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[ profile] sionainn go out with [ profile] iroshi? Straight chick + bi chick = mass confusion. So probably not.
2) When did you last call [ profile] chorus_of_chaos? Not sure if it was within the last year, actually...
3) Is [ profile] tygerr a nerd? I'd more precisely call him a geek. This is a good thing.
4) What planet should [ profile] chorus_of_chaos be from? Somewhere with a lot of moons.
5) Where was [ profile] atalantapendrag born? Earth.
6) Did [ profile] hcolleen break up with you? She'd have had to date me first for that.
7) Would you set up [ profile] sithjawa and [ profile] boojum? No. But [ profile] boojum set up [ profile] sithjawa and me, does that count?
8) What would [ profile] trickofthedark give [ profile] deeahblita for his/her birthday? Some delightfully drawn porn.
9) Do you have a crush on [ profile] shadesong? On her writing, maybe.
10) Is [ profile] norabombay single? Definitely.
11) Would [ profile] kellinator and [ profile] chorus_of_chaos look good together? Dunno. I don't think there'd be a great meeting of the minds there, though.
12) Would you ever date [ profile] wibbble? Not right now. And only if his wife approved. ;-P
13) How long have you known [ profile] mamadeb? Since I was in my teens, actually. [ profile] lmbujold's e-mail list is a great place.
14) Is [ profile] sionainn athletic? She's a wench, which is better.
15) Has [ profile] atalantapendrag dyed their hair? Probably.
16) What do you disagree with [ profile] tsjafo about? We haven't actually had very many in-depth conversations, but I'd imagine there might be places, especially politically, where we'd agree on a principle and disagree on implementation.
17) What comic book character would [ profile] elysianmusings be? A superhero ballet teacher? Do they draw such women?
18) Do you have [ profile] smmc's screenname? Sure do.
19) If [ profile] figment0 commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Oh, dear. Um. Either a lot of Mormons, a lot of gamergeeks, or both.
20) What do you agree with [ profile] amberfox about? Lots of things. Especially that we probably need to be local.
21) How would [ profile] digitalambience conquer the world? By wheeling and dealing his way to the top.
22) Has [ profile] tyrantmouth been to your house/dorm? Alas, no. We are not local enough for that to be a regular occurrence, either.
23) Does [ profile] rubrchick drink? I suppose she might. Especially water.
24) How long would [ profile] tigergladys dating [ profile] amberite last? It might not even start, but if it did, probably a month or two.
25) Is [ profile] thette popular? Hulda, or at least Hulda's bread, is. Yay fen! Yay game!
26) Where was [ profile] trollprincess born? Also Earth. She at least grew up in the Pennsylvania part of Earth, one of the parts that is not one of those two big cities.
27) Where did you first meet [ profile] raranax? At Grandma's. That was the visit where I sat on the cactus.
28) Would you wrestle [ profile] silmarian in jello? Perhaps. I'm not sure his wife's as comfortable with me as she was, and I'm not sure how Darkside would take it.
29) Do you think [ profile] elorie is hot? Haven't met her. Can't say.
30) What animal should [ profile] popefelix be combined with? Perhaps a ferret or a lemur.
31) Is [ profile] nalidoll your best friend? Darkside's got that spot, but she could be close.
32) Is [ profile] trickofthedark in a relationship? Married, even.
33) What is [ profile] easalle's favorite movie? Utena, I think.
34) If [ profile] elysianmusings and [ profile] pharminatrix were spliced together, what would it be like? A super-concentration of a billion different kinds of artistic.
35) Is [ profile] cawingcrow related to [ profile] sunshinegirl? Nope.
36) What exotic animal would [ profile] ataniell93 like as a pet? She might well enjoy a snake, or Bad Tom before he went all bad.
37) What would you do if [ profile] chorus_of_chaos died? Mourn. Possibly see if there was anyone local who could pay a certain man a certain kind of visit.
38) Does [ profile] amberite know [ profile] meacu1pa? Don't think so. Two different worlds.
39) Is [ profile] rubrchick dead sexy? I'm assured so.
40) If [ profile] tomb_of_osiris took over the world, who would be happy? Geeks everywhere.
41) If [ profile] mamadeb and [ profile] sithjawa were spliced together, what would be its name? Mama Sith. There would be scary cooking.
42) Does [ profile] metaphorge have a crush on [ profile] chorus_of_chaos? Nah.
43) Which president would [ profile] bekithewitch be likely to idolize? Scotland doesn't have presidents. But it wouldn't be the Shrubbery.
44) What color should [ profile] rubrchick dye their hair? Black, to match.
45) Would you make out with [ profile] boojum? You should have asked me this before she got married.
46) Is [ profile] meacu1pa an emo? I think there's a rule you can't be emo over age 25 or so.
47) How many monkeys could [ profile] iroshi fight at once and win against? Lots.
48) Does [ profile] onyxrising do drugs? Sidhe don't have to do drugs.
49) What video game does [ profile] raranax remind you of? That text-based game where the currency is meat.
50) Are [ profile] smmc and [ profile] sithjawa married? Not to each other. And the Sith is not married. (Do Sith marry?)
51) If [ profile] garnetdagger and [ profile] nilo were Siamese twins, where would they be joined? The elbow, and they would have to have five hands.
52) Does [ profile] elynne travel a lot? Not physically.
53) Where would [ profile] karlita most like to visit? Nifty places around the entire world.
54) If [ profile] juuro were hanging off a cliff, what would [ profile] onyxrising do? Snap photos of the climbing feat in progress.
55) Could you see [ profile] elance and [ profile] metaphorge together? Not for particularly long, and I think her husband might be annoyed if he hadn't been consulted first.
56) Would [ profile] thette and [ profile] onyxrising make a good couple? Her husband also might be annoyed, but they would have tremendous fun scheming.
57) What is [ profile] amberfox's shoe size? I'd guess 9.
58) What flavor of jello would [ profile] tomb_of_osiris be? Lemon.
59) Have you flirted with [ profile] grifyn? No. She is straight. Also married. I do not want to scare people. Too much.
60) Does [ profile] sithjawa smoke? No. We would have to send the cigarettes to Antarctica too.
61) [ profile] melcocha's eye color? Dark. And she has the gorgeous hair!
62) How tall is [ profile] tigergladys? Tall enough to be beset by hamsters!
63) What is [ profile] tsjafo's favorite band/artist? I think he's a [ profile] lmbujold fan.
64) One thing you can't stand about [ profile] lasayla? SHE DISAPPEARED OFF THE FACE OF THE INTERNET FOR A YEAR!!!
65) Have you ever dated [ profile] chorus_of_chaos? No.
66) If [ profile] elorie was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Stupid Person.
67) Is [ profile] amberite a college student? Yep!
68) Which of your friends should [ profile] swallowtayle go out with? I can't answer that on the grounds that she's my sister.
69) Would [ profile] reichiere be a better ninja or pirate? Pirate.
70) What would [ profile] sorcha007 think of [ profile] eng1ne? Yay, a geek!
71) What is [ profile] elance's favorite food? Strawberries? *arch look*
72) What rank would [ profile] lasayla have in a giant robot army? Commander, chief snarker, or high-ranked minion.
73) What mental disorder does [ profile] shadesong remind you of? [ profile] sickhippo.
74) What is [ profile] smmc's favorite game? WoW!
75) What would [ profile] dustraven do differently in your shoes? Have very sore feet.
76) What animal does [ profile] trystan_laryssa remind you of? Badger?
77) What would you do if you found out [ profile] godai has a crush on you? "If I found out"? I seem to recall I flirted outrageously and had cybersex.
78) One quality you find attractive in [ profile] raranax? He's both related and awesome.
79) Is [ profile] cawingcrow related to you? Does the corvid thing count as related? Then yes.
80) Is [ profile] sorcha007 friends with [ profile] aratina? If they met, they would be.
81) Are [ profile] hardartist and [ profile] aratina going steady? Nope.
82) What languages does [ profile] tygerr speak? English, probably some scraps of fan-created languages, likely snippets of Spanish, and both Geek and the Language of Luuuuuurve.
83) Does [ profile] grifyn have a dog? [ profile] shiba_inu is The Big Dog, so that would be a yes.
84) What is [ profile] grifyn's biggest flaw? Probably paranoia. And not enough spare time.
85) Does [ profile] raranax go to your school? Alas, no.
86) Does [ profile] reichiere have a big secret? If so, her cats know it.
87) What is [ profile] swallowtayle's favorite color? Not orange anymore.
88) Thoughts on [ profile] popefelix? GEEK!!! (This is a good thing.)
89) Is [ profile] ataniell93 a high school student? Long past that.
90) What word best describes [ profile] tattooedchick? Emotional.
91) Is [ profile] mamadeb 1337? Not quite that old yet. But she's more tech-savvy than many people in my parents' generation, without falling prey to abhorrent internet-specific abbreviations.
92) If [ profile] chorus_of_chaos took over the world, who would suffer? The current mismanaged incestuous abusive healthcare system.
93) What song/movie would you recommend to [ profile] bekithewitch? It would help if I knew her taste in music, but it's hard to go wrong with "White Reflection", because it makes me hyper.
94) Is [ profile] silmarian introverted or extroverted? Introverted.
95) What is [ profile] hardartist allergic to? Time-wasting e-mails like the ones he asks people not to send in his comic's site's FAQ.
96) If [ profile] cawingcrow had a superpower, what would it be? Super Poly Organization!
97) Are [ profile] popefelix and [ profile] jdllama going out? I guess I don't have enough gay guys on the friendslist to warrant forcing opposite-sex pairings.
98) [ profile] rubrchick's hair color? Dark. This has the added advantage of not showing up backstage.
99) How would [ profile] popefelix kill [ profile] elynne? Pun war.
100) Do [ profile] metaphorge and [ profile] rubrchick go to the same school? It would help if either of them were in school.
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[ profile] thette inadvertently helped out in the ongoing mock battle of pseudo-ideology between me and the Wonder Twins Poser-Geek Super and Rev. Not-So-Nice Super.

Jelly Babies would entirely possibly taste good with a nice coconut glaze.

I've had some questions about why the whole "You eat babies!" thing doesn't bother me. It's mostly because I know they don't really think I eat babies, and they get ragged on just as hard about assorted random crap by the rest of the bullpen. Lots of give-and-take, and I both give and take.

In other news, I came out of the bi-closet to Trendy Chick Super on Sunday. She is generally cool, but she called the workplace "homo", meaning "bad", and I asked her politely to not use that word in a negative sense. (Especially not in front of me.) She apologized, not having meant offense to me, and inquired as to why it offended me. I declined to answer in front of present company (Phone Call In Super and one of the male supervisors who hasn't got any notable distinct traits except for the broken back from the car wreck) but whispered something to her that she was able to decode in terms of a joke astrology sheet that had been going around. All was explained...


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