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Recent comment stats thing!

(As ever, DW keeps its stuff in the same place as LJ, so I've retrieved mine; this grabs about 5,000 comments at once, so you can do the math to get your 5000 most recent.)

Total comments: 5021
1[personal profile] azurelunatic2385
2[personal profile] silveradept490
3[personal profile] vass184
4[personal profile] sithjawa132
5[personal profile] wibbble87
6[personal profile] ghoti69
7[personal profile] inoru_no_hoshi65
8[personal profile] kaberett61
9[personal profile] umadoshi60
10[personal profile] alatefeline51
11[personal profile] wohali50
12[personal profile] quartzpebble43
13[personal profile] nadyne42
14[personal profile] jesse_the_k42
15[personal profile] nanila39
16[personal profile] siderea36
17[personal profile] elanya33
18[personal profile] andrewducker32
19[personal profile] birke30
20[personal profile] kateshort29
21[personal profile] synecdochic28
22[personal profile] siliconshaman28
23[personal profile] krait27
24[personal profile] ankaret27
25[personal profile] trixieleitz26
26[personal profile] rynia24
27[identity profile] fiddlingfrog.livejournal.com24
28[personal profile] pauamma23
29[personal profile] snippy23
30[personal profile] tiferet22
31[personal profile] amadi22
32[personal profile] metaphortunate22
33[personal profile] niqaeli22
34[personal profile] aedifica20
35[personal profile] ephemera20
36[personal profile] mathemagicalschema19
37[personal profile] raaven18
38[personal profile] emceeaich18
39[personal profile] silverflight818
40[personal profile] triadruid16
41[personal profile] kk1raven15
42[personal profile] jamoche15
43[personal profile] cadenzamuse15
44[personal profile] torrilin15
45[personal profile] sraun14
46[personal profile] twistedchick14
47[personal profile] woggy14
48[personal profile] alexseanchai13
49[personal profile] tim12
50[personal profile] sporky_rat12
51[personal profile] jadelennox12
52[personal profile] majoline11
53[personal profile] asciident11
54[personal profile] pengolodh_sc10
55[personal profile] lilysea10
56[personal profile] lannamichaels10
57[personal profile] rymenhild10
58[personal profile] geekosaur10
59[personal profile] lone_lilly9
60[personal profile] wild_irises9
61[personal profile] tcpip9
62[personal profile] kareila9
63[personal profile] shehasathree9
64[personal profile] vlion9
65[personal profile] conuly9
66[personal profile] laurajv8
67[personal profile] exor6747
68[personal profile] norabombay7
69[personal profile] amberfox7
70[personal profile] elf7
71[personal profile] dreamatdrew7
72[personal profile] wendelah17
73[personal profile] jecook7
74[personal profile] highlander_ii6
75[personal profile] sgsabbage6
76[personal profile] wordweaverlynn6
77[personal profile] ilyena_sylph6
78[personal profile] mmegaera6
79[personal profile] chagrined5
80[personal profile] enemyofperfect5
81[personal profile] cesy5
82[personal profile] flamebyrd5
83[personal profile] elialshadowpine5
84[personal profile] afuna5
85[personal profile] pickledginger5
86[personal profile] jenett5
87[personal profile] rydra_wong5
88[personal profile] celtic_maenad5
89[personal profile] klgaffney4
90[personal profile] xenacryst4
91[personal profile] amyfortuna4
92[personal profile] owl4
93[personal profile] liv4
94[personal profile] alanj4
95[personal profile] ursamajor4
96[personal profile] srukle4
97[personal profile] cxcvi4
98[personal profile] miss_s_b3
99[personal profile] stormerider3
100[personal profile] jack3
101[personal profile] frobisherw3
102[personal profile] alexwlchan3
103[personal profile] momijizukamori3
104[personal profile] corvi3
105[personal profile] cheyinka3
106[personal profile] metaphasia3
107[personal profile] ofearthandstars3
108[personal profile] sharpest_asp3
109[personal profile] shadowspar3
110[personal profile] lacey3
111[personal profile] harpers_child3
112[personal profile] lunabee343
113[personal profile] matgb3
114[personal profile] karlht3
115[personal profile] ravan3
116[personal profile] devon3
117[personal profile] castiron3
118[personal profile] shortcipher2
119[personal profile] ruric2
120[personal profile] xinef2
121[personal profile] flourish2
122[personal profile] peoriapeoriawhereart2
123[personal profile] popefelix2
124[personal profile] ckd2
125[personal profile] archangelbeth2
126[personal profile] stormwynd2
127[personal profile] frameacloud2
128[personal profile] delight2
129[personal profile] trobadora2
130[personal profile] firecat2
131[personal profile] cynthia19602
132[personal profile] yvi2
133[personal profile] sylvaine2
134[personal profile] scolaro2
135[personal profile] mathsnerd2
136[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith2
137[personal profile] jd2
138[personal profile] parmanya1
139[staff profile] karzilla1
140[personal profile] mildred_of_midgard1
141[personal profile] highsmith1
142[personal profile] thnidu1
143[personal profile] loki_of_sassgaard1
144[personal profile] tazmandevil1
145[personal profile] ekaterin1
146[personal profile] pax_athena1
147[personal profile] icarus1
148[profile] thebonesofferalletters1
149[personal profile] stultiloquentia1
150[personal profile] calligrafiti1
151[personal profile] jmtorres1
152[personal profile] pineapplechild1
153[personal profile] darkemeralds1
154[identity profile] siderea.livejournal.com1
155[personal profile] sathari1
156[personal profile] stefawna1
157[personal profile] northern1
158[personal profile] gominokouhai1
159[personal profile] corrvin1
160[personal profile] jaxonsmith1
161[personal profile] not_a_sniglet1
162[personal profile] aella_irene1
163[personal profile] franklanguage1
164[personal profile] tamar1
165[personal profile] toft1
166[personal profile] waketosleep1
167[personal profile] 17catherines1
168[personal profile] zarhooie1
169[personal profile] nyn1
170[personal profile] hunningham1
171[personal profile] nilo1
172[personal profile] chaos_by_design1
173[personal profile] ljgeoff1
174[personal profile] randomling1
175[personal profile] sine_nomine1
176[identity profile] xinef.livejournal.com1
177[personal profile] kyleri1
178[personal profile] teaotter1
179[personal profile] sabotabby1
180[personal profile] phoenix1
181[personal profile] xenologer1
182[personal profile] jamesmiller1
183[personal profile] fairlight1
184[personal profile] chalcopyrite1
185[personal profile] musyc1
186[identity profile] calin burley1
187[personal profile] morbane1
188[personal profile] ursula1
189[personal profile] elisem1
190[personal profile] filkferengi1
191[personal profile] tajasel1
192[personal profile] ysobel1

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highlander_ii: Danno Williams sctaching his chin ([Danno] chin scratch)

[personal profile] highlander_ii 2017-02-04 07:52 am (UTC)(link)
did you play the 'rolling back through old entries' game? (that's how i relocated that thing the last time i monkeyed with it.) XD
highlander_ii: Rupert Giles weilding a chainsaw ([BtVS-SS] chainsaw Giles)

[personal profile] highlander_ii 2017-02-04 09:14 pm (UTC)(link)
'looking for a thing' is a very distracting event... b/c you find all the *other* things when you do it.
lone_lilly: (Default)


[personal profile] lone_lilly 2017-02-05 04:33 am (UTC)(link)
Only 9?! I need to comment more.
birke: (Default)

[personal profile] birke 2017-02-05 06:37 am (UTC)(link)
Huh. I'm higher in the rankings than I thought I'd be. I feel like I should comment more, but I rarely have anything to say...
jesse_the_k: Lucy the ACD's butt & tail are all that's visible since her head is down a gopher hole (LUCY gopher hunter)

[personal profile] jesse_the_k 2017-02-05 11:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Given how often I abandon a comment because I decide "it's pointless and nobody wants to hear about that," It's kinda surprising how many comments I actually post.