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My partner and their delicate things have been safely extracted. The ex was not present for the extraction process.

Next is the fun part, I guess. For ... certain likely values of fun.
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Best luck with the next bit
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Oh, that is good. I am glad they are out of that particular situation, at least, and wish you all luck on the next part.
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May things be smoother now for everyone. Good luck!
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Very yay for safe extraction, and good luck for the next bit!
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Good luck to you and them.
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I'm really delighted for your partner. And very much kudos and respect to you for encouraging them to do the extremely hard thing of leaving, and helping with the practical arrangements even from a distance.
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Great news. Kudos to you and your partner for arranging an extraction in such a smooth way – I can’t imagine this was easy to pull off. Good luck dealing with fallout from the ex.

*adds to small pile of reasons why 2017 might be a good year*
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Some relief, then on to the next thing! Isn't that life?
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Very glad to hear it ♥