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"She won't go insane, not ever."

Woke up before my alarm, feeling reasonably well-rested, and having had first-thing-after-midnight communications to/from some of the very important people in my life. Had a brownie for breakfast, and while virtuously restarting my computer, I got a fair ways in to Archer's Goon. (Good stuff.)

I pulled in to work just after someone else pulled out, so I got a parking space that wasn't too horribly far away. The burrito line was very short, and the burrito was very delicious. I had lunch with Purple's gang; Purple's mood today seemed cheerful enough, if slightly frazzled around the edges. (This was an improvement; there's imminent vacation.) He's going with a few people to see Mr. Zune's thing tomorrow.

I like to celebrate holidays via seasonally appropriate treats. I swapped out my star-shaped candy dish with a heart-shaped one, and filled it with sour cherry balls, with a heaping heap of those little conversation hearts on top.

Before I could get settled in properly on the transcription, something seemed weird with the email shares, and I poked things and realized what had to be going on. I recruited Purple into the troubleshooting. I walked him through sharing his calendar to generate another notification, and discovered that the little problem was weirder than I thought.

It was the troubleshooting equivalent of a great big satin-covered heart-shaped box of chocolates, given to me by work, on our anniversary. I have been with Virtual Hammer for two years today, and I'm still just as much in love. (If more inclined to pound things with hammers, virtual or otherwise.)

There was transcription. There was inbox-wrangling. There were many things. Eventually I tiptoed past Purple's office again, with a carefully selected little cup of candy: a few hershey's hugs (no kisses), some of the pomegranate chocolate things, and a heart that said "SMILE", if in somewhat dodgy type. (So many of those things are deeply inappropriate for platonic friendships, and it's not the kind that would be improved by careless innuendo.) One of his colleagues was in there talking about serious programming stuff, so I slipped it onto his desk and scooted.

In whatever that year was that I made that trip to San Francisco, and I hung out with Nora and Ase, I bought two thin silver rings from a street vendor. They were pretty and shiny and I stacked and unstacked them over every finger that they fit onto. One day I managed to lose or at least misplace one of them, and just the one ring has never felt right on its own. Not that long ago, on the internet, I saw some similar inexpensive bands. Now I have a pair of black ones as well. Those arrived, and I immediately felt more like myself when I put them on.

If you're in my general vicinity at work on 2nd Thursdays, you will hear rather a lot about my feelings about transcription. When I have feelings, they are loud. Transcription is a pain, usually literally. This month is the first time I haven't felt as if someone with a grudge had been beating me with sticks. What I may not be quite so loud about is the little bits of surreal joy that come along with the transcription projects. The 2nd Thursday meeting involves talking to external folks, and some notably candid thoughts from them, about problems they have been facing (or still are facing), and things that could make those situations either better or worse. These are a lot of really smart folks who have the actually kind of rare opportunity to sit down with some of the people making the tools that they use on a daily basis, and it is an honor and a privilege to be the person who gets to take the mouthwords that they make and transform them into the eyewords that we keep. Also, they say some damn hilarious stuff sometimes, and most of it has context that is NDA-protected, so I can't share it with anyone but co-workers. It's stuff like that which makes the coming in to work at fuck o'clock in the morning* worth it, and the physical pain of transcription ditto. (Also, I have a new toy to help out with the process, which is making it better.)

* Let's assume a standard western business world 9-5 schedule. My department, and most of engineering, has a 10-6 schedule. So this meeting is the equivalent of an 8am meeting for non-hosts in my department; for hosts, it's the equivalent of 7am for meeting prep. My own workday is variable, but can generally be assumed to begin at noon. This is the equivalent of 5am for me. I am willing to do it once a month, not exactly under protest, but while yelling loudly.

The Stage Manager dropped by my cube for his usual fix of candy and inquired about the red things. I named them to him (sour cherry balls) and then rolled a will save against entirely inappropriate discussion at the office. He acknowledged me being weird, and motored off. I then spoiled the virtuousness of the will save by sharing with the internet and also Purple, who had got into a really surreal frame of mind by then. I kept Purple updated on the doings of the Stage Manager, who returned to make significant inroads on the sour cherry balls and inform me that I was evil, and a ... something. We went through "faciliator", "dealer", and a few other words before settling on "enabler". Purple showed up to snag some of the sour cherry balls before the Stage Manager made them all disappear.

Together, we managed to verbally typo "a slab of beef" (Purple's dinner plans, which got changed on account of VD) as "a slab of bees" -- not a good dinner plan, and someone would have to go through with tweezers to take out the stingers, and even so you'd want to make sure you did not endanger our needed and beloved pollinators.

Purple left for dinner; I advised that it was remotely possible that I might join the Saturday group; Purple was pleased. I left shortly thereafter -- I decided, on one of those impulses, that I was going to see if my phone was eligible for upgrade, as he'd been having some troubles. After some talking around in circles with the dude who was trying to steer me towards a *really* googly phone, we went with something else, after he couldn't find an alternative on the phone to use as default for SMS besides Hangouts. (It took a while for me to remember exactly what had happened, and for him to catch up.) I turned down a few on account of I have to be able to use a phone one-handed. Anything larger than that, and it's a tablet. (And speaking of tablets! I guess they are trying to get rid of some of these.)

It was late for them, but it's not unusual for them to be there late with a late-arriving customer, and they infinitely prefer a pleasant and cheerful customer to someone who is being horrible. We got stuff set up, the wrist strap transferred to the new otterbox, the label with my wallet name email address concealed somewhere deep inside, things done with the SD card, and so forth. They did not have any black phones left in this model, but otterbox; I picked purple over white. (And then I realized...) The guy was going to wipe Jonathan, but had a hard time finding the setting. "Do you want me to try?" "Please. But if you find it right off, I'm going to feel really stupid..." I found it fairly shortly. I initiated the wipe, and kissed him goodbye. Good loyal little old phone.

The dude made a test call. Then I left a message for Nora as I headed out, got a few things set up in the parking lot as I was warming up Vash, and then called Drew before I hit the road. Yay chatting with Drew.

My step count was still a little low when I got home, so I settled in on the bouncyball to watch a bit of TV while setting up stuff. Hooray Community, hooray Jellybean, hooray Fitbit, hooray bouncyball.

It was a perfectly lovely valentine's day. Tomorrow we celebrate 2014's first Feast Day of St. Mark; there are several. I'll see if I can wake up early enough to do some errands, maybe pop in to work to make sure to set up the soft token correctly, give Darkside a call, and then take in some G&S.

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[personal profile] aedifica 2014-02-15 07:27 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm glad you're enjoying Archer's Goon! Yay.
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[personal profile] dreamatdrew 2014-02-16 07:48 am (UTC)(link)
"(Purple's dinner plans, which got changed on account of VD)".

Azz, did you read that sentence? Because dinner plans and VD combine into something painfully lolarious, especially combined with "purple". (NB: the difference between Purple as specific and purple as the generic, but....)
dreamatdrew: An orange leopard gecko half hiding behind the leaf of a 'lucky bamboo' plant, looking directly at you. (Default)

[personal profile] dreamatdrew 2014-02-16 07:55 am (UTC)(link)

(Glad to know I'm not the only one around here with the dirty mind.)