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So my new GYN found some slight abnormalities on my pap smear in December. My June exam featured a biopsy. He used this TINY MEDICAL HOLE PUNCH. (I was more fascinated than squicked.) It came back abnormal, and given my history, that meant getting it taken care of immediately.

It was an appointment for cryotherapy this Monday. It was entirely in his office. I laid down, got lubed up and speculized, then he put correct tip on the end of the hose coming out of the nitrous oxide tank and away we went.

There was a digression where I explained exactly how I knew what frostbite felt like. He was intrigued by the short amount of exposure that it took my poor feet to freeze.

It felt at first like mild menstrual cramps. It kept getting stronger. We paused a bit while I recovered a little, then kept at it. As instructed, I had pre-gamed with 800mg of ibuprofen.

("Discomfort?" Darkside said. "So it wasn't painful, then?"
"No, it was definitely pain. It's just that we've been trained that it doesn't count as pain.")

I spent a lot of the rest of the morning feeling sorry for myself, but perked up a little as the day went on.

Tuesday was not a good day, but mostly due to heat, humidity, and my hamstring/knee injury from a bad bus ride. (That's starting to feel better too.)

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Ouch! but I'm glad you're doing better.
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Augh. I hope you're feeling all better soon.
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Eeeee. (So true, about "it doesn't count as pain." Even my extremely angry uterus, when I got the IUD... Yes, that was pain, but I was... managing it? Well, I was holding still and not bleeding out, and thus the doctor kept saying, "You're doing fine" when I was keening (pain-management through holding a high-pitched note!). And I said, "Sez you!" each time. heh. But I don't call it pain, which is... weird.)

I hope that you continue to feel better and better in all respects!
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Ouch. I hope you're feeling better by now and that all manner of thing will be well.
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I've gotten that hole-punch! *super-careful fistbump*

unlike you, it squicked me the fuck right out.