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Throat is the sort of sore which could be a result of sleep and not drinking enough water, or could be a sign that I have The Housemates' Cold (I was sneezing a bit last night, and I just heard Belovedest coughing in the living room).

I was grumpily intending to remain in bed all day, dammit, because my knees were not good this past week, but I will probably at least get up for food.

When I got the battery on this here phone replaced, the tech talked sternly about properly charging and discharging for maximum life. I... have a lifestyle that doesn't match my battery size, so if I leave it discharging all day, I'm on the train when it starts going low. At which point my options for charging are fewer, and are mostly slow. I don't want to get stranded with a dead battery. So I may start blithely ignoring the best practices again, with the understanding that I will probably have to replace the battery again in a year or so.
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Discharging to a very low level can damage, or kill, a battery. But this isn't a level that any phone will let you reach through usage. This is more along the lines of "running the phone until it shuts down and then leaving it sitting in a drawer uncharged for another 6 months".

That makes a lot of sense.

It is beneficial to occasionally run a battery from full down to the level at which the device shuts down without plugging it in in between.

INTERESTING. I usually panic if I ever get down that low because I thought it was a horrible thing. I think after tonight's charge-up, I'll let it do that!