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Thursday was family games night, with pizza. [personal profile] sithjawa joined, as well as the partner's large array of siblings and their spouses/etc.

After games were done, my partner showed me Who Framed Roger Rabbit? out of the "You haven't seen that yet?" queue. And we watched more of The Orville, and I tested out my stand mixer by making some cookies.

Friday, in honor of the equinox, I baked a sweet cardamom loaf. Then we did a shopping run, and my partner made dinner.

These past two days have involved a lot of small gas-powered motors around. Partner has summoned a yard maintenance company to take care of some of the tree, bush, weed, and tenacious invasive morning glory things that the ex neglected in the interminable six months leading up to departure. It's been loud, but is so much better looking now. Though there are still some more things left for today, like the stack of lichen-covered branches in the driveway.
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Did you enjoy WFRR? In retrospect, the sexism is heavy in that one, but at the time I loved how it played with noir tropes.

Sweet cardamom loaf sounds delicious.

Small-engine noise is ubiquitous right now: in addition to the mowers/leaf blowers/hedge trimmers, we've got a concrete pump across the street as well as generators a-plenty on the local piping projects. It's like beating my head against a brick wall: feels great when it stops.
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Exciting! Yay equinox!

Also: fuck bindweed, kill it with fire.
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Is The Orville watchable? I can't get over it being MacFarlane; his other shows really rub me the wrong way.