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Exceptionally, exceptionally bratty. :-P

So Saturday plans were: go down to the shared workspace that the nonprofit has some space in, orient my volunteers, then see what Purple was up to.

Turns out that in fact it took an entire 6 hours for my old laptop (which is the traveling one, now) to download and apply 2+ months' worth of updates. I was actually able to get some work done on it in the meantime.

Later on in the afternoon, getting towards evening, someone poked his head in the door. He was wondering if I knew where there might be a public toilet?
I did a quick risk assessment and said that I hadn't the earthliest, but would he like to use ours? So he did, and then asked what organization I was with, with implications of "and maybe do your org a solid" so I gave him the info, and he gave me his card, and it was one of those nice little being-kind-to-fellow-humans moments.

I called Purple and checked in; he was in fact up for dinner. We set a time. Then one of the volunteers was running late, so I bumped it out by another half-hour. I brought the computer out opened up and set it on the passenger seat to complete its updates. When I parked near Purple's building, I saw that it was asking for a reboot. So I told it that it could reboot, then locked everything up and went in to say hello.

Purple was on the phone with a friend who was shopping for srs bzns camera lenses. I excused myself briefly, then settled in on the other end of the couch with my phone to check up on the various things the internet had been saying in my absence. (And again with the second call.) By the time he was finished up with that, I had gone through my internet, so great timing.

We went in search of dinner. He had a place in mind, and lo, it was tasty. There was the usual amount of giggling.

I wound up telling him about a case of mistaken identity from a mutual friend. A mutual friend had seen the name "Purple", had seen the tag #AzureLsInTrouble, and had come to some understandable (but incorrect) conclusions. Hilarity ensued. Extra hilarity ensued when I told him about it. That gave way to a thoughtful discussion about some meta-issues around the specific type of mistaken identity.

Then we were back at his place, and we settled in on the infamous couch to watch some Dead Like Me, some Black Mirror (the one with the Willow Grain, in which I reflected that lawyer-boy ain't no Simon Illyan, and that I feel good about my life choices), and then some Black Books and Parks & Rec as unicorn chaser. We wound up pausing the Black Books episode with Manny clinging to Bernard's ankle as he heads for the door for the following exchange:

Azz: "Ahh, that reminds me of a Shawn incident."
Purple: "Er... what?? And ... which were you?"
Azz: "Did I not tell you that one, then?"
Purple: "Apparently not! Were you the one clinging, or the one being clung to?"
Azz: "Shawn had stolen my condom."
Purple: *erupts in giggles* "That still doesn't tell me which one you were."

My ideal vision for this weekend had included the concept of some time spent on a couch with a friend, leaning on each other and both reading, and I am happy to say that substituting watching well-picked TV works nearly as well.

Purple introduced me to the spider over his door. He's not sure if it's a real spider or just a shed exoskeleton, but it doesn't hurt to be polite! (Especially at that size.)

Next week is going to be ... a bit hectic. zomg.

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