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Personal life!

This is a very brief update that is deliberately light on details. Further information is probably not forthcoming in public. (If you want the story, try in person with coffee or tea; bourbon's not necessary.)

Very recently, someone I have known and I tried dating, to see if it could work. Upon further discussion, we have broken up, but remain better friends than when we started.

Mostly, this is to serve as notification that the matrix "my ex", having remained stable with [personal profile] sithjawa at the top of the stack, has been expanded; references to "my ex" with very un-[personal profile] sithjawa-like attributes are ... rather less likely to be [personal profile] sithjawa.
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virtual beverage of choice always on offer <3
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I'm glad it hasn't hurt your friendship, and I hope the closeness continues.
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(Re-joining LJ/DW after an extremely long absence. Thanks for encouraging me to do so!)

Best wishes for you both, you have my support and my ear anytime you need it.
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I'm glad the break up was amicable.