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IDK, my BFF Darkside?

Events: [redacted], bought mop, had breakfast, went to church (UU), loaned belovedest my most convenient spare battery, loaded some more music onto my iPod, did some laundry, mopped most of the Northeast quadrant of the basement (except under the stuff leaning against the east wall), called Nora, did some dishes, laid out clothes, called Darkside, went grocery shopping with the entire household, had supper, prepared stuff for Monday. Whew.

Darkside is doing NaNoWriMo this year. I'm pleased for him. Among other things, he mentioned that he was struggling to keep the sarcastic wit out of the draft.

Darkside has such a distinctive conversational voice. Sarcastic wit, terrible puns, and hilarious suggestivity are three of the markers. I urged him to leave it in, in case his voice as a writer had those qualities as well.

It's always so good to talk with him. I hid in the bedroom in the dark for a while. I don't have the same uncomfortable world-ending crush that I used to, the one where I made a nuisance of myself. I have belovedest to thank for anchoring me and exchanging love with me as partners and equals. I'm no longer drowning in loneliness. For Darkside, my heart is a meringue, all froth and sweetness, but annealed into something load-bearing. So we can banter, maybe into flirting, batting ideas across our divides as though we have always been in constant contact. No pressure. No heartbreak. Just a friendship old enough to vote.

He deserves all good things.
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Sarcastic wit is best character voice & best narrator voice I'm just saying
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that would probably win yes
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<3 <3
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It is so good to see you "no longer drowning in loneliness." you seem radiant and confident. Hooray!
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Mmmm puns.