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2012-03-05 10:58 pm

... it can't just be Steph and me.

Poll #9774 My head-canon could probably out-shoot your head-canon (unless you know Verity Price)
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I think of myself as "fannish" about media that have something like characters and storylines (text, (web)comic, video, rpg)

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45 (75.0%)

3 (5.0%)

5 (8.3%)

... it's complicated
7 (11.7%)

My interaction with (at least some) fandoms (even if they're not my primary/not a big deal) includes:

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Consuming at least part of the canon
52 (86.7%)

Consuming the entire (or the most available) canon at least once (includes skipping that one bit you've been warned of)
51 (85.0%)

Consuming the canon multiple times (includes single-full-or-best & multiple partial)
49 (81.7%)

Interacting with other fans
55 (91.7%)

... to share squee/good bits
51 (85.0%)

... to share general thoughts
52 (86.7%)

... to share bad bits/complaints/stuff that could have been better
48 (80.0%)

Discussions/essays, with self or others, about "meta" topics
39 (65.0%)

Reading or participating in meta discussions started by others
44 (73.3%)

Creating fanworks
36 (60.0%)

... Creating fanworks intended to be as close to canon as possible
21 (35.0%)

... Creating fanworks that deliberately explore transformative aspects (such as relationships not seen in canon, or chunks of shared fanon) but not intended to be an alternate universe
33 (55.0%)

... Creating fanworks that differ enough that you would call them an alternate universe
27 (45.0%)

... Creating fanworks that are specifically an alternate universe of other fanworks (possibly AUs themselves) rather than fanworks of the original
12 (20.0%)

Consuming fanworks
51 (85.0%)

... Consuming close-to-canon fanworks
54 (90.0%)

... Consuming other non-AU fanworks
49 (81.7%)

... Consuming alternate universe fanworks
48 (80.0%)

... Consuming fanworks of other fanworks
37 (61.7%)

Other fannish activities not mentioned
29 (48.3%)

Engaging in fannish activities for a fandom without having consumed its canon
33 (55.0%)

Engaging in fannish activities for a fandom that has left its original canon far behind, without having consumed the canon
22 (36.7%)

None of the above applies
1 (1.7%)

Original private fandoms

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At least one of my fandoms involves an original (or serial-numbers-filed-off, or significant AU) fandom that has not been publicly or formally released
21 (48.8%)

... it's released now (or will be very soon), BUT I LOVED IT BEFORE THEN! *hipster glasses*
8 (18.6%)

... and I am a creator/co-creator
11 (25.6%)

... and I interact fannishly as well as with my creator hat on
9 (20.9%)

... I/We skipped or have been slacking on canon creation because fanworks are more fun
5 (11.6%)

None of the above applies
19 (44.2%)

LOL, *really*, Azz?
10 (23.3%)

(If anyone academic/etc. feels like playing with results, I would ask that you respect the privacy of the respondents as if their data were anonymized, as this journal is mostly a play-zone, not a study-zone.)
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2012-03-05 11:55 pm
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