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Azure Jane Lunatic (Azz) 🌺 ([personal profile] azurelunatic) wrote2017-05-04 02:34 pm

My Wednesday was pretty epic.

Went to dentist. Early. Oops.
Got root canal. My dentist (the man dentist, not the pretty one) is funny when he's not being intimidating and stern.
Backstory on dentist: there is a lot going on in my mouth, very little of it good, and I am not in a place to be accepting helpful advice at this time. The most recent adventure was *last* Wednesday, where what was supposed to be a routine filling turned out to be much deeper than the dentist had anticipated, going right up to the nerve and under the gum line. It had to be paused partway through to stop the bleeding. The dentist put in a temporary filling to see if after two months the sensitivity would decrease to a point that it could just be a filling and not a root canal, and sent me home without pain management instructions. This turned out to be bad. I enjoyed a pretty much constant ice cream headache for the entire week. Daring to sip room temperature water would set me off, though it didn't seem to be overly bothered by pressure or impact. Then, the "background noise" pain was bad enough that I couldn't notice... 800mg of ibuprofen and numbing gel only took the edge off. Fortunately, this summer I'd had abdominal surgery... That meant that if I timed things right, I could eat enough to take my pills twice a day, and get some sleep, before the pain started climbing back up at the 1-2 hour mark and returning to "normal" at the 4-hour mark. Happily, the root canal fixed the pain and I no longer have to heavily medicate, and I get a coronation at some point.
$$$ ouch.
Went home promptly instead of faffing about running errands, because I was exhausted as hell.
Canceled endodontist appointment, because that was just a consult about the one that they just root canalled.
Caught up a bit with Nora.
Poked the apartment office to see when the maintenance dude was coming to chat with me about places the moving pod could be put. (Answer: they hadn't even poked him about it, because of so many emergencies.)
Called the moving pod place and reserved stuff and got more details.
Filed a ticket with maintenance with more details, since relaying things via the office has been proven ineffective.
Caught up with my bff, who is still getting used to the idea of roommates.
Untangled some very tangled crochet-cotton.
Scheduled dinner with Purple, even though both gmail and comcast were being unhelpful.
Found my glasses by using my emergency backup glasses; I'd taken my glasses off in order to untangle the yarn.
Refueled enough to get to dinner, as that was one of the errands I'd skipped. Ah well.
Got a little time with my partner, on the way to both of our dates.
Had a lovely evening with Purple.
Caught up with Dawn on the way home.
Went to bed early and slept like a rock.

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