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1st week November.

Oct 31 2010 to Syne

Heh. So last night we are all on the (essential) bus escaping Het Hipster Hell
(aka Halloween In The Castro)
And I suddenly realized: LJ had a Brad and a Frank. LJ == RHPS??
John: "Does that make [] Janet?"
Everyone else: "BUS CLEANSING RITUAL!!!"

2010 11 01 03 20
Crashed out hard before midnight; knew I would never make it. Annoyed I will have to spend writing time on tech support.

Woke up to omg poll votes. Oi.

2:22 PM 11/3/2010
So I read [personal profile] thefourthvine's lovely and hilarious [RL] Sex Education last night, which is a tale of sex-ed and related hilarity, and also a cautionary moment. In particular, apparently the current textbooks in California public schools include anatomy and abstinence, but no methods other than abstinance for disease and pregnancy avoidance or prevention. This frankly terrifies me, and since I am in California and I know that some of my school-age friends are as well, I would like to offer myself as a relatively non-threatening resource for answering questions about sex, disease prevention, and pregnancy prevention. I know a lot, but I don't know everything; is an excellent and accurate resource which will not giggle at you.

3:03 PM 11/3/2010
Weekly pride thing; my pride thread.

5:04 PM 11/4/2010
Sadly, the NaNo site uses the 'user' space, not 'users', so one makes a link to NaNo users the traditional way, not the fun username way. azurelunatic

5:51 AM 11/5/2010
NaNo write-in fun. Parking was not so fun. Fucking sharks. But there were few people when I arrived, so that worked out well enough. Had some problems with the internet, but I don't need internet at a write-in if I have it on my phone. The portable keyboard is not very useful on the tiny-table.

I missed the daily NaNo goal by some 30-ish words at midnight, but I made up for that by plowing through that remainder, plus the goal for the 5th, in the following 4 hours. Plot is going somewhere. I like this.

7:06 AM 11/5/2010
A number of previous denizens of Freenode's #brassgoggles have been coming into espernet's #steampunk. Word on the street, for various values of 'street', is that the other channel is a pyrophallocracy. (Were it not, being that it's Freenode and those are my main IRC stomping grounds, I might otherwise wander over and see whazzup. But pyrophallocracy is a good reason to, er, not.)

11:43 PM 11/5/2010
My sleep schedule is yet again fucking with me. On what might be the upside of that, I dreamed that I was meeting up with TriaTriaTria (which I will be on Sunday), in a confusing maze of something that resembled the dorms at UAF, except with funkiness in the elevators and non-Euclidean hallways, and huge bathrooms in which I got lost. The Pink Lady from the callcenter-hell-job was there as an RA. I was trying to find Tria (except it wasn't Tria in the dream, I think it was Kii) but we kept missing our connections. Pretty standard stress-dream.
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[personal profile] pauamma 2010-12-16 04:58 pm (UTC)(link)
I passed to a friend of mine who collects sex ed and sex health resources, and she mentioned she doesn't think much of it. Might be useful for you and her to compare notes. Mind if I point her to this, or to you in general?