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Azure Jane Lunatic (Azz) 🌺 ([personal profile] azurelunatic) wrote2016-11-12 11:11 am

Joking about politics

Had dinner with Purple & Ms. Antisocialest Butterfly last night. (She disdains labels, but there are a few that fit well.) The topics of discussion included politics. Purple is the sort who generally holds most politicians in a similar class of petty evil, but he is sufficiently appalled by the president-elect (and was sufficiently appalled before the election).

But, this being our group, some levity must come at some point or other.

Trump has done some pretty shady things, and Purple was speculating what would happen if he were in fact convicted of some pretty shady things, and were trying to serve a sentence while in office.

"But it would be one of those low-security outfits," he said. "No fences."

"House arrest," I contributed.

"He'd have to wear one of those ankle bracelets."

"White House arrest."

"He'd still try to wriggle out of it. Flee the country."

*raises hand* "May I please be excused for a diplomatic visit?"

"Golfing with Putin."

"Fly to Mexico. Then overstay his visa."
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[personal profile] klgaffney 2016-11-12 09:07 pm (UTC)(link)
I feel that says a lot that I can both visualize it, and it doesn't seem any more absurd than ANYTHING ELSE that's happening right now.
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House arrest in the white house instead of his three-story glitz penthouse would be torture for him!
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Hee. Lots of fun to be had at someone's well-deserved expense.