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Had dinner with Purple & Ms. Antisocialest Butterfly last night. (She disdains labels, but there are a few that fit well.) The topics of discussion included politics. Purple is the sort who generally holds most politicians in a similar class of petty evil, but he is sufficiently appalled by the president-elect (and was sufficiently appalled before the election).

But, this being our group, some levity must come at some point or other.
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"Marge, I think our chickens are Democrats."
"How come, dear?"
"I go out into the henhouse, and they're all standing around saying 'Barack, Baraaaaaaack, Baraaaaaaaaaaaaack.'"
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As a spot of bright contrast to the recent OMFG moments at work, there was an amusing exchange involving Rev. Not-So-Nice Super's "I Just Want to Kill People!" song.

I learned that Trader Joe's Queen Monitor has never heard this song. I popped into the office, where the good Rev. was hanging out with the Princess as she did paperwork (and Trendy Chick was in there; a few others may have been as well) and pointed this out to him, thinking that he might emerge and share.

"If she hasn't, there's a reason!" he said. "Maybe she's on the list of people I want to kill."
The Princess looked mildly alarmed. "I've never heard it!" she said. "I want off that list!"
It was too good an opening. "So you want to be put on the 'Do Not Kill' list?" I asked.

The one guy with the iPod keeps getting busted using it at work. I have taken to coming up and saying "Busted!" I had to say so at least twice today. I need to start writing him up or something. I broke out my Frickin' Clue Bat and stood with it at the end of the area for a while, much to the helpless laughter of the girl sitting next to him.


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