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Azure Jane Lunatic (Azz) 🌺 ([personal profile] azurelunatic) wrote2016-11-11 12:42 am
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Things I have been doing in the past two days, an incomplete list

... besides, of course, freaking out about the very real problems that come with the election results. (So far: likelihood of compromised health care, actual death(s) because of likelihood of compromised health care, likelihood of compromised sexual and reproductive health care for uterus-owners, actual increased racially charged violence, increased racially hateful verbal interactions including one of my friends-I-have-met-in-person being targeted, increased violence against same-sex couples, people who defy conservative gender norms...)

Ignoring my NaNo, somewhat guiltily. I will probably sit down with it sometime tomorrow.
Getting distracted, more so than usual.
Food, drink, meds, and exercise.
Talking to my baby girl, my other fishchildren, my morail, and others.
Retweeting things that seem helpful and important.
Retweeting cute animal pictures, because seriously.
Listening to "Anthem".
Listening to podcasts from September, because I'm not caught up.
Listening to the pre-election Rachel Maddow Show episodes that I hadn't heard, before facing the new ones.
Emailing Mama and Tay.
Spending time on IRC with the Freenode #dreamwidth (no politics) and #dreamwidth-bitch (politics allowed) crowds.
Spending time on IRC with #adventuresofstnono.
Communication with my Gentle Caller, via nearly every viable method of contact we have, because no matter what, we don't stop communicating. (Though we do take time out to do things like work, sleep, run errands, and watch things that make our brains feel less like used swiss cheese.)
Watching some of the Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency show. I think I was too young for the book when I read it, and/or on insufficient amounts of psychoactive drugs.
Talking about the fantastical cons of the concept of using dogecoin (for example) to fund California's affordable care plans, with Purple.
Testing exactly how waterproof our devices are, in Skype-showering with the Gentle Caller. (We have figured out the usual splash range of our respective showers, and leave the devices outside of that.)
Enjoying hot flashes. :\
Making social plans for Friday evening (Purple, and perhaps radius, yay!!!)
Making plans for the weekend (maybe a workshop in San Jose, and then likely dinner and helpfully mind-numbing video product with Purple)
Setting up Twitter list(s) for the friends I want to keep caught up with.
Poking at Facebook when I can, to maybe try and do some of the work of being human and vulnerable to people who want to love me but don't understand my pain.
Humming lullabies to sleeping friends.
Trying to fix my headset, which got a bit wrong with my phone. (I think the problem is my phone, but unpairing and re-pairing seems to have worked.)
Contemplating whether my phone is in fact in any fit state. (Parts of it keep crashing. It was not meant to run what I'm running on it.)
Wondering whether to apply for a 12 month contract locally. Because, 12 months.
Contemplating the minor physical indignity and tedium of dilators. (This is the OEM vagina that is not badly scarred experience of dilators. I hear that neovaginas are much less pleased by the experience.)
Sharing my experiences, generally, of hysterectomy.
Being generally and loudly fucking weird, in the way that only I can be.