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Throat is the sort of sore which could be a result of sleep and not drinking enough water, or could be a sign that I have The Housemates' Cold (I was sneezing a bit last night, and I just heard Belovedest coughing in the living room).

I was grumpily intending to remain in bed all day, dammit, because my knees were not good this past week, but I will probably at least get up for food.

When I got the battery on this here phone replaced, the tech talked sternly about properly charging and discharging for maximum life. I... have a lifestyle that doesn't match my battery size, so if I leave it discharging all day, I'm on the train when it starts going low. At which point my options for charging are fewer, and are mostly slow. I don't want to get stranded with a dead battery. So I may start blithely ignoring the best practices again, with the understanding that I will probably have to replace the battery again in a year or so.
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Some extra points:

Fully (i.e., unsafely) discharging a Li-ion battery will not only reduce its capacity, but there's a chance it might explode when you charge it up. Any battery in a consumer device should have protection circuits that stop you from running it down to unsafe levels through use, but a li-ion battery left at 0% for a long time should probably be considered dangerous.

Any consumer device will have protection against over charging, but if someone decides to cowboy up a 'fast charge' involving a car battery, run away. There's lots of videos on YouTube about exploding batteries, because it's easy to recreate and looks dramatic. The first few seconds of this one should get the point across:

Apple used to have a really good web page on this stuff, but it looks like it's been replaced with more iPhone/Apple-device-specific bits: