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Can You Even YouTube, Bro?

Initial reports are that Thursday's event was well-received amongst the team who needed the perspective on empathy.

Manager Can You Even YouTube, Bro seems to be the most tactful member of his team, which is saying something. He's the guy who has been saying (in general) that the state of videos produced by members of his generation, members of engineering, and the company at large is sort of bush-league next to the things that the younger generation can do with only rudimentary tools. Like his teenage daughter with her makeup vlogs on YouTube. What he is trying to express here seems to be a simultaneous dissatisfaction with the quality of video coming from the grown-ups, and a serious admiration for the self-taught/peer-taught video editing skillz shown by the generation that's grown up with easy access to basic video editing tools. Unfortunately it's coming off super un-tactful. It may be worth mentioning here that this guy is manager to Mr. With All Due Respect Bite Me and Racist McMansplain (both of them).

(Also Brutus Cochin is the main point of interface.)

I showed up to see setup in full swing. It gradually dawned on me that there were no desks in the room. Nobody from the haulin' shit guys had showed up in the afternoon to wrangle desks. So we were deskless. I called the Dean in a panic. It turns out that about 4 guys can set up desks for 100 people in about 20 minutes, given that the chairs were already there. Live and learn. But we got underway only 10 minutes late, and while we variously hauled ass to get back on schedule, the day wound up finishing only 10 minutes after it was supposed to conclude.

During the section where the participants were supposed to go through a series of tasks actually using the software that they built (zomg), I observed that one of the handful of people still in the plenary room chatting (and not off doing the thing they were there to do) was Racist McMansplain. The surprise of this gave me the vapors and I had to break out the smelling salts. (I didn't recognize any of the others holding back, but damn skippy he was one of them.)

Manager YouTube Bro had been resistant to my suggestion that we not micromanage the menu, and just get the food requirements to Catering and let them have their way with Chef's Special. He approached me after it was all done and told me that he should not have doubted me, that the food was great.

Aunt-Manager and JJ and I had a great ol' gossip about stuff, including about the Fate of Kipper-Llama. He's fairly sure that it's going to keep getting hot-potato'd about Silly Valley until its street value is approximately a gum wrapper (his choice of currency, not mine). One of the main problems was lack of resources. I talked about my helpdesk strategy (and how I bypassed them whenever possible when the problem was a specific vendor, which was how I wound up in the Kipper-Llama bugzilla as often as I did).

JJ and I ran the loaner laptops back to the Sub-Genius Bar. I taught him the elevator trick.

I posted a "You Are Here" & "Conference Room Is There" sign on the wall across from the elevator in the murderbasement. I hope this'll help reroute lostlings to the place they need to be.

Purple'd not been in the office that day due to his sinuses, so there were no hugs. Alas.
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Well, perhaps it's a very small credit to Virtual Hammer than they have managed to get the most obnoxious entities all in the same place, so as to minimize their contact with anyone else?
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Has it occurred to him that, unless we've got some Youtube-generating team tucked away somewhere, he's comparing people who do it because they love it to people who regret having answered "yes" to "you know how video editing software works, right?"
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Ow. I was hoping he was referring to the sort of thing that happened years back when we were much smaller - there was a huge push (which everyone I knew managed to resist) to "help" with a completely ridiculous (and not in the good way) "morale-boosting" video. That one fell into the "wait, why did I say yes?" category.