; I opted not to, this time. Not like they don't recognize the number.) Darkside was out. Mission of mercy. The friend who he stood as groomsman to lives on the West side of the valley. The implication that he makes this trip and further, weekly, does not entirely please.

His mother and I talked of children and baby-sitting. "Could not mount boot drive" is not a good message; perhaps Moshie or the LF was messing with the settings? Best-case scenario. And that degenerated into talk of Babysitting Experiences Past.

I want; I need; I require some alone-time with Darkside. Situation in the head about to approach critical again. Not quite yet, but Crazy Bus Stop Lady was right that I need to center, unwind, and not be wound quite so tightly. Work'll do that. Darkside's mom said he was contemplating Serenity. I'd like to schedule an appointment, either for Serenity or for Goblet of Fire. Would be nice to have GoF as an opening night appointment together... perhaps I shall plant seeds in Lady Malfoy's brain about group outings. Not just my bondmate and me, but perhaps his mother as well...

If I want to be part of my bondmate's life, and him to be part of mine, I have to consider a few things. He's not a solo unit: he comes with a family. It behooves me to get along with the family as well as with him.
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Called Darkside. Wound up with Darkside's mom. Inquired after Darkside's dad. There is steady recovery. There is incessant grouching. Much improvement over the lack thereof.

Lady Malfoy tried not to fuss at me when I mentioned that I'd just completed hour 45 of a 60-hour work week. *grin*

I had previously told the other junior check-in girl that I'd have to see about pulling a double next Sunday to cover for her. Now I'm thinking that it's right out. I need a few moments with Darkside.
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Father and son are too much alike. So I have beyond-the-norm understanding of why Lady Malfoy and Malfoy Senior are so close. I'm going wildly back and forth between two polar opposite emotions. I'm skating the edge of so frantically worried that I'm about to slip into shock. (It's probably bad that I know the symptoms of shock so well from the inside.) I'm also skating the edge of wildly elated that Darkside is letting me in, and that Lady Malfoy has me on her list of people who get the full medical details rather than just the correct-but-incomplete-and-far-less-worrying wave-off. I'm not even sure if Darkside heard one of the things she's told me. But. The circumstances. So I'm actually in the numb-and-strong response, mostly, which is my typical Functional response to disaster. I'm awfully good at being Functional. And I think they do need someone about who is used to being a pillar of strength through a disaster. If I can survive that thing with Sis relatively whole, I can survive this.

So I think I need to write an essay on Observing Grief, for group tonight. I don't have enough coherent in me to work on anything lighter. And maybe I can re-work some of my "Love letters from a prickly bitch to a sarcastic bastard" to be something I can show in public. Maybe. Someday.
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When I called on Saturday, Darkside's mom told me that the top two things I could do to help were come and take Darkside out for tea or something, and pray.

Praying, we have a handle on. Visiting him, that's a little more complex when there's a situation like the existing one... )
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Favorite moment:

Lunatic, talking to Lady Malfoy.
[ profile] figment0 talking with Darkside.

Lunatic starts mentioning the steps she's taken to try and ensure that the Darkside knows that she can be contacted at need without fear of disturbing. This, somehow, coincided with a Seven Minute Pause from Darkside and the Figment, so the boys heard me loud and clear when the Lunatic mentioned something about Lady Malfoy's orders to distract and/or cheer up Darkside.

Ordered? ORDERED? Darkside wanted to know.
Lady Malfoy and Lunatic look guiltily in separate directions, and Lady Malfoy murmurs something about not, technically, ordering, just...
Darkside disappeared into his room and brought forth the wooden practice blade.
Lively banter, wherein the Lunatic said nothing, sat still, and grinned.


Not quite technically an order, true, but I know the feel of an order when I hear one, and that was a little more than a suggestion.
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Figment points out that one does not order around a guest, but one does order around family. Hi, Frued. Want your slip?


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