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I am scared of my family right now.

My immediate family are largely good people who generally behave with kindness to all, and abhor the concepts of white supremacy and fascism like any decent person.

My aunts on my father's side are pretty awesome. Hippie Uncle is great, and Woodworking Uncle has good intentions and maybe a few distortions due to assorted experiences of privilege, but he does not appear to go out of his way to fuck other people over.

My aunt-by-marriage scares me. She's a doctor, and things she has said about transgender people, and gender in general, make me feel unsafe around her.

My uncle who is married to that aunt has good intentions, but does not appear to be in a position to temper his wife's attitudes.

"Racist Cousin Anna" has said some things about Mexicans that made me turn away from her. She's married to the older of that uncle's kids.

Both those cousins have posted things about guns and Muslims on Facebook that make me scared, like they wouldn't hesitate to support laws that would marginalize my friends, or might use one of those guns on someone.

I don't have the scariest family in the world. And I'm still skittish of saying anything that might prompt them to stop seeing me as their tame cousin and start seeing me as Other.
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<3 as well.
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<3 I know you've been keeping up with me talking out my feelings on calling out family on Twitter.
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I also have relatives on Twitter who, if they actually read what I post, would get pretty hostile -- but the nearest is several hundred miles away and has no reason to come where I am. Some days that is not a comfort, and not enough distance.
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I know this feel.
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Me too.
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*points to post, nods*
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My sympathies. I have some untrustworthy relatives too. It sucks.
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I'm sorry. They don't need to be the scariest family in the world for it to suck that you can see the borders of their love from here. :(
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Family. We've all got plenty of reasons to insist that our family are those who we choose to call daily, and not something as arbitrary as shared genetics or a marriage contract.
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I feel this deeply. Being able to see where the borders of family stop is a distressing experience.

... MIL and I had this conversation the other day, which I think she intended as expressing unhappiness that she and her sister are no longer in contact, because of a Facebook blowup over a political accusation. And I kept hearing it as "this is what I, the family matriarch, am willing to do to Liberals Who Step Out Of Line, even when it's my own sister." Terribly, terribly awkward situation.

Family. :(
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Sympathy and solidarity.