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Azure Jane Lunatic (Azz) 🌺 ([personal profile] azurelunatic) wrote2014-01-28 02:08 am

Fishbrick? Fishblock!

My dear best friend has forbidden me from catching on fire or stabbing any workplace email administrator or technical support type. Himself being himself, he then mentioned some of the many loopholes, and we joined in this game for a bit.

I mentioned fishbrick. He would not have used hot glue. What he would have done is cast the brick out of concrete, and while it was still mushy, embedded the anchovies in the top and then let it cure that way. However, that would not be his Windows Express medium of choice. Oh no. Give him some halibut, give him a bucket, give him a freezer.

He expressed his surprise that upon Researcher Carmageddon's declaration that was shaped like "Let's host a gathering! It'll be easy!" that I did not fire Researcher Carmageddon into space and use him as target practice. I like Researcher Carmageddon! He occasionally frustrates me, but he does not irk me as a co-worker, and I would have a beer with him. (Even if I might think three times before accepting a ride from him.)

To be fair, Researcher Carmageddon did not in fact say "It'll be easy!" He said "can you help out with this?" and then (after it was over) "$EXTERNALDUDE said he was impressed with how easily we hosted this but in fact it was not easy, we just made it look easy and a lot of people helped, especially Azz who kept me sane."

I've been contemplating on the calibration of the BFF's protectiveness. I appreciate the protectiveness! But he is also accustomed to an iteration of me who allowed a rather excessive amount of treading-upon in the name of various peacekeeping, so he is quick to take umbrage on my behalf against (real or imagined) offenders, when it's more situations than people these days. Hm.

I should possibly figure out if we can maybe attempt to watch MythBusters together remotely. That used to be one of our things when we were local. It would take more doing remotely, but we both have DVRs. I called while he was in the middle, so he giggled about it and I played Solitaire and it was nice.

He's on the second battery for his communicator phone, and they're getting harder to come by. He's happy about being able to drop his phone with impunity, and lorded it over the silly smartphone users (yours truly included). I'm happy with my protective case. He pointed out the very large vulnerable spot, where all you have to do is drop it from five feet face-down onto a rock and you're fucked. This indeed is so.

All in all, a lovely Saturday evening.
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[personal profile] silveradept 2014-01-28 09:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Sounds fun, if a bit disappointing about the inability to pyro.
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That is quite sensible. Hopefully whomever is the recipient of such is aware that they will be receiving it.