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Laundry is in the dryer, and the indigo is seeping out of the shower cap and down my back. I will be as green as an Orion dancer by the time the night is over.

I'd intended to wake up early. Purple asked me how it went. "When my alarm went off. At 10:30." He indicated that there might be a wee problem if I'd intended to get up earlier, but my first alarm was much later. I explained the previous two alarms, and made sound effects indicative of my miserable status at various other times in the morning.

Today was not a late-dinner night, because Purple had other plans.

My Overlady's upcoming conference occasioned the packing of a small office supply care package. I know that there are many times when I have been in need of some scissors and a length of string while away from my home base, and by including these in the package, I hope to avert any such incidents. (Also included: a gracious handful of the requested clear pushpins, some tape, some deceptively strong small magnets, some binder clips, a few rubber bands, one of those outlet-to-USB power adapters, and probably things that I am forgetting.

No further update on yesterday's Outlook problem (mine). Some further update on yesterday's Outlook problem (my friend's). The update there involves being up shit creek with no paddle and some ex-lax brownies until certain dependencies which the Collaborate This team sort of handwaved were met. Microsoft may be involved.

Virtual Hammer is a large enough gorilla that we do have Microsoft support cases. I'm sure there's a fantastic budget that goes with it.


Hipster Researcher: So [study details] and we're giving the users cafe vouchers, and [logistical details]... what am I missing? *)
AzureJaneL: So are you going to need me to get those cafe vouchers for you? How many do you need and what denomination?
Hipster Researcher: Oh, [department of product] is taking care of that for me. Unless you want to ... ?
AzureJaneL: Oh no no no, if they've got it under control that is absolutely 100% fine by me!


Hipster Researcher: So... about those cafe vouchers? How do you ... ? This many. *holds up fingers*
AzureJaneL: I hate to say I told you so; let me just poke the catering department with a chunk of cheese.
Hipster Researcher: Yay! *)

*) I thought I knew all the variants of smiley-face and had picked out my least favorite. Now I know I had been mistaken. *)

Apparently my wiki-based rants about the new helpdesk software have been an immense improvement to the life of the Non-Boring Manager, as he'd been panicking about it and then the Stage Manager gave him the link. Yay! Based on that success, it was time to shove all the catering knowledge that I'd been gluing together in my head into a thing. Plus there's Second Thursday coming up next week again...

It is possible for me to be immensely smug about having whipped cream on my coffee at work. Even when said coffee is unexpectedly strong as fuck.

I'd asked Purple to ping me when he was heading out, so he did. This time I did not get distracted on my way to the bathroom. I had all my gear. He turned off the Beacon. We identified the divergence point. I was still distracted by some of the wackiness in my brain when he gave me a quick hug. We cursed about our mutual traffic expectations, then headed off.

I pulled over at the park-and-ride when I realized that I didn't have Drew's number in the quick-dial shortcuts on my watch. It turned out that I did not have that number at all! (I think I may have gone through and deleted it when it came up 404 at some point.) Drew called me, and we chatted. The new headset is not as comfortable as the old one (a bit too big for my ear) and not as loud (the noise funnel doesn't always align with my ear tunnel). Furthermore, when I try to adjust the position, I'm at risk for hanging up, as the entire front piece is the button.

When I got home, I ate, then started laundry, then put indigo all over my hair (and also on my fitbit). The fitbit was not killed by this process. I then spent a substantial amount of time trying to see if I'd actually posted an entry during the summer of 2007 that mentioned a particular hilarious little quirk of JD's. And I seem to have not.

At the time, JD was spending a good amount of his leisure time playing Katamari Damacy. This often involved being sprawled out on his belly in front of the TV, rolling up endless roses while sipping Coca-cola. JD also has ADHD, which can result in monofocus. Now, combine gaming monofocus and quite a bit of coke...

Unlike the LF, who also had ADHD-fueled gaming monofocus around age seven or so, JD did not have any embarrassing accidents. Also unlike the LF, JD did not require grown-up intervention to periodically break the trance in order to do a somatic check.

What did happen was that JD would go from prone on the floor to sprinting from the bathroom with no apparent intermediate steps. One moment, gaming. The next, there was this JD-shaped blur zipping down the hall. No word on whether he ever actually collided with any walls as a result of speed...

My search through my journal archives did result in a bit of back-tagging. There were some bits I couldn't read, even seven years later. That was the year of Strikethrough, of a lot of Potter fandom insanity, a lot of LJ-related angst, and the year when Darkside had that very painful and very necessary talk with me. Also the summer when I took in a cat as a favor to a friend-of-a-friend while he was getting his feet back under him after job loss and a breakup (in an economy that was not yet in the toilet), and then we couldn't keep her and she was having elimination-related health problems. And writers group stuff. And. And and and.

Despite all the journal-trawling, I got off the computer and into the shower at a sensible hour. And that's where things started to fall apart. I spent a bit longer than usual getting the indigo out of my hair, and then getting my hair un-knotted after attempting to braid it resulted in the wet bottoms of the braid coming together in a reverse-braid, and then not being amenable to un-knotting without the application of a lot of conditioner. And the prolonged shower is probably what convinced my feet to start yelling...
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Today: the wrap-up of the Stern Grove Festival, and the first weekend that I wound up making it there. Read more... )

I did not even try to keep track of the set list. Someone, or several someones, will have; the results will wind up getting posted on This Might Be a Wiki's page for today's show, at some point. There were many high points. I wound up headbanging for a bit (and got dizzy and had to sit down). With waist-length hair, this is a bit of a Thing. They played Spider at one point; within a 5 minute window of that, I realized that there was a spider in my hair. I found this absolutely hilarious, and blew the spider out unharmed (I was unharmed, and it was just a really good day). There were a lot of good songs. Josh had wanted to hear "Dr. Worm". He got his wish. At one point a bubble was flying overhead; I blew at it; it swirled and separated into two bubbles. This was entirely accidental but got me some approval from those around. At one point one of the Johns mentioned that they were growing woozy from the secondhand smoke. Indeed, there was quite a bit of it, this being Stern Grove Festival. They played "We Live In A Dump". I like that one a lot. There was patter about how they are from New York, and thrive on New York hostility; California is way too mellow and loving.

They peered up into the far reaches of the grove, and saw that there were people going about as far back as could be seen. This picture is from early on, before the crowd actually arrived and got things crowded.

Huge crowd extending uphill at Stern Grove, becoming lost among the trees

John addressed us as Ewoks, and mentioned that he had never considered old growth redwood forests as being a potential hazard for concertgoers before. We were Ewoks for the rest of the show.

They said they were done, and trooped off. There was applause until they returned. They played another set.

They ultimately closed with "Triangle Man" -- perfect end to a perfect concert.

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A note on formatting: the pipe, '|', is used to denote multiple instances of the same person. The slash, '/', is used to denote pairings.


Immediate: I have mother/father, and sister. Mama and Dad live in Alaska (where I grew up); Tay-Tay has moved to Seattle, where she lives with her consort. She is younger. She plays violin in several bands. (She plays other instruments too.)

Guide Dog Aunt is local to me, a few minutes away by car, and is my aunt by way of being the youngest sister of Dad. She is a bit of a mother hen, tiny, hilarious, loves (and trains) dogs (her current dogs are the four-year-old "blue" (smoke-grey) Standard Poodle, Dazzle ("the poodle", or "Poodle! stop humping!"), and the 11-going-on-12-year-old Black (turning white around the edges) Lab, Deacon, who is not allowed to hump/be humped anymore because his joints are starting to go), tangoes, gardens, and is generally excellent. She is married with two boys, both now with their bachelor's degrees. The older one (and the 5th-youngest of all my cousins, also the family member closest to me in age aside from my sister) is my Infamous Cousin [livejournal.com profile] raranax, who is best known for The Chocolate Penis Saga, but also makes a habit of supplying me with every hilarious and needs-titanium-eyespork thing he can find on the internet.

This is going to get long. )
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I got off to a late start, but I did get launched, and opted to skip some of the optional steps I'd thought of. JD had been running a fever, and therefore declined anything like a rally or vigil.

I brought along both laptops (the old creaky full-size laptop Thalia, and the netbook Disaster Area) though I only wound up using Thalia.

I called MissKat partway there, and we chatted cheerfully until she had to go see to her lobsters.

It was good to see JD and Ryan. I got there just as they were ready to put the cookie dough in the oven, and I snagged pictures of the process. Docadmin chicanery is a go. )

And we weren't even drinking.
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[livejournal.com profile] gameboyguy13 came home from Vegas (yay AF! I'm glad it went so well for you guys this year!) and since airplanes and trains on the same day are cranky-making, and also since [livejournal.com profile] ursamajor and [livejournal.com profile] hyounpark were in town, it was as good as any for an excuse to meet up and have fun. (More on that later.)

Since I am a heretic who doesn't believe in breakfast food, and I also have the disconcerting habit of eating nearly the same thing almost every day for weeks on end, it was necessary to get things such as cereal and milk for the JD. (I also don't suffer lactose well.) I also picked up a half-dozen spicy Italian sausages, on the grounds that hey, I do like sausage. (JD was not a taker as there had been many too many hot dogs in his recent past, plus, he was still suffering from the effects of overindulgence in spirits on the previous day.) (On the way out of the Trader Joe's parking lot, I identified my aunt's SUV by its license plate, and waved like crazy. This doesn't happen often.)

Upon getting up in the morning and deciding it might be time for breakfast, yeah, I decided to start the sausages, and dumped them in the frying pan and turned it on. (It was turned on high.) I promptly forgot to turn it to low, but assumed that I had, because I'd meant to, and skittered for the bathroom to See To Female Needs and put on some clothings.

The Female Needs were rather more ... dire ... than I'd thought, and required cleaning products as well as feminine products. I started to smell something that might be the sausages, and scurried through the rest of the cleanup and threw my nightgown back on rather than bother dressing and raced back to the kitchen.

Happly, there were no flames. However, the sausages in the frying pan had begun to billow alarming amounts of smoke. JD was still happily immersed in his computer, and hadn't noticed a thing. As I rather hurriedly told JD to open the door, not that one, the glass one, the smoke alarm went off.

I stood there in my faded and ink-spotted pink nightgown, working the front door like a bellows to clear the worst of the sausage smoke from the apartment, the smoke alarm still blaring, JD jumping at the smoke detector, fanning at it, wearing his glasses and a pair of boxers. Someone, I believe my upstairs neighbor, popped around and asked whether everything was all right.

It was, I assured him, and "just a sausage incident."

JD, in plain view of the door, turned colors.

Once the smoke cleared, I finished cooking the sausages. They were tasty, aside from the burned bits.
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The local Barnes & Noble dug one of their four brand-new, not even shelved yet copies of The Demon's Lexicon out of the back for me (after doubtfully staring at me when I gave the title, inquiring whether it was spelled 'Dem-' or 'Daem-', checking the B section of the YA paperbacks, checking the B section of the YA hardbacks, and pretending not to notice me checking the R section of both just in case), and cheerfully offered that perhaps the author could do a signing there, until I regretfully informed them that [livejournal.com profile] sarahtales was actually overseas.

I may wait until JD has departed to begin reading, as he may not take kindly to assorted shrieks. I should also wait until normal daytime hours, as my upstairs neighbors can only be antagonized so much, and I fear this morning's Sausage Incident was enough for one month.
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I got confirmation about the internet problems. With a judicious use of ipconfig /all, I noted the wireless appliance's IP address, popped that into my browser, and met the appliance's status/login page. The status helpfully gives the air quality and SSID of the connected network; it was one bar, connected to PacificaNet4. Moving the appliance around did not help much. Ugh. 1 bar. That about fit my mood, too.

I woke up groggy, and things did not really improve much over the morning. My brain was out of tune, what with the lack of internet, and I may not have eaten a proper breakfast. Moving hurt. Thinking about moving hurt. The closer we got to time to leave and go do things, the more I was aware that all was not right in the department of my brain. I could barely focus, and needed to do things very strictly one thing at a time, very strictly monofocus. I was also somewhat cranky from lack of sleep. That is really a bad combination. Despite all this and more, we made it to dinner. ) It seems that "It's Complicated" has attained an enviable status, as the linguistic semi-equivalent of "Um ... friends!" of the new generation of internet children. (It differs in that "um-friends" are often acknowledged relationships that one can explain without recourse to a whiteboard and a whole playbook full of characters, but just that this status should not really be conveyed to the present audience (or can be shared with the *present* present audience, but not your mom. (Not mine. Yours.) "It's Complicated" implies that while you might be happy to explain the scenario to present company, it would require a Long Story (or two), and perhaps the sort of diagrams that have to include yarn in various color-codes to model the full dynamics of the whole situation.)

[livejournal.com profile] sithjawa. My trusty GPS delivered us to the correct hotel housing Consonance '09 (not without commentary at the GPS), and I spied [livejournal.com profile] willskyfall and [livejournal.com profile] sithjawa in the parking lot. Introductions were made all around, involving usernames.

We had not actually decided on a specific venue for supper, but JD had done some Googling and had found that there were many possibilities in the area. He put forth the idea of "drive until we find something that looks good"; [livejournal.com profile] sithjawa and [livejournal.com profile] willskyfall suggested that the closest four-star-reviewed thing they'd heard of in the area was right across the way.

My dietary requirements were merely that they have something available without any shrimp, bananas, and walnuts. This seemed entirely like it could happen. (I am thinking that the banana problem may have upgraded itself to an allergy, if one sip of smoothie containing bananas will make every part of my mouth that touches it start to sting even after it is hastily spat out.) So we were off! [livejournal.com profile] willskyfall had shotgun on account of leg length, and [livejournal.com profile] sithjawa was in the back with the giggling boys. (In the parking lot headed in, they declared that no, actually, it was not possible for them to let go of each other at this point in time.)

Hot Pot City was great fun. We did not have the spicy hot pot. I can take certain amounts of spice; Steph is not a spice person.

Upon learning that it was our first time, the fellow who seated us demonstrated what we were to do. There was a burner in the center of the table, which had an arrangement of a foil-covered platter and a pot in the center of it. He poured water in the pot and spread butter on the foiled tray. At his direction, we headed to the buffet to choose our ingredients, then put vegetables in the pot and spread meats on the tray.

We were a little unnerved at first, that all the vegetables were going in together, but that passed quickly in the debate about whether this was too many cooks for the soup, and then the resulting discussion of how many cooks are too many, anyway, and the concept of a successful multi-cook gestalt. There were mushrooms, assorted greens, bean sprouts, more mushrooms, a tomato, some zucchini, and goodness knows what else. The meats were delicious. I had picked a skewer with chicken gizzards, and [livejournal.com profile] sithjawa and the Boy had some (after I explained to Steph what part of the chicken it was). There were ribs. There was some sausage. There were potstickers. There was crab in the soup, and there was IRC-related giggling on the Support side of the table. It's very good to be Out with fellow internet people. Things got alarmingly meta when "Live Your Life" came on as background music, as that samples O-Zone. Oh, internet. (Also, your mom.) Steph needs to write a filk of "500 Miles" involving a sex change rather further away than one would like to be driving. There was more general silliness than can be easily remembered.

Read more... )
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Userdoc-type links that I was using today, lots


So I drove to [livejournal.com profile] gameboyguy13's for a [livejournal.com profile] lj_userdoc party. We started in on status-pending stuff pretty much as soon as I showed up around noon. We took a break at 3:45 to run errands. We eventually made dinner (it involved fettuccine alfredo out of a box, plus ground beef, garlic (powdered), and slightly-caramelized (and slightly scorched) onions, and green beans (I insisted that we needed a vegetable). Back to userdoc. Then there was cake. It was delicious and moist.

I had a bad physics moment trying to equalize the distribution of flour on the cake pan.

Pics or it didn't happen. )

Chocolate cake, lemon frosting. Does that make it a lemon party?
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In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:

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In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0029: We had takeout dim sum for lunch today, and that was good. Mmmredbeanpaste <3
  • Tuesday, 0857: I'm watching this on streaming video. <3 <3 <3
  • Tuesday, 0859: All-star musical lineup!
  • Tuesday, 0903: rahmbamarama brought down their cluster I think!
  • Tuesday, 0906: crying and laughing all at once.
  • read the other 28 )

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All the booze in the world
All the booze in the world
Peppermint schnapps, two bottles of almond amaretto, homemade apricot cordial, triple sec, homemade cherry cordial, Bailey's, cacao liqueur, buttershots (2), lime and grenadine, vanilla schnapps, rice wine (cooking), blackberry manichewitz, cranberry mix, coffee liqueur, vodka, plum wine, some random wine JD likes, rum, and tequila.

This is what I brought to the inauguration party. We won't drink all of it, but the three bottles sideways there were JD's, and I didn't feel like unpacking the box. Funtimes for all!

Imported from http://azurelunatic.livejournal.com/6236043.html
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  • 00:55 Channel is full of perverts, and I'm one of them. :D #
  • 00:56 (it started with "degreening from the rear" and got worse from there. <3 ) #
  • 11:25 @gameboyguy13 Who took you to a bar? #
  • 19:13 Watching cspan. OMG, Kucinich. <3 #
  • 22:36 I have achieved cherries. Laundry is happening. Support is on a massive board-cleaning. I may write tonight. Floor is ... better. Somewhat. #
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Purchased chocolate in the clocktower building. Win. Got 15% off coupon for next purchase. JD has ice cream now.
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So SCO is bankrupt?

I'd only read 1/3 of this poem aloud before Heather made me stop. Via [livejournal.com profile] sraun.

That career meme:
My results. )

TMBG is going to be in Tucson! Hmm... Except that's right in the middle of Prime Moving Time, dammit.

Wednesday: Took a look at the place that M found. Whatever the woman's motivations in picking out the spot, her instincts were dead on. The place seems fabulous, and a great fit. It's a coffeehouse/gym/art haven/stuff-shop/retreat kind of place, by and for the LBGTQ population. It's well-lit, well laid-out, has wi-fi (keyed), and has the most comfortable and sheltering aura of any place I've walked in to short of my best friend's room on a day when he's feeling especially protective of me. I'd be comfortable moving right the hell over there next time, but this is something for the group to decide. Group was small that night; I wound up half in IRC, half ripping Circle of Fire into shreds and rewriting it tighter and better, and half present for the plotting, gossip, and medical woes catchup session. Fruitz is a blessing -- I can be listening to my music without stressing out my laptop even more.

Happy New Year, by the way, for those celebrating.

Thursday night was again minus the traditional dinner, because that night has become not the best night. Negotiations are in progress about a good replacement night. I'm reluctant to suggest a work night, because of how early we have to get up in the morning. That'll become a little better once we get moved out thattaway, but it's still not an easy timing.

I wound up with the His Dark Materials trilogy in omnibus form, and commenced reading that as soon as I finished off Born to Rock. In the bookstore, I had found the books in shiny new release form, in connection with the movie coming out soon. I wandered over in search of Born to Rock. In the YA section, I observed an employee letting an older couple know that the book down there had the book that they wanted, but it was an omnibus with the rest of the trilogy. My ears perked up, and I wound up swapping the omnibus they were holding for the trilogy I was holding, and we all walked away happy.

[livejournal.com profile] hcolleen and I went to the little Turkish restaurant in the same plaza as Changing Hands. Their hummus is tasty. It's a great place to unwind from work.

As we were getting settled into Vash in the parking lot outside Changing Hands, [livejournal.com profile] hcolleen commented about the magnetic sign on the side of a nearby car. I took a look. [livejournal.com profile] hcolleen was curious about the domain name, of course. I took a look, and something about that domain name struck me as familiar - www.masterpiecemassage.com - and suddenly I was leaping out of the car, flying across the parking lot, and shouting. I was right! It was [livejournal.com profile] karlita. After exchanging a hug and doing a happy little dance around, she wanted to know who I was. And then there was more hugging and giggling! There were introductions all around. [livejournal.com profile] warrior_priest got a picture with my cellphone, and I posted it immediately. It was the sort of event that someone of V's generation might describe as "cosmic", and I agree profoundly!

Friday: Morning: checking email, answering comments, reading. Afternoon: getting [livejournal.com profile] hcolleen's banking done, hitting IKEA to take a look at furniture (Myrrh's dad is going to be pitching in on a couch, especially given that relatives will be descending upon her soon and will need a place to sleep), hitting Lee Lee's for tea, LJ, shower, and now bed.

At IKEA, we started looking at couches. It started out subtly -- none of us was really feeling that there were three people involved in the process -- there was a silent fourth. When we started bounce-testing couches with [livejournal.com profile] gameboyguy13 in mind, we knew why. One of the things that IKEA does not necessarily test the happy raw pine basic futon frames for is the ability to be repeatedly bounced on, and the one that [livejournal.com profile] myrrhianna had is well-nigh totaled (a group effort, actually -- I helped). It'll be all right just sitting there, but it'll have to be used gently and with a mind to how it's fragile, and it won't survive the move. So the next couch we get is going to have to survive far more bouncing. (It wasn't as bad as the CLIMB-IT episode* with Dad, because that was a single moment of pure bad idea. This was just constant heavy use involving flopping and ROCKETBOY and some injudicious leaning.) We're planning as if JD will definitely be coming back this summer (and coming for Thanksgiving), because while it's still up in the air on his end, it won't cause any difficulty to be prepared and have JD make other plans, it would be inconvenient if we needed to prepare but didn't, and ... well, he's sort of like a little brother now, and he'll always have a place with us.

We had a great old conversation with an IKEA co-worker in the couch section. We wound up on the topic of Kitchen Disasters We Have Known, at some length. I thought we were going to try to take him home with us.

Curtains in the living room are going to be the next big debate. I like the leafy ones! I like blue, of course, but my taste in blue doesn't get to dominate the public areas. [livejournal.com profile] myrrhianna gets the master bedroom, because otherwise [livejournal.com profile] hcolleen and I would fight and be disgruntled no matter who got it -- we know we're too much like sisters, but we can agree that [livejournal.com profile] myrrhianna gets it, on the condition that we get to use her bathroom too, as necessary. The couch color coordination problem was solved, at length -- neutral/white couch stuff, and then COLORFUL FABRICS to make things work. Hooray fabrics!

I nearly got lost at Lee Lee's, because I wandered off. It turned out to be in search of pickled sushi ginger slices (mmm) and more vinegar-based dressing, and a few other random things. Perhaps they should leash me, as if I were an errant toddler?

I still need to make sure that HR got that paperwork faxed to the apartment complex.

* Mama was reading a book on (I think) Woolly Mammoths to Tay-Tay and me. She had finished with the book-part, and had moved on to the glossary. "Climate," she started reading. "Climb it?" said Dad, in that bright and cheerful tone that our clan (especially the male members of our clan) substitutes for the phrase 'Y'all watch this!' Dad proceeded to plant his great booted foot on the arm of the couch, and pushed off from the ground with his other foot, intending to climb the couch as we children (I think we were four and two) did. Instead of the desired effect, of Dad standing on the arm of the couch, there was the sickening sound of a 2x4 cracking. When the catastrophe was over, Dad stood there, looking very silly and no little ashamed, with one foot on the floor, and his other leg up to the thigh inside the newly broken arm of the hideous orange burlap couch. The couch was broken like that for years before it finally was thrown out.
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The shoe!
The power adapter!
(the salt.)
No flashlight. :(
Bad puns in the dark. That'll get you bees. And scorpions. And snakes.
The mp3 player!
Soldier boys at the rest stop.
Me and the Camera.
Multiple fuel/rest stops, AC fun, and clustertrucks.
The windmill farm.
That crazy CHiP, omg?
Bookstore! [livejournal.com profile] sithjawa! The festival!
Lunch! A commune! Hooray!
Getting JD to Union Station! Plus, shoes! Ow, my legs (but feet are happy).
The system is down! JD made his connection!
Monkey! Prescription-strength chocolate. Fangirls all around!
Lost in LA? Found! Homeward bound!
WTF, camera?
Need to swap "Diamonds and Rust" for "Maria".
The Great Car-Stuff Shuffle.
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There was rain this morning. I woke up to rain and thunder. [livejournal.com profile] hcolleen peered outside to make sure no one was messing with the door, because that clearly wasn't rain!

I had a surreal dream involving Mad-Eye Moody, and JD, and the X-Files universe. (My brain insisted it was JD, but it was really Mulciber, because it had to be.) I think those two would fit in well in that universe. The part with the detachable body parts was WEIRD, and the snipers outside the blinds ... that was SCARY, and I woke up after seeing a laser-sight on me and diving out of the way like crazy.

[livejournal.com profile] hcolleen pointed out something that wasn't immediately apparent to US-educated yours truly: Harry's passed his OWLs. This means that he can up and quit school at any point in time without having the huge impact that a US high school student would have at dropping out before graduation. That makes Fred & George's maneuver a whole lot more understandable.

Users. *sigh* People you should not include in your bowling league's fit of dramatics: tech support. Seriously, guys. I should not have to support the results of two grown men electronically bitch-slapping each other.
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This was the infamous 1-day weekend. Saturday was primarily anime, with the aforementioned Target and Home Depot runs. Sunday was work; I hyperventilated on the way in and was OK coming out, if exhausted. Then I went straight to my secondary job. Then I came home and went to bed. (I'd shut down my computer Saturday night, since she was sounding tired and she needed rebooting.) Monday I was a little better before work, and again went straight to the secondary job, where I uncovered all the insanity with that bloody 11mb spreadsheet. ELEVEN MEGABYTES, PEOPLE.

I tagged & tracked the latest round of suggestions in between the 11mb stuff doing its crazy thing. I am on the verge of refusing to work with it anymore, which is terribly selfish but they are not paying me half enough to contend with that piece of crap. If I quit that job now, it will be because of that spreadsheet (and because I can now afford to quit over something like that).

Today was a little calmer at work; less 60 in queue going on. I went almost straight home, though a detour for refueling Vash was in order. I spent three solid hours trying to catch up with Sunday and Monday on LJ. I'm right smack dab in the middle of this thing. I volunteer for LJ, and I'm fannish (though not in the middle of fandom). I know I'm not the only support/fan crossover person, and I know I'm not the only person looking at both sides of this and watching in dismay as two of my closest groups of friends square off to start hitting. I know if I try to intervene I'll get caught in the crossfire. I think we all know that.

Dinner tonight was Mongolian Barbecue, [livejournal.com profile] gameboyguy13's first official exposure to it (that I know of). It was delicious!

[livejournal.com profile] gameboyguy13's last day at his summer job is Friday; after that he will have about a week off before we return him to the general area of school for more happy school. He gets the week to loaf around and do touristy things.

I got some grocery shopping done. The disturbing part was where I drove past on my way to the store and I saw someone lying in the middle of the street. There were people clustered around and one guy was waving traffic past, so I didn't stop. I'm not trained, and there was someone who looked like (s)he knew what (s)he was doing looking the person over. There were police cars all over when I drove back past that way.

Somehow my spare time got slapped down to near zero. I didn't start the laundry that I was intending to do. I did get groceries, though, so that's a good thing. This weekend will have two days. I can get things done then. There is still glass in my garbage disposal.
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Last night turned into a wacky adventure of sorts, with a Target trip turning into a Home Depot trip for in-depth color analysis. That and sightseeing involving the display toilets. And refrigerators and washing machines. Clearly, malerin should be somehow involved in the introduction of JD and 'bertos food.


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