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Open Source Bridge update: I am going, though #DWgoestoOSB is not an official or refunded thing this year. Woez. Kat can't make it either (alas).

Birthday prep means letting my aunt know who's coming, and this year seems much less haphazard than last. My sleep schedule is still wacky, but this time I was completely coherent by noonish. I even had time to wash all of my hair and do makeup (including glitter, now that I know there's no exclusion month needed).

Fishie is encountering some internship challenges. I have advised her to take *detailed* notes, and she has written an email to her mentor back at her college, who is offering various advice and contacts. We also talked about the concept of Being A Grownup, and how generally terrified and impostor-y I was back when I first acquired the fish. She had that moment of dissonance when she looked at how old her parents were when she was a baby. She also had the dissonance of "wait, other people my age are HAVING CHILDREN HOLY SHIT", and "wait, this person I know is a grandfather and he is five years younger than my dad NO WAY AM I HAVING TWO KIDS IN THE NEXT FIVE YEARS!!!" I reminded her that children and chronological age cease to be a necessarily meaningful concrete benchmark at a certain point.

And then I went off to beer bash. There was more traffic than I was anticipating, but I arrived more or less on time. I immediately saw lb and sfa from a distance, and hailed them. We went in search of Purple, but Purple was afk (and Mr. Bananas was plugged in to headphones, head down, and not acknowledging strangers by the door).

We all trooped up to R's office, where I dropped off a small box of papers and stuff. One of R's teammates told us that R had gone down for beer bash. So we went down and in to the cafeteria where it was cool. There I saw phone and hailed him. Then people of the group saw codepoetica, and hailed him. I introduced myself as Azz (because he is #cupcake); he looked confused. "ajl", I elucidated. "OH! HI!" he said, and glomped me.

We wandered about inside for a little while, looking for seats. I picked my way through the tables, avoiding the place where there was a photo op with some of the 501st. I saw R, sitting with someone I didn't recognize, and flagged down the rest of #cupcake. They came trooping up. I was texting Purple to let him know where we were, and looking at the spinning "lol your text has not sent" when my phone rang! It was Purple, wondering whether I'd arrived. I had! I told him where to find us, and he came to find us.

R and I had some shop talk over conference stuff. Mostly we have to get the videos squared away.

Some of the tables cleared out, and we took over. codepoetica was in rare form, and there was all sorts of giggling and hijinks. R wanted to know what we were talking about. lb let her know that no, no, she did not want to know.

* What if you had a whole bag of jello-molded hands?
* What if it was out of that sticky stuff that sticks to windows?
* A sticky hand with the hand full sized would have a really long handle/arm thing
* You would swing it around like a baseball bat
* well, what *else* could that gesture mean?
* "Excalibur!!!"
* if your dick was really that long, you'd have to sort of trudge around like a dinosaur with its tail dragging
* imagine a wilderness tracker, sort of a Sherlock Holmes kind of situation, and he could tell all sorts of improbable things from the track, like that it was a penis
* also how many tattoos and what color
* "I can tell from the number of dead bees on the left side!"
* "oh, I thought it was 'Because I slept with him last night!' "
* No more blowing bees at Purple in the courtyard
* getting abducted by UFOs because you wave at them
* asymmetrical docking
* M2MA (nsfw!!!)
* general anatomical improbability
* Bee dick
* Chocolate penis

The table started to clear out. R texted me to make sure that it was okay that she had invited Mr. Tux to my birthday party (of course!)

codepoetica and I talked weather and geography. He wants to get a link to the YaaS video once it's up. He talked about some other things that the same back end engine is doing, and I looked in horror at the two-day autoclose for low-priority tickets, the effect of which is to redirect some of said low-priority tickets via phone and no documentation, lest the motherfucker be closed over the fucking weekend.

Purple observed that there was a fleck of glitter on codepoetica's nose, glinting in the sunlight. There followed an interlude of codepoetica trying to get the glitter off his nose, us observing more glitter on his person, and the inevitable question "WHERE DID IT ALL COME FROM?!?!?!" I raised my hand. He had, after all, glomped me...

Sadly, he was not to be in town tomorrow (flying back on a red eye), and thus could not make it to my birthday party. His director and his wife had a custody argument over him, and he is not allowed to spend more than 50% of his time traveling. (He was mostly not a party to this discussion, he said.)

We all wandered outside, to split, more or less. Purple's director wandered past, and asked Purple to please let him in, as he'd left his badge on his desk. So we retreated inside to the air conditioning, and codepoetica showed Purple some of his scripts.

I will have to practice my non-profane ejaculations for the purpose of having things to say for YaaS that are emphatic but repeatable. I am taking suggestions.

Purple and I walked in the direction of our cars. (I park next to him when I have the chance, since he has a favorite spot and is thus easy to find.) He had security issues finding a key storage solution. I shared some of my hackerspace's recent smart lock shenanigans.

Purple will see me tomorrow. :)

I went to Fry's and found that there was a dashcam in an appropriate price range! Yay! However, upon plugging it in to my desktop and having google photo sync slurp the test videos off, I have discovered that despite the timestamp imprinted on the video being correct, the timestamp on the file is some 6 years out of date. Oops. I ... guess I am getting what I paid for??

I appear to have nearly entirely swapped over to the Pebble for step counting and sleep tracking.
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Dreams which are Just Not Fair, Yo:
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Waking up out of that is not fair.

Thursday night's dinner was at a place I'd not been before, but immediately decided should be added to our dinner rotation. I shared with Purple, who was in accordance, but also doubted how much parking there'd be on a Friday night. I think perhaps we'll try it some early weeknight.

It was beer & shenanigans night, so I went down to hang out with some of the crew. R saw me first, and wandered over to say hi. She has a set of headphones similar to mine now -- she saw mine and decided they were amazingly cool (I have my doubts about the headphones but they're handy) so she got some. Hers are blue too. Purple arrived, and then Mr. Tux. Purple was late because he was saying goodbye to Mr. Netflix, who is headed off somewhere. (Perhaps he and J will be co-workers soonish?)

I saw W walking off towards the gym with her iPod and gym bag, and waved. She came over to the fire pit to say hello; we cheerfully continued our conversation about that brief window of time in 2010 when it was possible to get near-complete access to someone's LJ account using this one weird trick, and why internal documentation is super important.

I saw the Singing PM wander past, and hailed her. She met Mr. Tux, who is on the other side of the atrium in the same building as she is.

Eventually I happened to glance over at the right moment and saw the retreating ponytail of lb. I hollered after him, and he wandered over to say hello and spend some time chatting. There was various hilarity.

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As part of my attempt to leave the workplace better than I found it, I have been leaving thank-you notes via not!Facebook. If you do it in a particular way, it will wind up in the HR admin system flagged to the positive attention of their managers.

Community Thanks to: R, codepoetica, lb, Purple, sfa, jmeme, radius, Mr. Zune, the guy who was having the trouser situation that one time, phone
All of you embody the spirit of helpful cooperation that I have come to enjoy at Virtual Hammer. You offer a listening ear to frustrations, and offer your technical perspective towards solving problems, and of course it's great to see you over some beer and a cupcake.

Mostly the responses were variations on "thanks". And then --
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It was slightly less fuck o'clock in the morning when I shambled in to work on Friday. I was contemplating dropping the heaviest of my things at my desk before going to the departmental all-hands in the auditorium of the executive building, but then I saw Purple shambling forth. "Yo!" I called, and he waited for me to catch up with him, scowling in the not yet burning light of midmorning.

All-hands. )

Helldesk software meeting. )

Eventually I did get a good look at the time and I needed to rush back to my proper end of campus.

Rainbow tables beer bash & dinner. )
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Monday had a fun milkshake walk and chat about leadership styles. Also Beldorion said an amazing thing at lunch, and we have a great intern.

Tuesday involved being face - down in my notes.

Wednesday morning I came in to find a new computer sitting in my cube with a few loose cables. I had lunch with Purple (not exactly glued to his side but happy to be there) then set about setting up the new machine before decommissioning the old.

Unfortunately, the Jabber gods did not smile upon me, and it may not surprise those to whom I was grousing at the end of May that it's being handled bassackward by some helpdesk techs who literally cannot tell Jabber from IRC (from Lync, sadly). Some dumb fuck installed a Skype for Business plugin on IE claiming he hadn't done anything and IE was this machine's default browser. I did not swear but I did fake laugh very obviously. Then I had to call back and get the ticket routed right (as Jabber is no longer officially supported).

I did that thing that cats do, a bit, rubbing my cheek on Purple's sleeve to express that I had missed him. Nora teased me about a/b/o.

Today: WebEx vs. ClearType & my broken login vs. Lync. Today's first tech signed in with his own account to make sure that it was my login broken and not the program. I appreciate that.

It's a dang small world. Today one of my work buddies turns out to have learned CSS from LJ...

My tweets

7/7/15 12:05
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  • Mon, 12:44: Recirculating fountains: water-efficient. Buttwashers on toilets: not. Combining the two: not excellent lunchtable talk. #drought #gross
  • Mon, 13:13: "There are spiderwebs on your cow." "It's a bullshit award." "It's a lady bull?"
  • Mon, 13:15: Duckies!
  • Mon, 17:57: I am not allowed to sort synonyms for breasts in order of offensiveness at work, even to determine how rude Beldorion was at lunch. #rules
  • Tue, 01:05: My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 7/06/2015: 8,908 steps and 3.8 miles traveled.
  • Tue, 01:11: I break down open source contributions into code, labor, and good vibes. Some improvements are hard to quantify but still count.
  • Tue, 04:30: Video: nadyne: New Order covers “San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)” by Scott McKenzie
  • Tue, 10:58: When a friend starts dating someone about whom you have bad vibes, write it down privately. Keep an eye out. Tolerate, don't trust.
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Earlier in the week, there was a small layoff. The unofficial communications networks at work have consequently been getting a lot of use as people attempt to figure out where the missing nodes are, beyond the obvious. There is a tradition of people sending a farewell email to their team and other close contacts. And then there are the people who use not!Facebook to do the same, and @-mention every group and individual who they can think of. Thus it was that I learned that Mr. Noise-to-Signal was laid off. Of my friends, the only person I know of who was laid off was R. There were no layoffs on my team.

R has been sent the information on where to find #adventuresofstnono. So have Mr. Zune and radius. (Yes, guys, I use an alias for this as well, and now you know where to find it. I started the practice of aliasing obscure/semi-private venues after the Incident where someone showed up uninvited in a different channel which I had mentioned, then never fit in well, angsted in-channel about not fitting in, and I eventually asked them to leave because I dreaded their presence and they were after all uninvited.)

Also leaving this week was one of the newer people on my team, whose wife got a dream job in another country, and (also as announced on not!Facebook) the second-in-command of the helldesk software. No word as to whether she was part of the layoff, or voluntarily heading for a lawn that hadn't been pissed on greener grass.

It being Friday and that point in the gas tank, I had to get gas before work, which resulted in a later arrival than would have otherwise been. Lunch was pleasant. It was the Rollercoaster Tycoon's last day (he's heading to a startup). I gave him my card.

A conference call with the vendor for the proposed new software followed. Researcher Haystack appears to have taken point on this one. His queries of the vendor's salesdudes are shaped slightly differently than mine. He's coming to it quite naturally from the perspective of the research utility of the thing; I'm coming at it from the shoving-all-the-things-in-it direction. Some of the things I had questions about had not occurred to him. He looks at the data structure of the Excel export of their template and goes "whaaaaaaaa---!!!" and I look at it and I go "wow, I would not have thought to do it like that, but I can do the thing", and most importantly the current thing we are using does not do the thing.

I still have many questions about their alleged choice of primary keys, but I think I can work with the thing.

Haystack likes Salesforce.

I made a list of my favorite software, starting from worst favorite and improving:

[that helldesk software]
[the procurement and expense software]
Outlook Web Access
Kipper/Llama (fondness for the devs is coloring this)

Haystack was slightly surprised. I can't imagine why; it's not as if I haven't made my feelings fairly clear.

It was a beer bash day. I snagged a table. lb was not in, but Mr. Zune soon joined me, followed by Purple and large chunks of his team. radius also joined us. I waved hi to another friend, but the table was not quite large enough, so they sat elsewhere. Mr. Zune told college dorm tales. It turns out that when you freeze and then drop a pumpkin, shards get all over, and then they melt on your bike. This is not pleasant.

Joining #fishbrick is the fishdiscus, or fishbee -- first you #fishbrick the window, and then you throw the much more aerodynamic and prone to shattering fishdiscus through the hole. You can't really handle it barehanded, so you wear gloves. You keep the fishdiscus from sticking to the gloves with herring oil. In case they're gloves you might want to use again, you wear rubber gloves over them. A pair or two.

Shortly after Mr. Zune headed off, Lennon Glasses Guy wandered over.

radius regaled us with some of his OWA war stories. All he was trying to do was to move about 2,000 messages from one folder to another. Several months of swearing ensued. Presently, in the new folder, there are somewhere upwards of 40,000...

Lennon Glasses Guy observed that he's heard about an IRC channel driving some of this group's shenanigans from time to time, and he was curious about it. So he was issued a formal invitation to #cupcake. I think he will appreciate it, because he appreciates it when Purple and I bounce off each other at lunch, and has enjoyed the #cupcake table at beer bash.

The group split up. I went back to my desk and hammered on my inbox and the helldesk stuff a bit, although I was distracted by something terrible happening in Outlook when I tried to pick a conference room. It's always startling to watch the list of conference rooms populate and then vanish...

Presently, Purple pinged me. This time he had indeed parked in the same parking lot as I had, and we walked out. He had a banana and a tangerine; he held them both out and offered me some fruit. I picked the one that would not cause me woe. He suggested a frying pan and some rum. We chatted for a bit, and then he zipped off, as he had places to be. I chatted with Nora on the way home.
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Saturday: sleep, mostly.

Sunday: I woke up and then was slow about getting myself together to go off to the Gaymer December Shindig. I dressed up! ) The event is usually held in the church of one of the guys. It had stayed in the same location between this year and last year. I discovered a parking garage around the corner from the church, so I picked that instead of trying for street parking.

[personal profile] jd was there, and Dave, and [ profile] xlerb, and many of the usual suspects. I had brought a package for Dave and then a package for the White Elephant. I brought the Bigger Blacker Box. I brought a sack of little oranges.

The door of the church is kept locked outside of regular hours. I came in partway through an Ongoing Saga with some little old lady. Apparently earlier she had asked to come in and then cussed at people and told them they were Hitler when she was either not allowed in or shown the door. I was there when she asked to come in to eat her doughnut (and was refused). Later, she started messing with the security doors, and made them a hazard to the sidewalk, so someone had to go out to fold them back up.

[ profile] xlerb and I commiserated about our most favoritest ever helldesk software, to wit:

"Tell me you're not using $NAME."
"I'm so sorry. I wish I could."

Not only is it the $NAME he knows and loves ... knows, it's $NAME with a terrible and heavily redacted skin stuck over it, one that has no horizontal scrollbars so it becomes unusable even when wide content has tried to goatse it. (I used the little hand gestures.) Also, Beldorion was told off from the mob with torches and pitchforks for excessive vigor.

The thing about watching Dr. Who Christmas Specials on Netflix is that if you start from the same place each year, that's the same thing you'll watch. So there was the spider lady with all the eyes, and Donna, and the darling little adipose beasties, and the Doctor popping up over the side of the cube, and all was familiar and happy. I got some more loonembellishment done, and one of the existing buttons fell off. I'll have to sew it back on.

I joined in a game which had a lot of improbable beans. The politicking was hilarious.

Then there was another game, which I think was Betrayal at House on the Hill, in which Dave was the traitor and also won.

Finally there was the White Elephant (which waited for our game to finish up), which was fun. It combined White Elephant, Werewolf, and various characters from various Christmas/winter-themed things (The Grinch, Max the dog, Santa, Jack Skellington, various reindeer and elves, Elsa). Since I was wearing a tiara, I represented the 1% in the debate over who was the Grinch, in that pretty much everybody said "She's the 1%, it's probably her!" Although I did last until the final 3.

There was a surprisingly small amount of present-stealing, though it heated up at the end. I wound up with a tote bag from the Gaymer convention and a stuffed frog. It is a cute stuffed frog. Dave mentioned the origin story later.

The guy who got the chocolate shared, and there were some dramatic readings from the by-now-at-least-fourthhand book of porn. The pages did flip, and were not stuck together. There was also some kleenex in the package.

It was a lovely evening, and I think we did our part in holding back the darkness.

I gave JD a ride, and we got a chance to talk; we'll try and get together for Boxing Day.

I have a meeting tomorrow at 11am, to try and take a tour of the place we want to have the conference.
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22:56 Friday, 10 October, 2014
Today (Friday) was actually kind of good!

A lot of other days. )

So what with all that going on, I went home not that long after the team meeting, and promptly fell the fuck asleep for a good chunk of evening.

22:42 Monday, 13 October, 2014
Friday: productive with a solid chunk of transcription, and then there was the non-beer-bash gathering of all currently in-state members of #cupcake (R was out of state for a conference), at which all sorts of fun was had. jellybeans and vodka, among other funs. )

On Saturday, I headed up into the city for some fabric shopping and millinery. I only burned my finger once on the hot glue!

Sunday was sleep, laundry, and lack of sleep.

Today, I dragged in to work late for lunch, and joined Purple's table as they were winding up. Purple went on in rhapsodic detail about the various synthesizer-related programming he's been working on. I sat and absorbed the delight. He headed back, and I was about to head back as well when phone came through with his lunch, so we chatted a bit.

Aside from the brief 1:1 with my manager, and the exploration of the swag brought back by my Overlady, the day was largely transcription. Purple thought he was going to bail an hour before he actually did, but the new guy needed some orientation, apparently.

If scary bunny masks become the new V-for-Vendetta mask in certain parts of the Valley of the Cloud, don't look at me.

Culinary reference to arachnids. )
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Today I solved lb's fruit mystery at work. The answer was jujubes. The problem was, about yea big and round, green and red, the guy didn't know what they were, he'd found them at a local grocery and brought them in. I thought on it for a bit and decided that might sound like jujubes, so I googled that and pulled up images. Those looked like I thought they did, so I showed him the pictures on my phone, and I had solved the mystery. (And everybody else gathered around my phone and went Ohhhhhhh.)

On Wednesday, Purple and I discussed being the Weirdest One in the Group. He and I are both usually that person. Between us, I usually am. Between him, me, and lb? That's still up for grabs, but sometimes it might be lb.

I got a random compliment on my lipstick. Yay!

The very large Office Depot bag of old-as-balls software has been reduced to a spreadsheet and about 4 DVD cases' worth of space. Yay!

Bash was fun. I claimed a table and protected its chairs. Then lb came down. We chatted for a bit. I spied the tall, chill Australian dude with all the hair who had been in that infamous meeting with us, and waved at him; he came over. I grabbed food. Purple showed up. The short, intense Australian dude with none of the hair (phone) came over. (phone often works from home, so lb counts it as a social success that he's willing to come in to spend time with friends-and-co-workers willingly.) There was general hilarity and funtimes, as well as very cranky discussion of the helpdesk situation. Later, R and the Other Guy came over. Mr. Zune did not make it a full #cupcake crew, but it was very close. The Dean swung by; we're still waiting for word from Mr. Sub-tle on movie night. Good times. There was a wasp. Purple teased me about the wasp.

We split somewhat earlier than some times; Purple had a 2600 meeting to catch. I had more work (Thursday was pretty much a wash; I came in at 4pm due to terrible sleep schedule shenanigans). I did not stay super super late, but late enough that the PM I'd chatted with at fuck o'clock the previous week told me to go home on her way out the door.

Saturday, I slept through the parts of the day when I was not drooping from the heat.

Sunday, I ventured forth for supplies -- groceries, gas, and fabric for the upcoming Halloween costume -- and did laundry. Also slept.

Woke up early enough to be in the office before lunch. Set some more balls rolling. Found, to my delight, that the tall, chill, Australian dude with all the hair had joined #cupcake. Introduced a few members of #cupcake to Things I Won't Work With. Purple and phone were already aware of it, but it was new to Mr. Zune. Enjoyed a nice quiet lunch with Purple and two of the guys. I've been having regular enough 1:1s with my manager since she got back from vacation that today's was actually shorter than the allotted time!

After grinding through more stuff in my inbox, I turned my face reluctantly in the direction of the notes I was typing up from the meeting last month: I was aware that there was a big section of active yelling in the middle of it, and since I am generally conflict-averse, I was dreading doing that part.

Reader, it was the creamy nougat-with-almonds center of the poo-coated dramabomb that was that meeting. (I am cognizant of this as an object that no-one ought to be putting in their mouth.) In the middle of the Angry Guy being angry, lb being stern, me being earnest, and the Chill Aussie being low-key, were some amazing statements from the buck-passer-in-chief and the goon from IT. My notes are sprouting editorial comments.

My buttons came today. I declared to Purple that I'd want to leave by 8 in order to get to Jo Ann's for further fabric supplies. Read more... )
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Today's shenanigans with the helpdesk software at work require a lot of swearing to describe. Suffice to say that I found that something that I thought was a bug was in fact some Broken As Designed, in a way that the main helpdesk people were functionally unable to effectively even help diagnose. (And cue the very loud argument over the phone where I attempt to get the guy from helpdesk on the same page as me.) I bemoan the state of my inbox.

I woke up before my alarm. Something recently had reminded me of "Jenny Says", so I played it, and now a mix tape of the LJ years wants to assemble itself in my brain.

I went and refueled Vash, then merrily went off to work. I had my pick of parking spaces. Upon entering, I lit the "$NAME Beacon"Read more... )

I found myself replacing the cyan toner in the laser printer, which was not on fire.

Lunch involved conversation about police brutality, dashcams and body cams, and guns vs. tasers. Read more... )

I was looking with an eye towards wrapping up around 3, because beer bash started at 4. I had very definite ideas about even having the draft of my timesheet in by 4, and ready to submit after the beer bash. And that's when I ran into that problem with the helpdesk. By 4, I had just about wrapped up the yelling-with-helpdesk sections. And that's when I poured myself a helpdesk-software sized slug of some file cabinet vodka, dumped in ice, grabbed a 7-up, and stomped off to the beer bash.

phone: oktoberfest? it's september
Mr. Zune: It's almost oktober.

lb had staked out a table. When I came back with some sausage and potatoes to buffer the vodka-and-soda, Not Mr. Rainbow had joined the table, and another guy from lb's team soon joined as well. (It may have been Mr. Netflix.) Purple followed, along with phone, Mr. Zune, and eventually R and the Other Guy. Not Mr. Rainbow and Mr. Supposedly-Netflix wandered off, as the table didn't necessarily support that count of people. Chatter was good! I was quite efficient in my getting-tipsy, and soon found myself smiling foolishly (particularly at Purple). There were tales of insufficient cooling and chip woe; Purple and Not Mr. Rainbow compared notes. The IP-over-Bears thing had to be re-explained to those who had not been there, as did the stopped-innovating-on-war-crimes drone shenanigans ideas. Hilarity ensued. I did not have seconds on the vodka.

Since it was an Oktoberfest-themed beer bash, there was a band in! They had the outfits! One of them produced a great big alpenhorn. He played it outside. lb started giggling, and found it harder to stop when the player explained how they used to be made out of wood, but that was too stiff and heavy, so now it was carbon fiber, and he could collapse it to a fraction of its length -- see! Only two feet long! And it only weighs less than three pounds! You can bring it on airplanes! And it has a protective cap!

R had brought pulled pork for those of us who had chimed in. This did result in some tomfoolery with bags of meat, particularly as the phrase "a bag of meat" can be put to so many bad uses.

Dinner, as a topic, was broached (it being about two hours after bash had started). We had already lost Mr. Zune; we shortly lost phone, and then in the discussion of possible venues, we lost the Other Guy. That left four of us. By the time I re-emerged from the bathroom, the debate raged on, nearly an hour after it had first been proposed. lb pitched the idea of going to downtown Campbell in the particular several blocks, and making up our minds there; I was in favor as long as there was an address that I could navigate to, rather than last time's general disaster. This was done, and we agreed to met up there. Read more... )

I discovered, upon hopping into Vash, that I'd lost my headset. I know how it must have happened -- I stuffed it into an insecure pocket -- but alas.

I have been yelling (much more cheerfully than about helpdesk) in Steph's general direction about Purple's beard. At this point it is ensuing much hilarity.

The helpful electronics department guy at a nearby Target said their offerings probably did not meet my headset needs. So I drove off.

I stopped back in at work because I wanted to wrap up before Monday. The PM who had been in the cube down the block from me in the old building cruised through. We commiserated about the helpdesk software. She had a great idea, and I wikified the beginnings and gave her mad propz in a format that would come to the attention of her manager. Then I promptly forgot my wallet, a fact which I only discovered upon reaching home. I debated the situation for a few minutes, but ultimately decided that I would be so much less happy getting it tomorrow. So I drove all the way back to work to grab it. Dammit.

And now I am home and it's a terrible hour of the morning, but I had a really lovely Friday night.


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