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Azure Jane Lunatic (Azz) 🌺 ([personal profile] azurelunatic) wrote2019-02-14 09:57 am

Snow :/

Snow is melting!

This morning on my way from the poorly-cleared drop-off point to the bus, I slipped and nearly fell on some wet-looking ice.

The transit system is slowly becoming unfucked. As the streets de-ice, they're repairing the buses that have been damaged by their own tire chains.

As I told Toronto Ponytail this morning downstairs, it's not specifically that the snow was that bad, it's that the snow was that bad for the infrastructure we have. Nobody* has shovels, there aren't enough snowplows, and he agreed that it's actually entirely sensible for people to assume they're not going anywhere for a week and to shop accordingly. Especially when the store's incoming deliveries are going to be disrupted too.

This climate stuff. It just isn't natural.

* People who have lived here through the last big snow probably have shovels, unless their evil ex took them on the way out. Cough, glare, spit.

** Climate change deniers will be vaccinated and fed to starving polar bears.
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YUP. I keep making this point to midwesterners who do not understand how eight inches of snow could shut down a city.

Also, we have a lot more hills than they do.
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There isn't enough infrastructure investment in what is usually a once-yearly and usually mild event.
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I was talking to a Midwestern-living friend who accepts that the PNW just doesn't have the infrastructure, but wasn't sure what that meant. So I went and found the list of winter supplies for the city I work in, which numbers things like, for the mid-November to mid-March season: 1 backhoe, 2 500-gallon-capacity trucks to deliver the de-icing solution, 2200 gallons of salt brine de-icing solution, 500 lbs rock salt.

For 70 miles of roadway, including access routes to I-5.

That's it. That's the entire supply.
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Our smallish city--population ~250,000, ~790 miles of streets--budgets $6.5 million for snow & ice removal alone.
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I love that last footnote! I would’ve snorted up my drink if I had had one at the moment.
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Why vaccinate them before? Are vaccinatable diseases communicable through food?